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    A close look at this passage shows an amazing thing when Yeshua/Jesus said one of you will betray me and the disciples asked who it was and He said the one that dips his hand in the sop none caught it that is was judas because it goes on to say that they thought when he left he was going to buy something or give to the poor yet i believe they missed it because 1. prophesy must be done 2. they would have killed judas(the rest of Yeshua/Jesus followers)
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      DiscussFruits of the Spirit

      I am doing a study on the Fruits of the Spirit. this is showing me how much I really need God and His grace. I am so not where I want to be

    2. Thithe
      Here again is the setting aside of the 10th for God even before the Law was given to Mosses
      1. As Christians, we have hope in the future. Hope that is given, not for how well we play the game, but for the love and sacrifice of Jesus Christ, the Son. We can all rely on this truth as we make life's biggest decisions, or just everyday decisions. It is important to remember what we have learned, evaluate our current situation and mentally resolve the possible implications of our choices. This approach puts our daily life in focus. Our goal is not just something that is obtained at the end of life; It is a strategy that must be played every day. Lord, help me put my will in Your plan, instead of trying to force Your will to my plans. Help me spend more time in reflection and prayer. Please give me an eternal vision. Amen. Jesus is the answer, and it is the only answer. True love is summed up in one word: God! God does not expect the impossible from us. He wants us to expect the impossible from HIM! Even the worst day is a good day with JESUS, BLESSINGS IN THE LORD
      2. It’s important for us to recognize when we are being convicted by the Holy Ghost. Not for us to ignore our calling. God call us for a reason. We must always be willing to follow our calling. No matter where it leads us in Christ Jesus we must always trust in God no matter what. Because he’s the answer to the past present and future. We (John 4:23) say we must worship God in spirit and truth. The only way that we can overcome darkness is by letting Christ take full control of our life. And give up the cares of this world.
    3. Esau forgets
      How quickly Esau forgets that he sold his birthright and when he did so went away despising it
      1. God and His Promise to Israel
        This is what the fighting in the middle east all comes down to is this passage because this promise was and is still in effect for the Jewish ppl all the nations around her are jealous and bitter because this is an eternal blessing and history has proven it over and over the ones who come to accept Yeshua/Jesus as saviour need to grab hold of this with understanding that to speak out against Israel brings forth trouble upon your head you may not agree with our like the politics of Israel yet remember this without them we would have NO HOPE of eternal life because Yeshua/Jesus was born a Jew so what does this mean it means pray for Israel witch we are commanded to do anyway yet do not turn against Her because the One who watches over Her does not slumber or sleep......
        1. Interesting Time
          In Hebrew time they go a lunar calendar which has 30 days but notice here that it was 365 yrs when Enoch was taken so already God was setting up the time frame for us .....
          1. Can you tell me where to find training videos to watch for Logos 8? I want to set up my materials on the desktop