• Does anyone know if Faithlife still has a flashcard app? The Activities book in Lesson 6 says: Using the Logos Flashcards App 1. Open the app store on your mobile device. 2. Search for “Faithlife Flashcards.” But I couldn't find any Faithlife Flashcards anywhere. Thank you.
    1. No, the flash card app has ceased to exist. You can still create the excel file needed and import them into flash cards deluxe or another app like it of your choosing.
  • Are we unable to take the quizzes and exams in this course? I was hoping to be able to take them to check my comprehension of the material presented.
    1. I ended up chatting with a rep. The issue was solved quickly. Now I can take my quizzes and tests. YIPPEE!!!
    2. Excellent!
    3. Good Deal
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    Just getting into Logos Bible Software. Chose HB101 as my Mobile Ed. Course. I have been working on learning Hebrew for a while now. Mostly have used Dr. William Barrick's work and the Pratico & Van Pelt Grammar to learn. Looking forward to working through this course. Will be taking the first quiz tomorrow.
    1. I started years ago, was moving along nicely and stopped. Can’t remember why but you have inspired me to start again. Have fun!
    2. Hello Gordon, I am also taking the course and I am enjoying it. I am on Unit 3 and will be taking my Unit 3 quiz today. Wish you all the best with this course.
  • The downloaded vocabulary list for section 2 seems to differ from the one shown in the video for that section. Anyone have any insights on why this might be?
    1. Are there any current participants in the mobile ed HB101 program?
      1. Malachi, Thanks for the update Armando, I am currently finishing up unit 3. I have been enjoying the course. What are your thoughts about the course so far?
      2. I just finished the first chapter. I'm taking it slow but so far so good.
      3. Good to hear, I am doing the same. I am living in China for a while and my mornings start off by taking the course. I've found it to be very good so far and look forward to continuing the learning of Hebrew.
    2. Is there any way to turn off the blue underline on the Hebrew text in the textbook for this course? It makes it very difficult to see what hte vowel symbols are supposed to be.
      1. I think you just have to select the highlighted text and when the highlight tools appear, select the trash can option.
      2. Thanks. Unfortunately, that option doesn't seem to show up on the desktop version. It's the same sort of underline as with the factbook, but the factbook doesn't show up in the menu on the course.
      3. Typing that reply made me realise how to cure it. The underline was showing in the bits that were taken from the Basics of Biblical Hebrew book, so all I had to do was open that book from the library and switch off the Factbook in that book.
    3. Greatly relieved that this course uses correct Hebrew pronunciation! I'd prefer Ashkenazi pronunciation, but Sephardi is okay. It's difficult to do courses where people talk about "Waw" instead of the correct "vav".
      1. The point I'm making is that the language I sometimes pray in pronounces it one way, and almost every course I've seen pronounces it a different way. During my time as a Chassid, I met absolutely nobody who accepted the scholar's theory of the waw. I understand what everyone is saying, but twice now my spoken thanks for this feature of this course has yielded someone telling me I need humility or grace. Could we please let this go?
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        Ok, i get where you're coming from now. It resonates with your heart-language here. Like hearing someone using the accent of the folks you grew up with. Amen. I'm sorry if I offended. I personally like to hear the "v" myself. But I'm from Upstate NY originally and was very familiar with the NYC Yiddish-Speaking Jewish sounds. Like hearing Billy Crystal do his thing. It's perfectly ok to have an affinity for one way or another. Hugs
      3. I was Beis Chabad myself, so yes, I'm very familiar with Yiddish, and Ashkenazi Hebrew.
    4. I still can find the word list:(
      1. Hi Trovel. After you have clicked "Follow", your menu on the left of this page will update. After that, you will find what you are looking for by clicking "Bible Study" and then "Logos Documents".
      2. Found it thx
    5. Hello everyone, new to Logos and using this class as a refresher. Question: The Alphabet Tutor, is it not available on Mobile? Thanks!