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About this group
We are an independent Grace Baptist Church and have been in the area of Homerton, Hackney, since 1817.
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  • I would recommend two books from the Logos March sale which I am sure you will find helpful. First - Answers To Tough Questions. This deals with a number of questions that are often asked about our faith. Cost is £6.55 Second - Love Your Muslim Neighbour. A very helpful book aiding us in our contact with Muslims, it is written by Edward Challen, Steve's Dad. Cost is £7.15 Also don't forget the free book!
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  • I have been able to create a Prayer List for church birthdays in which the person's name will appear in Faithlife prayers on the day of their birthday. To access this open Homerton Baptist Church group and scroll to the right and you will see the heading 'Prayers' and click on Connect, you may have to logon to Logos.com to do this . The first birthdays are on Sunday 9 March so no names will be shown until then, other names will appear on the relevant date.
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  • John Bunyan's book Grace Abounding is available from Logos.com at the amazing price $1.95 (about £1.40). It is certainly worthwhile getting.
    • you may have seen the free book from Logos this month. If you haven't ordered it already I would encourage you to do so.
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      • If you look on the Faithlife blog you will see an offer, which closes tomorrow, for seven discounted books. I would recommend that you consider getting one or both of the books by Tozer 'Renewed Day by Day' which are a series of helpful devotional readings for each day of the year. The others are also worth consideration. You can also get the free book of the month which is a fairly technical commentary on Hebrews but could be quite helpful. All these are available via Logos.com
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