• I read the negatives about the program, but see them having been written over three years ago. No replies from Logos have been posted to answer the problems stated. So I have a number of questions... have those problems been resolved? Are there monthly fees you charge? Could you set it up so that I am "credited" to Logos, charged on my own card, only $10 instead of $15? (I can justify $10... but $15 is just a bit too steep.)
    1. Book Cache starts at $15 a month and can be used towards your Logos purchases.
  • This is not the latest edition. The latest came out in 2016. Logos needs to discount older editions.
    1. Why do I have to subscribe to Logos Now to get full use of my own library? What happens when I cannot be online? This is not a very smart move on the part of Logos.
      1. Hi Kevin, You don't have to subscribe to Logos Now to get the full use of your library. The functions that you had when you purchased your library should still all work. We do develop new features all the time—this is one of those features.  When you are offline, you can still use all the features you have from your purchase. The features from Logos Now also work offline. Let me know if you have any questions.
      1. yes - just bought it today....
    2. It appears the six-dayer's won this round. It is sad that they do not understand that Romans 1 forbids their interpretation.
      1. I didn't do a prior post about the subject. However, the Big Bang so clearly screams "CREATION!" that Romans 1 rings true for practically all the of those within astronomy. Robert Jastrow wrote an entire book about that topic, even though he was not a Christian. Simply put, any honest look at the universe from an old-age perspective is sufficient to convict a person of the existence of a Creator. I came to Christ that way. If I had been told at that time that I needed to believe in a 6-day creation to be a Christian, I would have rejected Christianity, not from what the Bible says, but from propounded bad doctrine that is inconsistent with Scripture and with good science.
      2. Kevin -- is your comment on the item tagged (the Genesis collection of many books), either most or all of them?
      3. The whole collection. Of course, to be a bit fair, there are those who deny Genesis 1 & 2 have any basis in science. Then there are those who either spiritualize or rationalize those chapters out of any real significance. But why would Dr. Ross and others like him, who also have books published by Logos, be left out of the collection? I only used Dr. Ross as an example. I became a Christian because of my study of science. At the time, I was working with the Jet Propulsion Laboratories. See my above comments.
    3. What would be the main theological slant of the courses? Also, are there time constraints on course completion?
      1. That's what I want to know too...what is the theological slant of the courses? Answer, anybody?
      2. Don't know. I know you need some seminary to grant credit if the courses are to mean anythng to anyone outside Logos. Even then, you have those who reject all except their own seminaries, even if the "other" seminary is really valid, good and Scriptural. There exists so many splinter groups making money by being "different" than other splinters "denominations" In my estimation, the devil is literally in the mix. Bill