• Reminder: TWO WEEKS from today, Harvest Fields is hosting an Outdoor Youth Night for grades 7-12. There will be Bible Study, games, snacks & more!
    1. Help Wanted/Needed! We need YOU! Help us clean up inside and around the church Saturday, October 3rd. Breakfast, coffee & juice will be provided, so if you would like to volunteer, please sign up on the sheet placed at our Welcome Table so we can be sure to have enough food! Thank you!
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        Please pray.

        Pray for Elaine Street. She was in a bad car accident yesterday.
        1. Please pray.

          Pray for Nathan Bowers. He is hospitalized with an infection.
          1. Thoughts on Leadership

            Reasons why Leadership may be less than the best., by J. Oswald Sanders.

            • Perhaps we lack a clearly defined goal that will stretch us, challenge faith, and unify life’s activities.
            • Perhaps our faith is timid, and we hesitate to take risks for the kingdom.
            • Do we show the zeal of salvation in Christ, or is our demeanor morbid and sad? Enthusiastic leaders generate enthusiastic followers.
            • We may be reluctant to grasp the nettle of a difficult situation and deal courageously with it. Or we may procrastinate, hoping the problems will vanish with time. The mediocre leader postpones difficult decisions, conversation, and letters. Delay solves nothing and usually makes problems worse.
            • Perhaps we sacrifice depth for breadth, and spreading ourselves thin, achieve only superficial results.

            Improving Leadership, by Hudson Taylor

            The all important thing to do is to:

            1. Improve the character of the work
            2. Deepen the piety, devotion and success of the workers
            3. Remove the stones of stumbling, if possible
            4. Oil the wheels where they stick
            5. Amend whatever is defective
            6. Supplement, as far as may be, what is lacking

            (Quotes taken from “Spiritual Leadership” by J. Oswald Sanders copyright 1994)

            1. Throwback Thursday! :-) (July 13, 2011) Todd Street and his mule Festus carried Henry in the Pegram July 4th Parade to promote the Harpeth Baptist Church “Gold Rush” VBS.
              1. HBC: Meeting at 6:30 pm today in the Coffee Shop with all who serve or would like to serve in the soundbooth, livestream, or presentation computer.
                1. Join us at 7:00pm for Wednesday Night Bible Study! If you are unable to attend in person, you can attend virtually by clicking the link below!
                  1. Join Franklin Graham for A Prayer March! The event will be live stream this Saturday September 26th starting at Noon! Click the link below to find out more about this uplifting event!
                    1. Currently, our Bible Study classes are reading through the book of 2 Timothy. Beginning October 14th, We will be offering a Men's Bible Study, Women's Bible Study and a Connect Class! Join us Wednesday Nights at 7:00pm!