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        1. Would love to see The subscription option come back
          1. ME too
          2. I know John had to cancel the Learn Logos Club a while back due to his new extra-Learn Logos job position. I too would like to see a return of a type of Learn Logos Club, even if there were some differences to the program. Here are my recommendations: 1. John needs to decide how many webinars he can realistically conduct for Learn Logos per month (I'd even be happy with one or two max). 2. John needs to decide what other Bible software platforms he will continue to offer training support for under his company, and how often his trainers can realistically conduct those webinars per month (WORDsearch and Accordance are two that would benefit users. BibleWorks may need to be phased out for now since BibleWorks is no longer in business. John could bring back training for it later for established BibleWorks users if they need it in the future, but short-term, not a reasonable business model). For Mobile Bible Software training under LearnLogos.com, training on the Logos, WORDsearch, and Accordance apps would suffice (I'd forget about other mobile Bible apps for the time being). 3. Offer a new Learn Logos Club tier with pricing around what it would cost per month to pre-order the webinars John is offering on Learn Logos each month, but the flat fee ensures customers get access to download and stream all future webinars from John without dealing with pre-orders. The icing on the cake is it would also unlock streaming for a customer's entire Learn Logos webinar purchase history if John could pull that off (so I could stream the webinars I purchased in the past if I needed to). Offer an additional free webinar from the Learn Logos store like John did with the previous Club. Priority email support from John for Club members would be beneficial as well (essentially club member's emails would be answered first, then other customers, although everything would still be subject to the time frame John could answer everything with). John could ditch the custom Bible study emails from the old Club plan for the time being (unless he ever had dedicated staff that could prepare these for John, otherwise it would be too time consuming short-term). Discounts on items in the Learn Logos store would be great as well like we had in the past with the previous Club. 4. For users of Logos, WORDsearch, and Accordance, John could offer Learn WORDsearch and Learn Accordance Club tiers, as well as a discounted bundle price if someone wanted to enroll in all three Club tiers. 5. John could also offer a promo for signing up for the new Club (maybe a free copy of DigitalSword. I already pre-ordered my copy, so I'm already set there, but it might sweeten the deal to bring it back). 6. Offering a Club Premium tier that would also give Learn Logos Club members access to streaming and USB versions of all future Learn Logos training bundles would be great as well. That way instead of pre-ordering future Learn Logos training bundles, the Premium tier would instantly give customers access to it when it releases. Club Premium tiers for Accordance and WORDsearch that include access to their training bundles, as well as a discounted three-in-one Premium bundle would be great. 7. John could still periodically offer local (in-person) training for Learn Logos, Learn WORDsearch, and Learn Accordance, as well as 1 Hour Personal Training, and his Academia Training, Consulting, Curriculum Development, and Training Requests could all be added to a page next to the 1 Hour Personal Training under Personal and Custom Training options. He could also decide how to best market the DigitalSword Preaching Institute and Gospel444 options. 8. The eNewsletter and blog have somewhat stagnated for a bit. Returning to a monthly eNewsletter would be good, and if John could invite in other trainers from Learn WORDsearch and Learn Accordance to contribute to it, it would be less work on John personally. John could also have multiple contributors on the Study the Bible Today Blog (plus a better way to follow it via email would be great) to revive it. I'm not sure if John needs to launch the Learn Logos show or simply cancel out the launch of it. A 24/7 stream of random webinars or training bundle videos might be a fun replacement. 9. I'm not sure if John would also benefit from offering training for other Faithlife products (Proclaim, Groups, Mobile Ed, Sites, Sermons, Connect, eBooks, Equip, etc) or if he wants to leave those up to Faithlife's trainers instead.
        2. Happy Thanksgiving!
          1. I pre-ordered my LearnLogos 8 training! Looking forward to it when it releases! I still need to catch up on 6 and 7. :-)
            1. John has always been very responsive to me...interesting that MP is not responsive to his customers...never subscribed/bought his training. I love John's "only what's new in L8" approach. I don't like the delays getting the product delivered. L7 was months delayed. I was really excited to see John's L8 training committed to be delivered the same week L8 product was released...but it's late. I know it will get done though. I believe John has a good heart and produces a good product but just over-commits on the delivery schedule. I would love to see a forum of some kind for John's customers to ask questions and exchange ideas. Or is that what THIS is???
            2. I have access to both MP Seminars Online (plus I've attended a Camp Logos) and have purchased all of John's training bundles since v5 (plus I've purchased many of his webinars and attended many of his live webinars). I get benefit from both of these trainers and consider both of them fellow laborers in Christ. John is more in-depth in the training bundles since he covers books and studying the Bible included (at a lower cost than Morris overall). Morris also offers Bible study and book training, but they're separate from the Logos training (except for MP Seminars Online which has all access to videos). Since John has other duties on his plate, Morris is quicker to get What's New in Logos 8 videos out on MP Seminars Online, but the Logos 8 Training Bundle will likely cover some stuff not covered in the MP Seminars Online What's New videos. I use both of their training in conjunction. I go through Morris' training to get me up-to-speed on all new Logos 8 features fast so I'm familiar with the software right away, then go back and watch John's videos to deepen my understanding of all the new features. In terms of email response, both have always been responsive to me, so I appreciate both of them. I usually split my questions and send Morris more training-specific questions that would be useful for a blog post and send John more study-specific questions on a study I'm working on. I gave away my L5 training bundle (after I completed it) to another Logos user to bless them with John's training, and I may do the same with L6 (and keep 7 onward).
            3. You can use this page to interact with other Learn Logos users. A bunch of us are here interacting with one another.
          2. Why wouldn't a L4 link not work in a PB? The .docx file opens the L4 link but once the book is built it doesn't work in the PB.
            1. Thanks Nathan! I discovered the problem. I copy and pasted an article from a website and pasted into Word. There were artifacts that copied over that looked like Fahrenheit degree marks that seperated the word that I wanted to hyperlink. Once I replaced those with a real space the hyperlink worked.,
            2. Great!
          3. John is blowing my mind right now with this training!
            1. wow, I'm originally from down the road, Arcadia!
            2. Hi Josh! Thanks for the kind words. It was great to meet you. Preach the word!