• The best way to find out about what is happening in our neck of the woods is to look at our calendar. You can also go to our website www.wearelighthouse.net and scroll down and click any day of the calendar for more info.
    1. It has been 4 weeks since our "Reset" conference. Please let me know if you have gone through the Faithlife community and also the Bible Engagement Project App. How many of you are using the Bible Engagement Project Curriculum. This is a great time for anyone in our PACs to ask any question you might have. Welcome to our Faithlife Community. Blessings.
      1. Good morning Pastor Headrick! Im gathering all what I need to start! But thank you so much I’m getting help from faithlife community too appreciated!
    2. Hi Pastor Headerick, Can you send me an invite to join the faithlife for Sunday school resources? I'm from Pastor Tai's church in Utah. Thank you kindly, Ethel Sokimi Children's Ministry Orem Utah Lighthouse Outreach
      1. Ethel, you are a member now. I will check to see.
    3. I would like welcome all of you that accepted my invitation to download the BEP App. Please message me on here to let me know your status. You could eventually start using it as soon as possible. Let me know. Blessings.
        1. Please don't post if there is nothing shown.
      1. The Samoan Heritage Week, will be held beginning Sunday, August 7-12, 2022. The event will include the "Ava" ceremony, "Umu", Agricultural Fair, the four pillars that shapes the Samoan Heritage Initiative Program; "Lou Aganu'u" in teaching the importance of respect, "Lou Gagana" learning the importance of the Samoan language and culture, "Lou Soifua Maloloina" making better choices by focusing on health and physical activity, and "Lou Lumana'i" pursuing a better future for our high school students; the "Tatau" and "Measina Samoa", spiritual worshiping through music, evening entertainment, food trucks, craft booths, workshops and much more however, sports is one of our main and key activity highlighting both our youth and adults in participation. We happily extend an invitation to you to join us in this great gathering of Samoan and non-Samoan alike athletes. Click shipasghi.org for more information. We have sports tournament going; basketball, volleyball, rugby and cricket. Download the form on the website below to register your team.
        1. Don’t forget our Pearl Harbor Bike Path Cleanup tomorrow starting at 7:30am. We meet at Servco Toyota at Waipahu Depot Road in Waipahu. Please come with your shoes. Please text me at (808) 542-1001 to let me know who are coming in your family.
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            Please pray.

            Pray for comfort for Brother Gus and Da House Lighthouse Outreach Family in Las Vegas, Nevada. Sister Jen Paepule who is one of their members has gone to be with the Lord. Her husband Jack Paepule was Pastor for Da House Lighthouse Outreach Center. Remember Brother Jack and the family in your prayers.
            1. May the Lord comfort them in time of mourning
          2. Please pray.

            Please pray for Sister Kathy who has been admitted to Queens West. Pray for God's healing power in her body. Let's lift her up in prayer. In JESUS name, Amen!
            1. Pray upon God’s healing power in Kathy’s body.
          3. Please pray.

            Please pray for our upcoming "Working Conference" that will be held later this year. Pray that God will lighten the restrictions that we are dealing with at this moment; pray that God will have His way in the changes in transition that will be made in this movement and pray that the Holy Spirit will continue to empower this fellowship to complete what God has ordained it to do.