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    News to keep you current!

    • We had approximately 70 in Sunday School and even more in worship on Sunday morning, May 2nd! Wednesday programs are running 35-40 in attendance (plus Facebook!)

    • We will continue all Zoom and Facebook broadcasts, but it's great to see folks' smile in person! Even if it's behind a facemask!

    • Old Faithful... our double-barreled Coffee Pot-- has quit on us... clogged pipes! We'll be upgrading soon because you can't be a Baptist Church without coffee!

    • Larry Ludwig has signed up for a Holy Land Tour sponsored and hosted by the Missouri Baptist Children's Home. He will travel in December and hopes to send back photos of his journey so we ALL can enjoy! More to follow.
    1. Important Announcements, a new message series, and great fellowship await you Sunday morning at FBC Marionville. Bible Study at 9; Worship at 10! Bro. G
      1. FBC Marionville Homecoming

        After an unusual year, it's time to reconnect with our family, friends, and faith! "Come Home" to a great day of music by Straightway, the Pavilion Dedication and Fellowship Meal, and a Renewed Commitment to the Lord!
        1. Looking forward,
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        Pavilion Dedication

        It's time to thank the Lord for the wonderful addition to our facilities and to break it in properly with an all-church fellowship!
        1. Remember that we have VBS worker meeting on Wednesday evening at 7PM! Gearing up for a super VBS experience! Get your hard hats ready!
          1. Let the construction begin!!!!
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          ReadTake a Knee...

          ... and drink water!

          In Army-life, the phrase "take a knee" means to give yourself a short break. And it usually does a lot of good!

          For one thing, nobody is made for constant motion or activity. Our bodies need rest to replenish and re-energize. It 'does a body good' to let your heart and lungs and muscles synchronize. And to eat and sleep, too! (So drink that water from your canteen!)

          But most important, to take a knee also means to take a strategic pause. Make sure the mission is going as it should. Get your bearings about where you are and reaffirm where you want to go. And then... with renewed strength and purpose... move out!

          One soldier told me, "When I'm not sure what to do I have the whole squad take a knee and drink water!" Better to do that than to make great progress in the wrong direction!

          During the next few weeks Susan and I will be "taking a knee" to catch our breath, to celebrate FBC's progress, and to verify the directions for the path ahead. Family, summer schedules, VBS, and more are all on the near-horizon. So a strategic pause to reaffirm the mission and direction is a good thing!

          And as you know, sometimes that's on one knee... but usually on both!

          Bro. Gary