• I would like to see the rest of the series brought quickly into Logos
    1. I am really enjoying this book covering the various ideas, priorities, difficulties and concepts used by Bible translators and editors. As a layman, I find it is an excellent tutorial on the trade space between: accuracy/inaccuracy, source/receptor languages, readability/obscurity and simplicity/fullness. There is an excellent discussion of the differences between a revision and a new translation. The authors track the histories of English translations and, to my mind, build a complelling case for the HCSB, a translation I own but has disregarded until now. I had previously read some of the articles floating around about the various translations available, but this book brings a great deal more depth than I had encountered before. It is parochial and persuasive in describing the choices made by the HCSB translators and editors. I look forward to finishing the book over the next week or so.
      1. Life changing! How can anyone hope to love God without knowing Him. Tozer addresses the character of our God with reverence, love and diligence.