• “You will see greater things than this.” -Jesus (John 1:45-51) Preached the truth that Jesus is the ladder between earth and heaven at Union Gospel Mission. Thanks to some of the Jacob’s Well Church worship team for leading worship and for the JWC men who showed up to eat dinner and pray with the men who responded to the message. Grateful for our team and to be part of what God is doing in the lives of men and women through UGM.
    1. I am so sorry I could not make it. I called out sick today and not feeling much better. Glad it went well.
    2. Great message Pastor Eric!!!🥰🙏🙏🙏
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      A praise report: I saw the young woman we prayed for last time we were here. She was with her boyfriend and had bandages on her wrist. They were there last light and told me they are doing good and got help through Frontier Behavioral Health for their mental health matters. The boyfriend told me he is pursuing getting into the UGM program too.
  • Outreach Tonight (UGM) and Tomorrow (ATC)
    1. Eric, is this the correct address for ATC - 2400 N Craig Rd, Spokane, WA 99224 and then we just meet there at 6pm or 7pm? Thank you
    2. Yes on it all.
    3. Dinner is at 6pm and chapel is at 7pm
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r9awkgdl6HU I had the honor of being invited back onto the Taking Back Ground podcast. Please check it out, and share it with anyone you know that may be struggling. There are 34 total episodes now, and I have yet to watch one that didn't impact me.
    1. MARGARET NELSON and I spent about an hour talking today on ZOOM and had fairly good connections technology wise. She says hello! We are going to record a zoom conversation from her to you all in the near future. I will be gathering any questions you would like her to answer for that recording too. So start thinking and sharing when you come up with some.
      1. 6 But Israel would I feed with the finest wheat-flour,* and with honey out of the stony rock would I satisfy him." I love this reminder this morning.
        1. Brother Lawrence (17th century kitchen monk) “Lord of all pots and pans and things…make me a saint by getting meals and washing up the plates!” “I decided, instead of continuing as a footman, to be received into a monastery… I decided to sacrifice my life with all its pleasures to God. But he greatly disappointed me in this idea, for I have met with nothing but satisfaction in giving my life over to Him.” Monastery Prayer Life: My set times of prayer are not different from other times of the day. Although I do retire to pray (because it is the direction of my superior) I do not need such retirement nor do I ask for it because my greatest business does not divert me from God… (Practicing His Presence, pp. 45-47) Kitchen Life: “And so it is the same in the kitchen (a place to which I have a great natural aversion). I have accustomed myself to doing everything there for the love of God. On all occasions, with prayer, I have found [my work] easy during the fifteen years in which I have been employed here…” “Nor is it needful that we should have great things to do. We can do little things for God; I turn the cake that is frying on the pan for love of him, and that done, if there is nothing else to call me, I prostrate myself in worship before him, who has given me grace to work; afterwards I rise happier than a king. It is enough for me to pick up but a straw from the ground for the love of God.” “The time of business does not differ with me from the time of prayer; and in the noise and clatter of my kitchen, while several persons are at the same time calling for different things, I posses God in as great a tranquility as if I were upon my knees at the blessed sacrament.” (Practicing His Presence, p. 103) “When outward business diverts me a while from the thought of God, a fresh remembrance coming from Him invests itself into my soul, and I am so inflamed and transported that it is sometimes difficult for me to contain myself…” (Practicing His Presence, pp. 51-52) “I have quitted all forms of devotion and set prayers but those to which my state obliges me. And I make it my business only to persevere in His holy presence, wherein I keep myself by a simple attention, and a general fond regard to GOD, which I may call an actual presence of GOD; or, to speak better, an habitual, silent, and secret conversation of the soul with GOD, which often causes in me joys and raptures inwardly, and sometimes also outwardly, so great that I am forced to use means to moderate them, and prevent their appearance to others.” “He does not ask much of us, merely a thought of Him from time to time, a little act of adoration, sometimes to ask for His grace, sometimes to offer Him your sufferings, at other times to thank Him for the graces, past and present, He has bestowed on you, in the midst of your troubles to take solace in Him as often as you can. Lift up your heart to Him during your meals and in company; the least little remembrance will always be the most pleasing to Him. One need not cry out very loudly; He is nearer to us than we think.”
          1. Thank you for sharing this Pastor Eric! This tiny book was given to me by my Dad years ago, and I still have yet to finish this book, but you have inspired me to pick it up again!!! Thank you!!!🙏👍🙏🥰🙏
          2. This is one of my favorite saints. As a young stay at home mom, he was an example I often looked to.
          3. I like the last bit. He does not ask much of us, after we give Him everything.
        2. While I was cleaning at the church I noticed the nursery toys are due for a good bleach bath. Any cleaners out there willing to take on this job for our kiddies and parents?
          1. I can do that next week after work, can I bring the things home and do it there?
          2. Absolutely
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          August Outreach Schedule Tuesday August 9th Union Gospel Mission 1224 E Trent Ave Spokane  Chapel 7pm Wednesday August 10th Adult and Teen Challenge Mens Center Dinner at 6pm Chapel at 7pm Airway Heights  2400 N Craig Rd, Spokane, WA 99224
          1. Count me in for both, 8/9 is no serving meal? Just chapel?
          2. We are not officially serving. They’ve have only given us every other month to serve. But I’m Showing up to eat with the men.
        4. ManClan BBQ Sunday at 6pm(July 31) at the Blauers. Bring a side, your own drink and a chair. (Msg Eric for directions.)
          1. Due to the high temperatures on the 31st we are moving the church parking lot sale to Saturday September 24th.
            1. Amen, Pastor!!!👍👌☀️