• Download HB101 Vocabulary

    I can't figure out how to download HB101-Vocabulary. Can anyone tell me what to do?

    1. It is located under Bible Study > Logos Documents.
    2. Thanks Miles.... you are a genius. I've got it in the mobile app :)
    3. Awesome! I hope your vocab memorization goes well.
  • I took Hebrew 40 years ago and helped my daughter take it about 10 years ago. I is a constant work and good to start back at the basics to began again. I work seven days on and seven off so will fall behind and work to caught up. Life goal is to read my bible from the original language and will not give up.
    1. This is my purpose too. Too see what I might be missing by reading it in the original language. Keep praying for God to manage your time.
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    If Alef is silent then why we produce "uh" sound in the start of Elohim? If Alef is silent then it should be Lohim not Elohim.
    1. The five dot vowel means you say it quickly and quietly so when you say eLoheem it should almost sound like Loheem
    2. Alef is silent. But it's a consonant. It's a glottal stop sound.
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      The alef caries a vowel underneath it which is pronounced like an "eh" sound. אֱ
  • Hi everyone. I have started HB101 to finish it within a year. I live i Pakistan and my national language is "Urdu" which I find quite close to Hebrew. Hebrew has always fascinated me. I pray that we all learn it to serve our Lord and Savior, amen.
    1. I have started Hebrew several times but time always seemed to get short with work and all. Now that I am retired I hope I can finish.
      1. just keep at it I do it as a lifelong hobby sometimes more sometimes less and if you’re in your bible it will often bring you back to your Hebrew study
    2. Took Hebrew in 78-79 (yeah, I'm old). I relied a lot on commentary but it seems like a good time to learn how to use it a bit more.
      1. Hello all, I am beginning this course now, on what is a cold Cincinnati morning, and look forward to having my own confused questions soon. -Jeremy
        1. hi I am new to the course
          1. Hello all! Very glad for this refresher on Beginning Hebrew--I took several Hebrew courses in Seminary a NUMBER of years ago, using Futato's book. I have longed since then to continue reading directly from the HB, but as with so many, I have let it slip. Logos is incredible, but I'm afraid I have let it become a crutch. I endeavor to get a bit better at reading it with Logos as a help instead of a crutch.
            1. I'm on lesson 15, and have a question about the vowels in the feminine plural pronoun for "you". The HB101 video, Dr. Futato's textbook, and the HB101 vocabulary cards show a tsere (two dots) as the second vowel. The HB101 transcript, HB101 activities, and the Mansoor textbook show a segol (three dots) as the second vowel. Are both forms correct? The inconsistency is confusing.