• Do not forget that the Early Bird Special for the Reality Student Conference in March ends at the end of January. So, let me know if you are coming! You will not regret it! We will be doing Chick Fil-a for lunch on Saturday, March 25th!
    1. TONIGHT Impact High School Youth Ministry will be starting our Knowing God series. We will be looking at some pieces of evidence that point to God's existence. Please bring your questions and thoughts tonight and each week!
      1. This is a great song to worship to, along with being a great encouragement and reminder! I hope and pray this song is exactly that for you as well! See you all tomorrow!
        1. If you are trying to figure out how to spend time with Jesus during your personal time, feel free to follow the Group Reading found in this group on what Scripture has to say about doubt (14 days reading plan). If there are any questions that pop up, please either ask your parents or send them my way! The first reading is Genesis 3:1-7.
          1. More information about the next Reality Student Conference will be coming soon. Put it on your calendars now, and get ready for another epic time of fellowship and being challenged by the truth of God!!!
            1. Tonight we are starting chapter 2 of Romans!!! Bring a friend and come and join us for a night of fellowship, worship, and growing closer with Jesus our Savior.
              1. Morning Everyone! The Corn Maze is being moved to October 21st! $20 per student and due by October 12th.
                1. Who is ready for the second night in Romans!?! We will be reading Romans 1:18-32 this evening. I encourage you all to read through it and bring any questions you might have on the passage. We will be discussing the evidence of God around us and the constant resistance of the unbeliever. See you tonight!!
                  1. Tonight we are looking at Romans 1:1-17, and we will see why Paul is thankful for the faith of the Roman believers. We will also discuss how we can be known for our faith even in the smallest influence area we are a part of (from within our families, to our friend groups, to our schools, and even the city of Oxford).
                    1. We are starting with the Book of Romans tomorrow night at IYM! We will be going through Romans 1:1-17. If you have a minute today or before tomorrow read those verses and come with any questions you have about them!