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    "A theology that contemplates Jesus will always be mindful of the depths of our own needs, and that should prompt us to 'remember the poor,' not as an optional extra but as a central aspect of our theological knowledge."

    • Kelly M. Kapic "A Little Book for New Theologians"
    1. Denver Rescue Mission and Homelessness in Denver

      Please take a listen to how the Denver Rescue Mission is serving the homeless. We are motivated by their service to do something for the homeless in Aurora.


      1. In the meantime...

        During my seminary class on Monday night, we read through Jeremiah 29 as part of our section on understanding biblical prophecy. Most Christians like to skip verses 1-10 and go straight for the "I know the plans I have for you..." bumper-sticker faith slogan. However, in the preceding verses, God is telling His people through Jeremiah, that they are going to be in exile a long time and that while they are there, they are to "build houses...live in them...plant gardens...make babies...seek the welfare of the city and pray to God its behalf." It seems that over the years, the people of God had forgotten their charter to be a light among the nations. God is using this exile to force them into that mission.

        I think we would be wise to do the same in our own cities, towns and states. Often we, those who are disciples of Christ, want to separate from society and flee to the safety of our congregations and communities. Here it seems that God would rather we be in our contexts, seeking the welfare of the places we live; bringing the light of the gospel to bear on the darkness.

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          Food and Hygiene Kits Assembly

          We invite you to help us assemble Food and Hygiene Kits on Sunday after church. Bring the supplies listed below and we can put these essential kits together to serve the homeless in our area. Food Kit items: "pop-top" ready to eat meals (think chef boyarde), packets of instant oatmeal (keep the unflavored ones at home please), Food bars (granola bars, pop tarts,etc), plastic coffee cups (available at ARC/goodwill), plastic spoons, fruit cups & instant coco or coffee. Hygiene Kit items: washcloths, travel size shampoo/conditioner, soap, razors, shave cream, deodorant, TP, toothbrush, toothpaste, baby wipes and combs
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            ReadOctober 20, 2019
            Ordinary Time
          2. Listening to the safe

            This week I had the opportunity to meet with a unique church in the Santa Fe Art district, Scum of the Earth (check out 1 Corinthians 4:11-13 for the foundation for their name). Their leadership was kind enough to let me crash their weekly meeting to ask them questions. I went there to see if I could discover how they discerned who God called them to be with and minister to. Throughout the conversation I was struck by their willingness to take who they are at their core and open themselves to whomever might come.

            As I shared with them the DNA of Harvest, it became evident that God was not asking us to become something new rather to take what He has made to be and minister the gospel from that identity. Our DNA is rooted in the ultimate mission of God, to make Jesus-shaped followers of Jesus who Love God, Love People and Impact their world with the love of God. This is who we are, this is who we will be.

            So the real question is who are we sent to. Well, that question needs to be answered by all of us as we get quiet and listen to the Spirit of God. I heard a quip today about old bank robbery movies, where the key to opening a safe was to put your ear to it and listen for the clicks of the lock. In the same way, we are to listen to the Spirit, the pay attention to His leading, to look around us and see the needs. My challenge to you is to listen to the safe.

            Let's join together and begin to share with one another what the Spirit is saying to us about the harvest that God has for us to reap.


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              Community Chili Lunch - Oct 27th

              Come enjoy a Free Chili Lunch on us, Sunday October 27th from 10:30 to 12:30 Click the link below to sign up.
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                Worship Team Practice

                Saturday, October 26th  •  4:00–5:30 pm (MDT)