• Hello Dr. Ogden... I've been using Logos' courses on discipleship which you are the instructor. I must say, it has been a radical blessing to my spiritual growth. I pastor a small congregation with the Lead pastor at our church. It's a small Hispanic congregation within the main congregation. We have a multicultural congregation. We are doing discipleship by cell groups. I'm looking at your material for a serious discipleship program, or better said, an organic discipleship movement. I want to thank you for your rich knowledge that you have shared with all of us. I am being pastorally discipled by you... If I should have a question, I will use this platform. If you should have any questions for me, sir, please feel free to ask me. Because I too am a disciple - for life! Blessings... Al Sosa
    1. Greg, it would be great if I could connect with you about this. I am putting together an online slide and audio presentation for the small group that I will be teaching for 12 weeks which will guide people through the workbook you prepared on the Essential Commandment and the aim is to share our final prepared presentation on social media. I have also watched and enjoyed your mobile ed class on discipleship.
      1. Hi Christopher, How can I be of help?
    2. Hi, Greg, thought you'd be interested in this post on Faithlife... https://faithlife.com/comments/432765 "I am going to be teaching a 12 week class on Discipleship at my local church in January and it's based around a curriculum workbook produced by Greg Ogden entitled Essential Commandments"
      1. thanks Jim!
    3. I've been working through your material ED201 Empowering God's People for Ministry and have really enjoyed it. I have begun to use parts of it as part of a Bible study at our church. The concept of every member ministry is something I learned in college, but although that is where I want to be I find it difficult to get there in my own church. Today I read the question you presented that could be asked to a church body, “My greatest concern for this church is.…” After reading that question, I pondered it and reflected on times within my Bible study and Sunday School experience when I have asked similar questions to our people. The response that would be given is so clear I can only verbally hear it in my ears. "I want this church to survive" How would you interpret the first response and how would you recommend I guide?
      1. I would interpret this to mean that people see the church as very fragile. It is tenuous. This is certainly not a robust understanding of the nature of the church as God's chosen vehicle to embody His LIFE and extend it to the world. I would do a lot of teaching on the nature of the church as THE Body of Christ.
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