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    Read5th Sunday Mortgage Offering
    All giving Sunday, May 29th, will be applied to the mortgage

    In an effort to accelerate paying off the mortgage on our building the Board of Stewards for 2022 has implemented many measures. Already the balance is down from $640,000 to $535,821 this calendar year!

    One of those measures is to apply the entire offering from 5th Sundays to the mortgage.

    Please be in prayer for this offering and please give what you can. If you will not be in attendance, but would like to give you can do this online: https://faithlife.com/harpeth/give?funds=6340

    Or Mail:

    Harpeth Baptist Church

    1011 Butterworth Rd

    Kingston Springs, TN 37082

    (please note 5th Sunday Mortgage Offering)

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      Monday, June 6th  •  6:30–7:30 pm
      Bibb White Bluff Civic Center, 1054 Old Charlotte Rd, White Bluff, TN 37187, USA
      1. Isaiah 49:14–15: “But Zion said, The LORD hath forsaken me, and my Lord hath forgotten me. Can a woman forget her sucking child, that she should not have compassion on the son of her womb? yea, they may forget, yet will I not forget thee.” “In a word, the Prophet here describes to us the inconceivable carefulness with which God unceasingly watches over our salvation, that we may be fully convinced that he will never forsake us, though we may be afflicted with great and numerous calamities.” -John Calvin
        1. He has written our names on the palm of His hand. Vs.16
      2. "To question the goodness of God is, in essence, to imply that man is more concerned about goodness than is God..." -Philip Hughes
        1. I thank GOD every day that HE promises to never leave me or forsake, or any of HIS children. Praise HIS Holy Name.
      3. Please pray.

        Please be in prayer for Donna Gregor. Her mother passed away last night. Cards may be sent to: 41 E. Tuscaloosa Avenue, Gadsden, AL. 35904
        1. Weekly Prayer List, Wednesday, May 24th, 2022: