• anyone have an insights on the OT101, so far i have learned quite a bit from the segments 1-4
    1. HB101 post: I have started HB101 course. I am using Logos 9 Silver and there are some "suggested readings" which are locked and I am unable to access it. How can I access them?
      1. Something also to consider is do you have one or more reading unlocked in a session? If you do that will be good enough, to get the point.
      2. I stated before that it would be good to clearly see the resources (through dynamic pricing) we do not own when reviewing the course for purchase. This will provide an environment for informed decision and prevent frustration with Logos after purchasing the course only to find we need to spend more money to get the full benefit of the course.
      3. Ashar, several years back I suggested they not include those references recommended unless they were included with the recommended Platinum package but I see they continue. I also recommended they open those references (for the course duration) up as a good marketing tool that would help the student and could move them to purchase those resources for their library.
    2. Pick up a free course from Logos Mobile Education during the month of July. https://www.logos.com/free-book-of-the-month
      1. 🙏 Practice what you preach. 🙏 Preaching resources for pastors from Lexham Press and Logos Mobile Ed! Check them out here. ⬇
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          Question: Can one buy the individual courses that make up a certificate program over time, and once having completed the requirements, receive the certificate?
          1. Almost. You would still have to purchase the certificate program, but if you already owned all the courses the dynamic price would not be very much. (The additional cost covers the administration and evaluation for the certificate.) If you are looking for a program with everything included, have you considered RedemptionSeminary.org? It includes over 25 of the best Mobile Ed courses and all of the required readings for the program. You could earn a master's degree at your own pace rather than earning a certificate. As a graduation gift Redemption Seminary upgrades your library so you own everything that was included in the program library.
          2. One more question, could one purchase the audio for these classes instead of the video and still pay the additional cost for the certificate? Or are videos required for the certificate programs?
        2. AP101 Post: I am currently taking the AP101 course and wanted to ask if anyone else has taken this and what their insights are to the segment that discusses miracles. With the understanding that God can do anything, we are asked about what miracle we have the most difficulty believing. I was curious about what others may have thought and why? I don't question the resurrection. The miracle that I have a struggle with is Jesus feeding thousands of people. He had some fish and a few loaves of bread and managed to feed thousands of people. The reason this is an issue is that I cannot imagine how this process worked. How did Jesus multiple food sources for thousands of people? I know it was divine but wish there was a way to interpret this process in my mind. Did Jesus instantly generate fish and have them bursting out of the containers that the disciples were carrying? Or did the fish start as baby fish and grow up to be eaten? Were they cooked, or were they raw? So back to the original question...What miracle do you have trouble believing or understanding and why? Thanks!
          1. I haven't seen the videos above, but I might say that God did create animals by speaking, considering Jesus' identity, He could do it again with more than 5000 witnesses at the time.
          2. The miracles I have the most challenging time wrapping my head around is specifically: water aka H2O and all the miracles that God the Father and Jesus The Christ and lest we forget the beginning of our bibles...The Holy Spirit has done with them. Not to mention all the plugs throughout the entire Bible of ‘rivers of living waters’.
          3. My second most pressing question I’d like to ask God in a face to face fashion is “How Exactly: Jesus!?” .....is what I mean by this is that there are more simplistic scientific plausible explanations for how Jesus Christ came into being. Okay, then there’s all what, 333 Old Testament prophecies laid out over the millennia that Jesus doesn’t skip a beat in fulfilling. And, then there’s these simplistic Maths of Probabilities which can also explain His Fulfillment of Scripture to the proverbial ‘Letter-T’. But none only other than “God The Father, God The Creator, God The Omnipresent-Omnipotent-Omniscient” can explain how ‘He-Himself’ the very ‘Three-In-Onesies’ can “Allow Himself to Become His Very Own Selfsame-Sadomasochistic-Self”: In That Jesus (also known as God) Experienced ‘ALL of Humankind’s’ Allotment Of Punishments’ ‘For Mankind’s Sins’ From Himself (God The Father, God The Creator, etc...) Upon His-selves (God The Son along with God The Holy Spirit) Too!? My next question(s) is this..... How can “{GOD}” Inflict GOD and GOD with anything other than GOD’s’ Sovereignties of: Glory, Power, Love, Goodness, Perfection, and Righteousness!? I’ll try and phrase it this way...... God, God, and God are all three Equal; to the exclusion of ALL else: both, individually and in Any Combinations-Permutations Amongst Themselves. So, ..... God, God, and God are ALL THREE ‘NOT’ THE AUTHOR OF BAD/ EVIL/ IMPERFECTION/ CONFUSION ....... Yet At Minimum ‘A God’( or the Gods) Uses ‘His’ (Their) Powers Of Perfection To The Full Extent Of Perfecting The Imperfection To A State Of Perfected Imperfection After Having “Punished The Punishers” (repaid evil in kind) Under ‘His’ (their) Righteous Sovereignties....... Just Bubble Gum For The Mind! In Christ: B-Well-B
        3. I was wondering if anyone knows the answer to this. In some of the Mobile Ed classes, I do not have the reading material on Logos, but have the physical paper book. So the book is locked as expected, but I am wondering how to figure out what section of the book is the delineated section if its not an obvious chapter title? That information is not available in the Readings Notebook or in the Course-ware syllabus. For instance the note file has this only: LLS:FRGTTNWYSHNDBKP Can anyone shed some light on this? Thanks
          1. Jo Ann, agreed that it would be nice if they listed what specific information especially if they don't mean read the whole book. I'm not too far into Logos, but the courses and plans as well have lots of resources listed and locked. It's completely unrealistic for me budget wise to purchase tons of books right now, it would be nice to see what is being referenced at least to decide 1) if purchase is a good idea 2) if an alternative like checking something out of the library would be worthwhile. Granted, you don't have all the links as you would in Logos, but if the goal is to process the information-- it would be nice to have that option of seeing what is being pointed to.
          2. It would be nice if logos gave a dynamic price for the course and required books not in our libraries. Informed consent before purchase.
          3. I was just coming to ask the same thing. I already have 7 of the books, (3 of them being the most frequently used and most expensive on the list), on the NT331 Romans course, in either kindle, PDF or hardback formats. There is no mention on the course info page, prior to purchase , that the books you can see on the suggested reading list need to be logos editions. They should at least provide the page numbers, as it is not good Christian stewardship of finances to purchase duplicate copies of books !