• I'm finishing up a M.A. in Ministry Leadership from Moody Theological Seminary and to save money from pursuing an MDiv, I am utilizing Logos to learn the biblical languages. My STG is learning the alphabet, sounds, pronunciation, etc. My LTG is to read the biblical languages and become a better exegete of scripture.
    1. I got a C in biblical Greek in college and it's the only C I received. I am usually an A student so it bothered me. I have several Greek classes in my bible software and I am going to use them all even though the pronunciation is a bit different. I am after nothing except to translate the bible better. My Hebrew is much stronger than my Greek so going to start with this course in conjunction with GK101 and will focus on the pronunciation in GK101 since that's what John teaches in the main course. The lesson I learned in college is to be persistent. It's the same principle we should use in life. But when studying biblical language it takes effort and time. Enjoy your studies.
      1. I, like Mark, have tried to learn NT Greek off/on and everytime LIFE happens. Although LIfe is still happening, (ft job and 2 side jobs, besides lay ministry, spouse, & kids...and perhaps a bit hampered by the age factor.) I am going to give this another try.
        1. I've been studying on learning NT Greek for a few years off & on. Every time I get started something comes up and distracts me and I don't finish. I know the alphabet pretty well and its pronunciations and some words. I can read it somewhat, but my vocabulary is woefully lacking. I'm hoping this will get me going all the way.
          1. Decided to make this my winter learning project as I'm retired and its too cold to work in the shop most of the time...utilizing Gk092 and LA161....enjoying it thus far, been through GK092 once, starting at the beginning once more. Would really recommend this to my friends. Ευπογεω
            1. Way to go! Feel free to post a recording of yourself reading a verse when you are comfortable with it. It is a great exercise and an encouragement to others.
          2. Hello everyone. I'm a licensed lay minister in the Church of England. My wife and I will soon begin learning NT Greek from the Zondervan course materials available in Logos.
            1. I'm hoping to go to seminary (at 68) and trying to get past my fears of learning a new language.
              1. This is a great place to start! Congrats on trying new things! :)
            2. Greetings everyone. I'm new to the group. I had Greek in college and doing the course as a refresher.
              1. For those who like the vocabulary drill towards the end of the course, I made the 48 words into a Word List and shared it, you may find it in the Logos Documents section of the group if you're a follower.
                1. Thanks Mick
                2. Thank you NB.  All i know about Greek is the alphabet but I decided to take the plunge and try to self-teach myself the beginnings of Greek with this course.  I'm sure your word list will help!
                3. Hi, I just signed up for this course and am enjoying it quite a bit thus far. Very nice. I'm quite sure that I'll be taking advantage of the Word List as well, NB.Mick - Thank you.