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  • When you copy the image of the word wheel from the Bible Word Study guide and you have the dark theme, the image has a white background and nearly white text making it very difficult to read. Does anyone know of a way to edit the background within logos, the simple editing tools don't seem to have it available. Moving it in and out of logos would be a real pain, and being able to directly add it to a sermon is useful, but not so much if I am required to use the white theme.
    1. It would be very helpful if the "Commentaries" list could show the Print Copies in our Library, since Logos 10 now allows for entering Print material.
      1. Thanks for the suggestion, . We'd definitely like to integrate your print library results in into Guides, Factbook, and other places throughout the app.
    2. In the Word by Word section of the Exegetical Guide, Logos no longer shows me the pop-up definition box when hovering over the components of the morphology (see the screen snip). It only shows the hand symbol (and clicking an item just tells me I don't have the proper resources). Any one else experiencing this?
      1. Hi, Steve. It's working for me. Those definitions come from the resource "Glossary of Morpho-Syntactic Database Terminology." Please check your Library for that book, and make sure you have it downloaded.
      2. I have it but it wasn't downloaded. Problem solved! Thank you!!
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      In the Sermon Starter Guide, in the video instruction at the top, below where the scripture is entered, in the menu of items to click, is the Scripture again - which allows you to add a Title. On my logos, when I did the Sermon Starter Guide, it does not have the Scripture as part of the menu and so I could not add a Title. In the first picture is a screen shot of the example in the logos course. The second screenshot is of what my logos looks like doing the same Sermon Starter Guide, but there is no option to add a title.
      1. Every time I send a doc (sermon, outline, passage guide, etc.) to word, it opens with all text centered. Any ideas on how to fix this. Word is set to keep source formatting.
        1. Hello. If you don't mind I would like to signal a possible bug in clause participants about the verb ἀνακλίνω. As you can see, the "patient" in Lk 12:37 shouldn't be the "unfaithful servant", but the faithful ones ... if I understand properly
          1. Can you add a Greek Lexicon to the existing list of Lexicons in the Exegetical guide?
            1. In the windows desktop App. is there a way to show resources that are not downloaded when I use the passage guide? When using my phone or my Ipad or online it shows all my purchased resources. But when using it the Windows desktop it only shows downloaded content.
              1. Hi, Luke, thanks for the question. This is a current limitation of the desktop app, I’m afraid. Cloud resources appear in Search (All Resources), but not Guides or other tools. You can Search for your passage reference, or give the web app a try at app.logos.com.
            2. Finding Illustrations: I can NOT find an easy way to find illustrations. Can anyone please help? I can open individual books of illustrations (like I would do for physical book) and then use indexes in the books (or do a search of just that book), But there has to or should be a better way to find illustrations. EXAMPLE: When I am searching for 1 Cor. 12:12–31, I know that there is an illustration in one book that has that scripture reference listed. I wish that When I'm reading a passage, I could get a listing of illustrations that are "tagged" for that verse - from all my illustration books. AND/OR - In "Passage guide", when I do a search, there needs to be a section labeled "illustrations" that can be displayed the same as their is a section on "Commentaries", "Journals",... Maybe a GUIDE section that has illustrations, but really would like to find them FROM the scripture or a scripture search so I could find them quickly and use them. ALSO - Wish LOGOS could since this is an electronic version of books, update the illustration books to always include additional info for illustrations: Box that includes a DATABASE for DATE, PLACE, HOW USED, Audience Type,... so I could keep track of illustrations used. Shouldn't be "that much work" in light of the value of this feature.
              1. Yes, I would also like to have illustrations automatically link to Scripture references.
            3. How do you copy and paste the Greek word and the English spelling on the Bible Guide?
              1. , I'm sorry, but our Guides don't support selecting and copying text. However, you can copy the entire section by right-clicking on the section heading and choosing Copy.
              2. Thanks for this tip. You need to expand the arrow for every area you want it to copy.