• Very Urgent Announcement We really need volunteers at the Food Drive today. Please come if your available. We need all the help please.
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      Please make sure you drop off your case of canned food to the Pastor's house immediately for the palapala malo that will be given to the Ponafalas for Saivii celebration. If you are bringing chicken or turkey tail please drop it off tomorrow (only) before 2pm at the Pastor's house.
      1. Thank you so much Lighthouse Church for the donations of Cases of chicken and the monetary gift to help with Viis celebration. God bless you all abundantly! We love you all
      2. I know its a late reply but just wanted to say....We love you our Ponafala family, always in our prayers💖
    2. Palea'ae family posted here at Nissan. Let's go! #AlohaFriday #FaithAndHustle #Identity #2022
      1. Aaayyyeee! Love you family! Be safe and have a blessed night sissy, bro and J&J...love you guys❤😘
      2. Thanks to the Friday Crew at the New City Nissan. Blessings.
    3. We need volunteers for the Food Drive at the Waipio Soccer Complex behind Waipahu High School. Blessings.
      1. The Food Drive was a success today. Thank you to all of our church members and volunteers who came out today. Blessings.
    4. Important Announcement for our Church Members. If you are available today, come down to the church. We will be cutting the metal roof in the back of the warehouse around 8:30am. Then we will take it to the recycle to help with the church funding. Let me know if you coming? Blessings.
      1. It is Thursday January 6, 2022. We are 3 days out before we move to Session 2 in Volume 1 of our LEARN: FAMILY DEVOTIONS in our BIBLE ENGAGEMENT PROJECT. Please reply on how your discussion turned out from Volume 1: WHY IS THE BIBLE RELEVANT TO ME? SESSION 1: THE BIBLE IS GOD'S WORD - DAY 2, DAY 3, and DAY 4?
          1. Aaayyyeee!! The Nissan crew in da house!🥰
        1. Please pray for all our families that will be doing security at the Nissan throughout this year of 2022. Pray for strength and wisdom. Pray for God’s protection and guidance.
          1. God be with us all strengthen us during our security @ Nissan❤️
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          Saturday, January 15th  •  9:00 am – 12:30 pm
          Lighthouse Outreach Center Assembly of God
          94-230 Leokane St, Waipahu, HI 96797, USA
          1. IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT If the rain persist tomorrow morning due to inclement weather our beach clean up will be cancelled. We will still meet at the church tomorrow morning at 7:30am for our service. Come as you are.