• God is blessings 🙏
    1. Our 20th Anniversary Celebration truly blessed me today❤️❤️‼️ From praise and worship to special music by Melissa Diaz to the Word by Pastor William Scott to the Communion service. There was such an awesome presence of the Holy Spirit🔥💕💕🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🔥‼️
      1. OMG Apostle Alan preached a Word today. “Preparing For The Days Ahead: Living In Present Truth”! You gotta watch it on our Jesus People Living Word Church Facebook Page!
        1. Amen strong word . Life changing word of God 🙏
      2. ZOOM MEETING ID 820 3866 0099 PASS CODE 889556
        1. Greetings JP Fam, The Eternal Church Bible Study series will be live streamed via Zoom and Facebook live effective Tuesday, Feb. 2nd, 2021. This will afford members the time and help they need to study the indepth material being shared. It will also help them follow thru with their workbook assignments and allow greater participation for members that are home bound, to receive this critical teaching on God's Eternal Church. Workbooks are still available at $15 each. Lessons have been converted to a pdt format to allow posting to our website at www.jesuspeoplejax.com We are no longer follow the syllabus, and will continue to this teaching until the course is completed. Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow night.
          1. It's Family & Friends Day tomorrow! We come together with Family & Friends to fellowship as we dress down on our jeans and t-shirts to have fun as we worship together. We gather at 10:30 for prayer and prepare for our Declarations unto God and over our lives at 11:00. JP family bring your family to worship❤💜💛💜💛💜💛💜❤💯💯💯❗
            1. Team 1 Mardi Gras fun center Snack time with this cool server 🙌🏼😃
              1. The guy with the bread lol 😂😂
            2. Team 1 Hey y’all meet Sgt Dyer from Daytona beach Florida 😃🙌🏼 On the beach by the pier
              1. Team 1 I think we got a big Kahuna 😜🙌🏼🐠
                1. Pull it in❗ Can I get fish sandwich😂❗