• Good morning, I have begun to write a book, short story, paper or what might even turn out to be my eulogy. I have been fighting ALS for nearly 8 years now and a friend has finally convinced me to sit down to write my story. Problem is, I'm not a writer so who knows where this will go. In the meantime I have found a great deal of text, quotes, and thoughts that I feel can add a great deal to what I am hoping to accomplish and am seeking your permission to copy these various items and use them in my writing. She had told you I can't write :-) Thank you and God bless, Tom Santi tsanti@sti.net PS, I am wheelchair-bound and quadriplegic, so don't look for anything in a big hurry :-)
    1. Hi Tom, I'm always glad to hear that people are writing their stories. And I'm so sorry to hear about what you've gone through and are going through. It's an honor that my words have been an encouragement in some small way. Lexham Press handles permissions on Connect the Testaments, so I'll forward this along to the team at Lexham Press and ask them to reply to you. Blessings.
  • John, In the beginning of the Bible Study you quoted a person who said, "Wherever the Spirit is not present, there is not great explanation possible." I can not understand the person's name. What is his name?
    1. Brevard Childs
    1. I am enjoying this study very much; however, I found what appears to be a typo on page 25. The last scripture reference in this lesson should be 2 Peter 3:9.
    2. Hi , I meant to reply earlier. I sent along the possible typo to the Lexham Press team. Thanks for letting me know.
  • I certainly don't take Joseph's actions in the same way you do as I look at what comes out of this whole interchange at the "end" of the story. What makes you describe Joseph as having "evil schemes" in all of this?
    1. Hi David, check out the Joseph article in Lexham Bible Dictionary, where much of the background to what's happening in Genesis 44 is explained, regarding Joseph's "trickster" behavior. In essence, Joseph is intentionally deceiving his brothers and seems to reference Egyptian divination practices in the process -- none of this seems ethical on Joseph's part.
  • There are another view to the Jephthah’s daughter vow - one believe that she was not killed – instead she could not wed. As in and at the end of two months, she returned to her father, who did with her according to his vow that he had made. She had never known a man, and it became a custom in Israel (ESV) Juices 11:39 and then whatever comes out from the doors of my house to meet me when I return in peace from the Ammonites shall be the Lord's, and I will offer it up for a burnt offering.” (ESV) Juices 11:31 -- Could not we understand that Jephthah initial vow was not exactly a child sacrifice .. and second he could have changed his matter and turned from killing his daughter to forbidding her married?
    1. Sidney: I'm sorry it's taken me a bit to get back to you. Yes, there are multiple views on the passage about Jepthah. See Lexham Bible Dictionary, which I serve as editor of, for a listing of further viewpoints.
  • Thank you for hosting the DIY Bible Study Mobile Ed Training!  It's been a great challenge and learning tool for myself along with the Connect the Testaments Devotional.
    1. Thanks Joseph. I'm glad to hear that DIY Bible Study and Connect the Testaments have been helpful for you.
  • John, the question you posed on Jan. 28th has given me pause since I am anxious/nervous about ministering to a gentleman that has joined our breakfast bible study. He is wheelchair bound, and comes from a varied faith background. It is making me step out of my comfort zone. But what is that in service to our Lord and Savior. Your question, "What risks are you taking for God right now? Have you asked Him what risks He would like you to take?" is giving me focus to answer God's call to minister (I'm a Deacon at our church) to where He desires me to go, versus where I WANT to go. Thank you for the insight that helps me be a person SERVING my Lord and His will, rather than myself and mine.
    1. Mark: Thank you for the affirming words about Connect the Testaments -- much appreciated. (Sorry for the late response by the way -- Lexham Bible Dictionary has kept me very busy in these past months.) May God grant you whatever you stand in need of at this time.
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  • Hi John, I have started the DIY Bible Study because I wanted to see how you presented it. I must say I am only through the first couple of chapters and I have been impressed. The videos are spot on, material is relevant and interesting. It is obvious your passion for studying the Bible through this material. Thanks for making this available I will be sure to pass it to people I minister to and want to go deeper in the word.
    1. David: Many thanks -- very kind of you.
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