• Greetings Jonathan! Thanks for this course! I agree, Matthew is highly structured. Any resource recommendations there? I spotted a 14 level chiastic structure in the center of Matthew that is bookended by two inclusio stories....making the chiasm all the more outstanding. I hate when people say they see a chiasm, that isn't very parallel or tight, but this has strong parallels in each of the 7 sides, and clear separation between First Side and Prime Side with topic/theological distinction... sure looks like authorial intent. Would love to dig further. Ideas for further study? Or maybe this is the fodder of a dissertation? JJ
    1. Hey Jonathan, So I am taking your Sermon on the mount mobile ed course and you said, " NARRATIVE—Founding of the Church (Matt 14–17) That leads into chapters 14–17, where Jesus performs two exoduses—water crossings and wilderness feedings—one for Jewish people, one for Gentile people. I wish I had time to explain all that. You just have to trust me on that." I was wondering if you could provide me insight, articles or material to understand what your saying as I have never heard this before and it intrigues me. Thank you so much and God bless!
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        For exodus and new Moses analogy, a nice introduction that is short and focused on structural detail, see Peter Leithart's https://theopolisinstitute.com/wp-content/uploads/edd/2015/09/jesus-as-israel-the-typological-structure-of-matthew-s-gospel.pdf