• It would nice to have the ability to direct search results to the one chart panel in the same way search results are sent to a 'target' panel. I quite often check on word frequency when studying but I find there can be a proliferation of open Chart panels that need closing in order to give some space to read the other tabs open in a window. A 'Send charts here' option in the panel pop-up would be a good thing.
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      , I very much agree. Panel linking is another possibility, where the panel instance stays in sync and automatically updates with the search panel. We have an open case for this, but I'm not sure when we'll get to it. I'll check with the team.
  • Not sure if this is the place for suggestions. The Chart Tool is somewhat helpful, but could be improved with options for how to display frequency search data. The donut/pie charts provide percentages; the rest are impressionistic (e.g., screenshot 1). The following suggestions are based on my regular use of BW data, which are helpful for data but an eyesore for actual presentation (see the options in screenshot 2). 1. Frequency counts: toggled on/off, display with/without percentages, etc. 2. Options for how data is displayed: frequency by book, frequency/% by chapter, etc. (depending on data types, in my case morph). 3. Label toggle on/off for displaying this chosen option for exporting the chart. 4. User defined title for prettifying the export options with some basic font options (esp. Unicode compatibility), using the actual search as a starting point for user modification/replacement.
    1. don't know why nothing shows up once I choose frequency per 1000 words in book...
      1. It would be neat to be able to combine charts, such as a chart of the occurences of "kingdom of heaven" and "kingdom of God" in Matthew. I also note that changing to "show zero results" expands the selection to the entire Bible in spite of the filter "WITHIN {Milestone <Matthew>}" in the search, so the charts are only minimally linked to the search.
        1. , thanks for the feedback. Yes, we definitely want to add support for stacking charts to deliver OR search results. We just haven't gotten to it yet. Good callout on the milestone search limitation. Looks like we didn't account for that sufficiently in our implementation. cc: , ,
        2. Thanks for the response.
        3. We have created a case for this issue.
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        I do not understand how to magnify areas of the chart. The instructions are to "Hold down z and use your mouse to zoom the chart," but I don't see anything other than dotted trace lines where I most the mouse. I saw something about drawing a rectangle around the area. Nothing seems to produce any effect.
        1. , if you hold z and then left click and draw a rectangle around the area you'd like to zoom in on, it should zoom into that area after you release your mouse button.
        2. This does not work on my MacBook Pro. I'd load a video, but this page does not allow videos.
        3. I have finally discovered by accident that one must start with the cursor INSIDE the graph. If you want to zoom in on the top items and start outside the graph and draw the rectangle to include the items, nothing happens. But if you start INSIDE the graph and move outside of it, the zoom feature works. I have never seen this explanation anywhere.
      3. Hi. It definitely depends on me. From my charts tool I would like to open all the occurrences of a lemma that appear in a single book, but I can't. Can someone help me?
        1. , I agree this would be really useful. We've wanted to do this, but we haven't gotten to it yet. For now you'll need to manually scroll to that book or filter using the range picker or the milestone syntax.