• Day by day we bless you; * we praise your Name for ever. Keep us today, Lord, from all sin; * have mercy on us, Lord, have mercy. Lord, show us your love and mercy, * for we have put our trust in you. In you, Lord, is our hope; * let us never be put to shame. Lord keep us as a people of God who in all circumstances praise your holy name. Greater is He who is in us than he who is in the world. Lord Jesus I ask special care for your flock at this time that we would remain a people united and strong in our faith. That we would be a testimony to the one that lives in us. Praise you Lord Jesus for a life that is able to withstand the blows of the enemy. Amen and hallelujah.
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      Amen Dianne
  • Due to the spread of Covid among our ministry volunteers and members we are canceling our In-person service for the next two Sundays.
    1. Good call. Not only is Covid spreading, but so is other sicknesses. I’ve had a cold this week - I’m just thankful that’s all it is. Praying for all who are working on recovering from something.
    2. Wow, they are already out —but thanks Mary. Maybe they’ll get more on hand.
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    Continued prayers for our members as Covid and the Flu spread. A number of families are sick, have tested positive with Covid and some who have already had it, have it again. I know telling people you are sick with Covid is a personal matter, but let me reiterate why it is important to let others in your personal and slightly public circle know. Many people work for companies that require employees to take certain steps if they have been knowingly exposed to someone who tests positive for covid or have symptoms. It's important to inform others who may need to take steps in response. Also with the new variant of Covid, sometimes you will get a negative result on the first test at the beginning but after 2-3 days test positive. So multiple testing with a few days between is important. Please be wise in all this, testing lets you know early that you might need to get additional medical support with therapeutics to avoid getting seriously sick. Covid can quickly move from mild to serious in days if left untreated. Yet, another reason to seriously prepare and position yourself in a healthy resistance to these viruses through all the means available to us depending on your age, health, medical advice, conscience and convictions. The flu is going around too, the nasty kind that makes folks vomit. So be aware and get your flu shot if that is something you decide to do in your heath practice. "O God of heavenly powers, by the might of your command you drive away from our bodies all sickness and all infirmity: Be present in your goodness with your servants, that their weakness may be banished and their strength restored; and that, their health being renewed, they may bless your holy Name; through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen." -The Book of Common Prayer
    1. Regarding the Current Covid Uptick at JWC and in our City.  "People ought to have religion enough to attend church regularly  and sense enough to stay home in bad weather."  -P. Bomar, pastor 1896 We are in the midst of another wave of the virus storm and still reeling from the impact of our loss on our congregation. We are also trying to navigate the possible dangers that face the vulnerable among us.  In light of that I’m going to pause our face to face small groups until the covid clouds clear up more.  I think this small preventive action is a reasonable response to significantly high numbers coming in of people getting Covid locally and the presence of it spreading in our congregation. I’m doing this instead of shutting everything down. The virus is here and we can’t avoid it, but we can try to gather wisely.  So if you have symptoms of a cold or flu or unusual tiredness please stay home and watch the Sunday service online.  Remember being without symptoms isn’t a verification that you don’t have covid. That’s why anyone who has recently had Covid in their immediate family should be tested. Isolate if confirmed. If you’ve been in close proximity for a prolonged amount of time with someone who has tested positive with covid you should get tested. Isolate if confirmed.  And remember the vaccines do not prevent the spread or the ability to get infected. The vaccines provide enhanced protection from serious health consequences or death.  On Sunday please practice reasonable distance and interactions as possible. Remember to avoid getting into one another’s faces, bear-hugging and acting in a manner that easily spreads this very contagious variant. Practice good and regular hygiene practices. These actions will help us protect one another as best we can during this present sickness surge. We don’t want to get sick and have our ability to provide Sunday service jeopardized.    We continue to encourage  thoughtful consideration about getting vaccinated after consulting the dangers, one’s conscience and physician in light of your age, health and possible current risk factors.  Please continue to pray.  “Visit this place, O Lord, and drive far from it all snares of the enemy; let your holy angels dwell with us to preserve us in peace; and let your blessing be upon us always; through Jesus Christ our Lord, amen.”  -Book of Common Prayer
      1. I was very excited about the idea of coming to church this Sunday and even attending the the group at Andy and Cami's house, but with everything going on, I am staying home. I'm fortunate to be able to accomplish most everything I need done on my own, including sweeping and mopping, but doing it on the scooter is taxing on my body. I can't imagine getting covid also. Things are going well now I don't want to throw that into the blend.
