• This page does not indicate how long each video is (or the total time), etc. ??????
    1. If it's like the older version each of the 36 videos are between 20 to 35 minutes each at length.
    2. Thanks for bring this to our attention. We have updated this product page for you with a learning outline and the video lengths of each segment. I hope this helps.
  • The title of the first chapter gives the book away as just so much Eastern mystical thinking. So, Denis, you are telling us it is EITHER your 'both/and' way of thinking OR nothing? (That 'either/or' sure has a way of popping up, doesn't it?) I suppose there's a purpose for something like this in a few libraries, but I can't imagine it in mine. I think I'll boycott Faithlife for six months...no resource purchases...as a minor protest for publishing this drivel.
    1. In fairness Faithlife doesn't publish this, Zondervan does. Reading the description it looks like the author is very confused that man's "science" and Scripture must agree. Unfortunately he has bought into a lie that evolution is actual sciense, it's not.
    2. I'm sorry you're unhappy about the book. FWIW, we aren't endorsing it, we're just publishing as much of Zondervan's catalog as they allow. Maybe this will help explain our position: https://www.logos.com/about/publishing-philosophy
    3. thatnks for posting that. I had never seen that page before. I've heard you explain the reasoning multiple times, in multiple places, but that is a very good explanation.
  • This is a nice feature, but it needs a $5 option.