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    July 2022 Volume 52 Number 07

    Rick’s ’Ritin’s

    Roe v. Wade and the Church

    This past week the Supreme Court of the United States overturned Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court decision that had legalized abortion as a constitutional right for women. At least, that was the claim – women’s rights are being supported. Perhaps no other Supreme Court decision has proved to be as divisive as was Roe v. Wade. In recent years it seems the only question that mattered to some Senators as they questioned potential Supreme Court justices has been, “If you are appointed to the Supreme Court, do you promise to uphold Roe v. Wade?” Nothing else seemed to matter. Now that Roe v Wade has been overturned by a 6-3 majority, we hear the cry from some politicians that the justices appointed by Trump all lied to Congress. Like spoiled brats, they did not get their way, and they are now having huge hissy-fits in protest.


    It seems to me that it was time at least to revise, if not overturn, Roe v. Wade. After all, look at how a growing number of lawmakers who proposed to keep Roe v. Wade have changed in the past few decades:

    ·        They want abortion as a right for women, but many of them cannot, or will not, define what a woman is. Can we realistically keep a Supreme Court decision on the books as a right for an undefined and undefinable segment of our population?

    ·        Some of them now tell us that even men can get pregnant. Does Roe v. Wade extend to men the same constitutional right to terminate their pregnancies? I cannot imagine that abortion for pregnant men was ever in the discussion over Roe v. Wade, or even in the minds of those who demanded abortion on demand.


    But this article was not supposed to be about some of my initial thoughts to the overturn of Roe v. Wade. As a result, I will not mention the absurdity of those who support abortion who claim that those of us who oppose abortion are entitled to our opinion, but we cannot force our opinion on them. Meanwhile, they suppose that they are entitled to force their opinion on us. Whenever a law is enacted, someone is going to have an unfavorable opinion forced on them. That is the nature of a lawful society. The alternative is “everyone doing what is right in their own eyes,” which is total chaos. But again, I digress. I apologize.


    So how should the church react to the recent decision of the Supreme Court? I admit, I do not have the position of authority to speak on behalf of the entire church. I also realize that the subject of abortion is very complicated. I do not think any reasonable pro-life person is automatically and absolutely opposed to 100% of abortions. There are some exceptional situations where abortion may be seen as the lesser of two evils, but it is still an evil.  So please, allow me to make a few suggestions that I hope we can all agree with.


    Rejoice and Give Thanks. The legal killing of innocent life has been made illegal. This is certainly a reason to rejoice. 


    Support. One of the criticisms made against Christians has been the charge that we are opposed to abortion, but we offer no help to pregnant girls or their children. While unfortunately that has sometimes been true of some Christians, it is not a blanket statement that applies to all Christians. I suppose if a study were done, the conclusion would be that Christian-supported and church-supported agencies are among the leaders in providing counsel and support for pregnant women and their later born children. If we could print money or force people to support our agencies through taxation as the government can, I believe Christians would undoubtedly become the number one support of pregnant women and their later born children.


    I can verify that for the past eight years, our church has supported Care Net’s annual Mother’s Day to Father’s Day baby bottle campaign. (I have been here for the past eight years, so that is what I can personally verify. But others in the church can verify that it has been longer than eight years.) Could we do more? Of course, we could. But just because we could do more does not mean we do not do anything. In addition to the baby bottle campaign, we have supported Care Net financially for more than the past eight years.


    Several years ago, we did a Christmas in July for Care Net. We collected baby items and provided extra funds for the babies and their mothers saved and served by Care Net. Perhaps it is time for another Christmas in July for Care Net. Perhaps it ought to become an annual event for us.


    Forgive. Not every girl/woman seeking an abortion is unmarried. Not every girl/woman seeking an abortion has been involved in premarital or extra-marital sex. But many are. Having an abortion is not the unforgivable sin. Having premarital or extra-marital sex is not the unforgivable sin. But unfortunately, the church has often responded to those women as if they should put a large red A on their foreheads and be shunned by the church. How unlike the attitude of Christ who said to a woman caught in the very act of adultery, “Where are your accusers?” after her accusers had been shamed to walk away. His next words were so out of the ordinary for the Jewish world. “Neither do I condemn you.” He also charged her to go and sin no more. But notice – forgiveness first. Unfortunately, too many in the church have been quick to condemn, or quick to charge to stop sinning, but not offer the forgiveness and love of Jesus Christ.   Let that not be us.


    Keep Praying. This decision may be a victory, but as we have seen the headlines, the battle is far from over. Our nation is still divided. Evil people, and even well-intentioned good people, will continue the fight for abortion on demand. We must pray that our politicians and justices will be wise and bold to stand for what is right. We must pray for a healing in our land that only God can bring through Jesus Christ. We must pray that we will be representatives of Jesus to all who need his love and care.


    I know that this has been an exceptionally long article, but thank you for reading through it.