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    ReadBinge The Bible
    Day 13

    Day 13 Readings

    Genesis 32–34, Psalm 145, Mark 13

    Genesis 32 - Why was Jacob afraid of Esau? Why is Jacob renamed Israel? Why was Jacob surprised to see God's face and yet live?

    Genesis 33 - Why was Jacob's fear unwarranted? Have you ever had a fear that turned out to be like this? Why does Jacob deceive Esau again by where he is going?

    Genesis 34 - How should Jacob and his family deal with the rape of Dinah? Why did they ask the men to be circumcised? What do Simeon and Levi have in common with Dinah? Why do the other sons plunder the city? (Chapters like these are hard to read but often set the stage for important events, consider Levi.)

    Psalm 145 - What is the responsibility of every generation to the next? What is meant to call on the Lord in truth?

    Mark 13 - What does Jesus mean by buildings? Based on the signs of the end, how close are we? Are there any signs lacking? What is meant by the abomination that causes desolation? (Consider Daniel 9:27, 11:31, 12:11) Is the event before or after the rapture? From this passage if someone were to say this event is passed, why should we disagree? (There are some scholars who point to an event in 167BC) What are verses 24 - 27 describing? What is meant by this generation will not pass away until all these things take place? (What things) Are you awake?

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      ReadBinge The Bible Challenge
      Day 12

      Day 12 Readings

      Genesis 30–31, Psalm 11, Mark 12

      Genesis 30 - Has Jacob not learned from his grandfather Abraham? What can we learn from the statements at the children's birth? (It is amazing that God uses such a messed up family.) Of the names revealed, which ones have corresponding positive praises and which ones were focused on the self? (Consider the names as we read the accounts in Genesis and the history of the tribes they become.) Why does Laban cheat Jacob?

      Genesis 31 - Laban knew he was blessed because of Jacob. So, why does he despise the source of his blessing? Why didn't Jacob tell Laban he was leaving? Why does Rachel steal her father's idols?

      Psalm 11 - If the foundations are destroyed what can the righteous do? (What can we do when the foundations of various elements are diluted ie. Church, Family Country, etc). Why should we enjoy testing from the Lord? What is required to see the face of the Lord?

      Mark 12 - Who are the servants? Who is the son? Who is the owner? What lesson is to be learned by the question on taxes? Why is it so dangerous to not know the Bible or the Power of God? (What is meant by the Power of God) Why does Jesus say "You are quite wrong" (He is not God of the dead, but of the living.) Why is the commandment of God so important to a believer? What is the danger of being not far from the Kingdom? How is Jesus a Son of David but also David's Lord? How do we avoid becoming like the scribes? What do we learn from the Widow's offering?

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        ReadBinge The Bible
        Day 11

        Readings Day 11

        Genesis 28–29, Mark 11

        Questions to consider

        Genesis 28 - Remember the events of Genesis 27. Was Isaac aware of the real reason for Isaac's departure? Why didn't Isaac want his son to marry a Canaanite woman? Why did Esau go to Ishmael for a wife? What is the meaning of Jacob's dream (aka Jacob's dream, consider John 1:43-51)? What is the problem with Jacob's oath after receiving the blessing of Abraham's Covenant? Is your faith more like Abraham or Jacob? (Be honest)

        Genesis 29 - Did Jacob kiss Rachel out of love or a traditional greeting? Why is Leah's weak (dull) eyes a focus? Why does Laban deceive Jacob? Also, notice the term week is used for seven years. (This becomes important in prophetic passages later) Why does Jacob love Rachel more than Leah? (Pay attention to the words spoken at the children's birth and the meaning of their names.) Which name in this chapter has a positive meaning? Pay attention to that person and later as a tribe.

        Mark 11 - Why does Jesus want a donkey? (Consider Zechariah 9:9, 1 Kings 1:28-40) or Genesis 49:10-11) Why were the people spreading their cloaks and palm branches on the ground? What does Hosanna mean? Why does Jesus cleanse the temple? Is there any place in the church that needs to be cleansed? (Consider the numerous preachers who emphasize the giving of money to their ministry over all else) What is the significance of cursing the olive tree? Why did they challenge the authority of Jesus? Do we ever ask questions that we don't really want the answer to?

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          ReadBinge The Bible
          Day 10

          Day 10 Readings

          Genesis 26–27, Mark 10

          Genesis 26 - It seems Isaac is a chip off the old block. Why does God repeat the covenant with Isaac? What is the covenant attached to? Why does God protect Rebekah similar to Sarai/Sarah? Why is Isaac viewed as blessed by the Lord? (Consider the circumstances of the land)

          Genesis 27 - How old is Isaac? What is the difference between the blessing and the birthright? Why is Rebekah willing to take the curse? (Remember God's covenant comes with blessings for obedience and curses for disobedience) Why can't Isaac bless Esau? Why can't he take back Jacob's blessing?

          Mark 10 - What does a hardness of the heart mean? Why is divorce so damaging? What does it mean to receive the Kingdom like a little child? Jesus speaks to the rich young ruler out of love, so why does he leave sorrowful? What is meant by the first shall be last? Why does Jesus keep reminding them of His death? Why would James and John want to sit on the right and left of Jesus in the kingdom? Why does Jesus heal the man after he calls out to Jesus as the Son of David?

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            ReadBinge The Bible
            Day 9

            Day 9 Readings

            Genesis 24–25, Psalm 4, Mark 9

            Genesis 24 - Why did Abraham want Isaac's future wife to be from his home country? What do we learn about Isaac's spiritual life from this chapter?

            Genesis 25 - What is the purpose of the pattern in Genesis with the younger serving, the older? What dangers are present when parents favor one child over another? What is worse - selling your birthright for some stew or withholding from your brother when he is in need?

            Psalm 4 - Why must we despise empty words? How can we be angry and not sin? Where does genuine joy come from?

            Mark 9 - Why does the transfiguration happen? Why do Moses and Elijah appear? What does this tell us about the afterlife before the resurrection of the saints? What do we learn about demons and the power of prayer in this chapter? How do we become great? How serious is sin?

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