• Question regarding using the "Activities" document associated with my NT337 course. Where are the notes that I make in the activities stored? For instance, when I fill out a "Guide" it stores my entries as notes in a new workbook. This does not seem to be the case for "Activities". Also, it means I can't create links or any other useful formatting when I fill out the activity. Is that correct?
    1. Are you talking about the blanks where you answer questions in the Activities resource? If so, those answers are stored in those blanks.
    2. Thanks for the answer. Makes sense. That said, it would be FAR more helpful and accessible for future reference if the answers were stored in a Notebook like they are in Guides.
  • Name Change 4
    The name priority is retruned to Paul, with Barnabas mentioned secnd. Unlike the first change Barnabas is specifically named.
    1. Name Priority 3
      Barnabas is again named first. First named is often the leader or head man.
      1. Name Priority 2
        Barnabas is given first place and Paul Second Place, with Barnabas seen as Jupiter, the head or king of the Latin or Roman Pantheon of Gods, Paul seen as Mercury or the messenger God.
        1. Name Priority
          Barnabas is mentioned first in 13:7 but here, Paul is mentioned, and his companions, not even mentioning Barnabas by name.
          1. Hello everyone, my name is Nathaniel I'm a minister in Alaska not sure how and what times this forum is open due too time zone. I'd like to be apart of the conversations and information sharing here if that's OK. looking forward to what the Holy Spirit reveals. You may also contact me here.
            1. Good morning eric. I agree with you i have been doing many Courses and i ma studying the Old Testament book by book. so far i have never been able to talk to anyone. this is mostly due to the time difference as i live in the UK and their is a 7 hour time difference with LA and 5 hours with Florida. and New York. I pray that one day i will meet here with some one doing the same course as me at the same time so that we can share our experiences. May our lord bless you all.
            2. I am currently doing the Romans course by Moo. Kevin, what OT book are you studying currently?
            3. Even though you all are in different locations and working through courses on different schedules, please still feel free to post about what you are learning. It may prompt some discussion or encourage people to revisit a section of a course they already finished.
          2. Please pray.

            Hi all, first day here. I'm a social worker and unexpectedly had a client pass away yesterday. If you could please pray for her family, our staff and that her two cats, who are best friends would be adopted together, I'd appreciate it.
            1. Separation and loss of any kind was not God's initial plan. Thankfully we have Jesus Who promises to help the grieving ones through these dark and painful times. We also will pray that the cats will find a nice home. Thank you for your ministry. Ps 34: 18 The Lord is near to the brokenhearted And saves those who are ccrushed in spirit. New American Standard Bible: 1995 Update (La Habra, CA: The Lockman Foundation, 1995), Ps 34:18.
          3. Missing Haley's comet
            The interval for Halley's Commet in this sentence is about 77 years putting one in 10 BC which is missing. So with Christ's birth thought to have been about 1 to 5 BC the period falls shortly after one event that should have been recorded but is not, refer to the next paragraph in this book for significance.
            1. The problem with identifying the star to astronomical phenomena is this. If the Magi were in the east, the star would have moved opposite the west to east progression. Stars ‘rise in the east and set in the west in accordance to the earth’s rotation. It would have been seen in the west and then slowly risen overhead as they approached Bethlehem. This would also have been overvthe course of weeks and not a single night. I believe they saw a star, but it was totally contrary to expectations, which would have intrigued the Magi.
            2. Thank you! Throughout the Bible, God is presented as being One Who may use direct intervention to draw interest to His message. I think of the miracles in the Gospels that were meant to highlight and establish Jesus' teachings about life, human predicament, and He Himself being the only lasting solution. The birth of Jesus was miraculously foretold in prophesy, His life and message were miraculously verified by the supernatural signs of healing, raising the dead, and the sufficiency of His sacrifice for our sins was demonstrated and evidenced by His supernatural resurrection. So it would certainly be in keeping with God's power and working to have a supernatural sign of a moving heavenly body in the heavens to spotlight the arrival of His son.
          4. Assumptions
            At a lecture for the general public by one involved in this experiment the discovery of Neutrinos having mass is based on assumptions. They "proved" the Sun produces two maybe three thypes of Neutrinos. They assume it produces one type but the other two types are the result of the first type being changed during the journey , If the Sun directly produces the two or three types of neutrinos, the evidence for Neutrinos having mass fails. If change can occur without mass, again the evidence fails.