      2. Totally understand Dale, I think it’s wise.
      3. New COVID data from Spokane Regional Health. Here are some takeaways: 1,239 new COVID cases today. That's a record for us. 115 people are hospitalized, per SRHD's website. However, Dr. Frank Velasquez said today 120 ppl are hospitalized. Dr. Velasquez said 12% of hospital admissions are patients with COVID. Up from 7.5% of admission from last week. Our overall hospital occupancy is a 97%. ICU occupancy is 100%. Dr. Velasquez says occupancy is high because of a lot of higher acuity patients with other conditions, not just COVID.
    2. Prayers for Steve Gonder who’s tested positive for Covid. Heads up volunteers on last Saturday who were working in close proximity to him. Be vigilant on monitoring yourself and take any steps needed.
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        Are you still sick?
      2. Celina Green will teach this Sunday and Cami the following.
      3. Steve’s doing good.
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      Adding Aaron LeBlanc to the prayer list, he’s been sick too but not able to get tested due to the lack of at home tests and delays at drive up testing sites. Prayers for Joanne Gonder for recovery from Covid and continued prayers for those who are sick in the Warwick home who have covid too.
      1. I’m so sorry to see so many people sick like this. Sending you love and prayers. If any of you need help in any way, errands, meals, etc please say so and give us a way to ease the burden a little. God give each one of you strength to your bodies and spirits and restore you to full health 🙏
      2. Seems like the COVID wave has finally reached the shores of our church body. We look to you Jesus and know we are in your hands.
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        So far everyone with covid is recovering well.
    4. Monday evening, 6 of us from JWC joined the men at Spokane’s Adult and Teen Challenge Men’s Center in Airway Heights. We enjoyed dinner with them and provided the evening chapel’s worship and word. I was particularly grateful and blessed to have three of our worship team members step up and provide the music. Patrick Reed led worship and this was his first time leading worship with a guitar. He took my challenge and did great. It was so good to watch men from our church helping me build better bridges between the programs and the pews through these outreaches. During dinner before the chapel, one of the interns asked the dinner group if anyone had a scripture to read before the dinner blessing. One of the men piped up: “Jesus wept!”, he said it somewhat comically, but for me it was a confirmation that the word I came to bring was the divine arrow intended to hit the mark that night. My message title and text were “The Weeping Miracle Worker” from John 11, where the weeping Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead. Praise God for ATC and the good work they do helping men and women come out of addiction and the various devastations and complications that such a life so often brings with it. They are providing the hope and help of Jesus to anyone who needs it. If you or someone you know needs addiction treatment check into ATC: https://teenchallengeusa.org "Who the Son Sets Free Is Free Indeed" - John 8:38 #jesuschanginglives #menservingthecommunity #churchesmatter #menmatter #addictionrecovery
      1. I will send out an army to find you, in the middle of the darkest night it’s true! I love seeing you men there beside the A&TC fellas, I envision the fruit to come from this. Thank you guys!
    5. I read some verses in the day prayer app that I really liked. Going back to the app tonight to look the verses up it is different scripture reading than what I saw this morning. Is there a way to backtrack in the app to previous scripture?
      1. I tried that. Maybe it was yesterday's reading. There around 5 chapters from Psalms.
      2. You can go to different days. From that side menu, go to “settings” and then “time travel” :)
      3. Thank you LeeElla.
    6. Merry Christmas from our family to yours.  Wishing you a meaningful time of worship and welcome around your tables this Christmas.  May Christ be glorified in the great feasts you enjoy together.  May God give you strength to feast long and deep with laughter, song, psalm and treasures, together with whoever is with you.  May His Spirit comfort you in the absence of those you love.  May the light you have received be enough to guide your way through the night of this season.  May the songs you have in your heart be sung in defiance of all that would and could try to rob you of your voice.  May prayer be offered in gratitude of all that is…in the face of all that may not be at this moment.  Let the love that you have, be it little or large, find a meaningful way to be expressed, genuinely, simply and truthfully.  May you know you are loved and remembered at our table, no matter how close or how far, alive or departed.  We keep this festival of Christmas to the glory of God, in the spirit of peace, goodwill, joy and light and bless you for your part in our lives whatever chapter it was placed within. We are who we are in part because of you. We are grateful.  Remember…You are loved.  Merry Christmas, from the Blauers
      1. What a lovely prayer for Christmas. Merry Christmas Blauers!
      2. Merry Christmas Blauer Family!!!💖