• My heart aches for those who insist upon King James only while those they try to reach struggle to understand it. I confess I cringe when I hear Thee and Thou used. I read my grandfather a little of The Book of Romans in the New Living Translation and he asked me what I was reading. I like to believe it was because he was hearing it for the first time in a way he could grasp and understand. (This is not an endorsement of the translation only of reading a paraphrase for some who may just begin to grasp difficult Biblical concepts and will not be repelled by the King James). Thank God we have Logos to help us compare translations side by side and choose which is best to convey a message...perhaps drawing from multiple translations as needed you never know). I lean toward ESV and NKJV myself.
      1. JoshInRI, I wouldn't worry too much about that.  There will be resources that are accessed within the Mobile Ed course.  If you have Platinum you'll already have some of those resources, but I can pretty much assure you there will be some that you will need to buy anyway to read all the material associated with the course.  I have platinum and I've still had to buy resources for some of the courses I have, so if you want the course, go for it and get the resources you don't have as you can.
    1. I am surprised that this bundle isn't including books like THE SHACK and THE DAVINCI CODE. They seem like similar imaginative fiction to me.
      1. With respect, JoshinRI, have you read this bundle? " Fiction" as a genre refers to non-real and non historical literature. I'll give you that Dr. Heisers work is '"imaginative" and even "creative" at points, but it is all based on serious scholarly work, verified against source materials, and subject to scholarly peer review processes and editorial oversight. Those other "resources" share none of the same filters. They are simply not similar at all.
      2. Heiser to me is a fiction writer.
    2. Terrance, I read your great post with interest below. I don't enjoy theological fiction and fanciful conjecture so I wont be reading Heiser ever again. I started to and then asked for/received a refund.