• Hear Fear Flee
    In this argument, where the king and his army is destroyed in an alliance of several cities and away from the city or cities of the kings, the defenseless cities may have many citizens, (women and children along with the elderly, infirm and others) who may have fled to hide from the on coming victorious Israelite Army. What they would do once the Israelite Army leaves is another story.
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      Please contact me if you are studying RUTH
      1. i am studying RUTH is their anyone out their doing the same that i can chat with. with GODS help their will be someone i can chat with
        1. Good morning Kevin, Contact Danny Dye. He will do his best. Contact: DannyDye@gmail.com. Mike
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        1. I am currently on a trial of Faithlife connect. I will probably keep it. but does anyone know what happens to course material if subscription lapses or when the 180 days are up? I understand I won't have access to the course anymore but I am wondering specifically about the "worksheets" within the course that have you fill in answers into the course. Do these disappear?
          1. Any answers that you fill in for the Activities will disappear since they are tied to that resource. Any notes you take on the course will stay with you though, so you could record your answers in a separate Notebook file.
          2. thanks!
        2. How does one install the course notes from a Faithlife course page?
          1. For OT285, the course introduction indicates, "To download a Notes document that highlights the readings for this course, join the OT285 Faithlife group: https://faithlife.com/ot285". I've looked for the content but I'm unable to find it. I thought maybe your suggestion above might help. I expanded the Bible Study navigation tool, but "Logos Documents" is not one of the options. I've actually expanded all the navigation areas and they're mostly empty and none of have the content indicated to be found there. What am I missing?
          2. , it looks like you are not a Follower of the OT285 Faithlife group. You must first follow a group to get access to the files.
          3. Thank you. This aspect of the navigation bar is not intuitive. It would help to show the items grayed out and/or with a label indicating "for members only". My thinking was that I didn't want to bother joining a group that had no content of use to me. I do appreciate you helping me find the content.
        3. Good Morning from Australia. Is anyone studying Bl206? I'm kinda stuck on Segment 13 and wondering if anyone else has had an issue with running a Bible search on "Metonymy" or If anyone knows how to contact Dr Naselli via email, I really need to ask him a couple of questions. Many thanks.
          1. , I was out of the office last week on vacation. I'll take a look and respond to your message as soon as I can.
          2. David Bambrick, What would you like to know regarding "metonymy"?
          3. Hi Andre. Its not Metonymy, it's the instructions that are given in the BI206 course, Segment 13. I'm having trouble running a bible search on metonymy in Luke 15. It looks like one can't run a bible search on the word metonymy, so I'm not sure what to do. The "Help from resources and tutorial' section isn't much help. I do apologize for this. I'm sure it's something simple. Many thanks for asking.
        4. Any plans to add Intermediate/Second Year Level Hebrew or Greek courses? How about Aramaic?
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