• Does anyone know how to get the vocab list for Invitation to Biblical Hebrew: A Beginning Grammar by Russell T. Fuller and Kyoungwon Choi? Or is there a way to make it my self, so I can use it on the flash card app?
    1. Hi, I'm trying to use the Logos flashcard app and I can't even get started. I followed the instructions to come here and join this group, but 1) there's no "join" button, only "follow," and 2) there's no "documents" tab. I can't find any of the word lists that are supposed to be here.
      1. "Follow"is how you join the group. In the sidebar, there is a heading called "Bible Study." Under that heading, you can find "Logos Documents." That is where the word lists hide. Hardly intuitive, I agree.
      2. This has changed, the instructions A Adams was following would have worked some time ago.
      3. Understood. Had to do a bit of digging myself to compose my initial response. Are there current instructions anywhere?
    2. Do any of the Greek or Hebrew vocab lists come with audible pronunciations?
      1. Some do - those are reworked or put together manually, and sometimes will have (with audio) or something like that in the title.
    3. Hey everyone, Im trying to locate two Word Lists that should be in the document section, posted up by a friend in this group. They are; "Elementary Biblical Hebrew - Athas - including Sight words & Idiomatic phrases & Words occuring 100+ times & Ruth Chapters 1-4" and "Elementary Biblical Hebrew - Athas - including Sight words & Idiomatic phrases" Is there a reason that they aren’t available anymore? Or visible?
      1. Hey mate Not sure why those lists have disappeared from here, perhaps someone did a clean up. It appears I can no longer publish to the group as well so here are the links to the list... Athas + idomatic phrases - https://documents.logos.com/documents/d78a3acb1ee14be98b6d50ff1512964b/ Athas + 100 words + Ruth https://documents.logos.com/documents/8ae1d4ecee474da3a53ad24dc75176a8/ Let me know if you have any dramas getting them into Logos and feel free to share these with your Hebrew class. Greg
      2. Thanks brother! I’ll let you know how I go :)
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      If you're having trouble accessing the Logos Documents under the "Bible Study" menu to the left, you can use this link-https://faithlife.com/introductory-grammar-vocabulary-lists/documents
      1. Brian it sounds like you do not have the proper authorization in this group so try messaging the admin to fix it.
      2. I have checked the link with several different accounts, and it seems to be visible now. I know Faithlife is currently working on the menus, so I assume things will function as intended very soon.
      3. from what I can tell you aren't following the group. You will need to join/follow in order to see the documents. Thanks!
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      DiscussBasics of Biblical Aramaic

      anyone who has the vocab list from this book? thanks

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      Does anyone have Basics of Biblical Hebrew - Van Pelt / Pratico vocabulary lists using "Logos word list" with audio and is willing to share it? I have the non-audio version listed in the Introductory Grammar documents. I've created word lists for chapters 3-5 but if someone has already created lists for the book then it certainly would save me a lot of time! :)
      1. If you need help getting the audio file in the word list I can tell you how I do it to make it work.
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        Hi Matt, Thanks for the letting me know chapter 9 was not shared. I shared the file this evening with the Introductory Grammar Group. I'm game for adding the vocabulary for the odd chapters. I followed the same format you started for the word list naming convention. Regarding adding the audio. I'm basically selecting the Lemma from BBH, then searching for the same lemma in the ESV, then copying the Lemma from the ESV and associated audio file to the word list. Since the "automatic" word list definition does not match BBH, I'm also replacing the default Logos gloss with the BBH Gloss. If there's an easier way, then I'd love to know how :) . I'm on the road away from home for a couple of days. I plan to work on Chapter 11 this weekend.
      3. I use to do it that way, but now I use the BWS report. I copy and paste the vocab word from the textbook into the BWS, then find the word in the textbook it means, and click that word. Then click on the one of the verses that populates and that opens my ESV to the verse, where I find the word and copy and past the lemma into the word list. Usually, there are more words in the meaning so I delete that and then type the words from the grammar book.
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      DiscussLists with manuscript words verses lemmas

      I would like to create lists of the actual words in the manuscript. For example all the words used in Philippians. I could then use this to practice parsing the actual words that occur in the NT.

      I may be missing it but it looks like all the methods of creating lists just create lists of the lemmas. Is there a way, other than the brute force manual method of typing, to create lists of actual words from a specified manuscript? If I could have my cake and eat it too, I would like to be able to get such a list in a spreadsheet with the following columns with a couple of examples:

      the word, the lemma, the root on verbs, the morphology, the gloss, the count of times used in the NT

      λόγου, λόγος, -, NGSM, word; statement; message, 330

      λελύμενον, λύω, λυ, VRPP-SNN, I loose; I untie; I destroy,42

      Is there a way to create such a list? Or do such lists already exist somewhere?