• This is tremendous; I "subscribed" so hopefully I'll know when it releases? By the way, is there an ETA on this?
    1. The release date has not been decided yet. When the date is announced, it will display here.
  • So often I go to this bible and am so pleasantly surprised by the text... I've fallen in love with this translation. It's one of the higher grade reading levels -- and it's also high on the Equivalence (definitely more to the dynamic equivalent and even into the paraphrase end of the continuum. But, it's very unique. Also, there is little to no contemporary colloquialism / idiomatic -- so it's really extremely ecumenical; not just from a faith standpoint, but from a global community standpoint. UNFORTUNATELY, it is not interlinear. If it were, this would likely be my top goto bible.
    1. Absolutely amazing... incredible black and white photos and the description is spot on, "It is like looking not at 100 year old photos, but at 1,000 year old photos as most of the major changes to the landscape and customs have taken place in the past 100 years" I paid $2.49 for this resource... highly recommend!