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      Tonight on the Prayer Line The Holy Spirit Revealed and Prompted Us to Ask for More Power through More fasting and consecration...The Holy Spirit Pressed us to Mature and to expect an accelerated Turn around on God's Word pertaining to his Promises.
      1. I love the HLWC Ministers. I can honestly say that this is a family. There are many people that don’t get to experience the fellowship and relationship that we have.
        1. The Minister's Tonight were on 🔥!!
          1. Came thought like 7 Thunders!!
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          "Stop digging up your past. That was profound. Stop reliving your past that It wasn't meant for God to resurrect. #Sis Keisha# Morning Prayer
          1. Ministry Fair 2023!
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              "Find my Worship" Let my Faith arise.. Bring forth my open heart.. Let the light shine on my soul.. As I lift my head to believe you are faithful.. I am like a ship on the sea.. But you are my refuge and my sail My wave..In your presence i find my Worship.. In the reach of a storm.. Away from my comfort zone.. When its earsier to see whats wrong.. I find your Grace.. Sense you moving mountains just for me.. Let my Faith arise Bring forth my open heart.. Lord let your Spirit dance around me.. And fall like blessings of dew.. As I chase after you.. For a chance to see a mighty move.. Anticipating you being for us.. No matter what is against us.. Hidden in my hope I can always find my Worship..
              1. An Able GOD + a willing heart = victory every time
                1. This Word blessed me this morning!