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  • Hello, I may be missing some grammar nuance but it seems that Jer 31:20 is listed twice by mistake. I'm unsure of how to get this to the correct people to either correct me or this entry. Thanks!
    1. how do I synchronize the guides?
      1. Has anyone else had issues with the little pop-up boxes?I am referring to the ones that show up when you hover over a text reference. Recently they became smaller on my program so that I can barely read the text references? I have tried to adjust scaling and other things but it only increases the size of everything. I only want the little pop-up reference box to increase back to the normal size everything else is fine.
        1. I have used Logos for decades - literally. When I right click on a greek word and select the Bible Word Study option, I have always had a new window pop up with the top section being the "Definitions" which listed a number of lexicons where I could click and go directly to that word in that lexicon. Next scrolling down would be the "Translation" section with the translation wheel, etc. Recently the "Definitions" section is missing on the desktop application, though it is still present in the android app. Without that definitions section, I have to go to the library, find the lexicon I want, open it, find the word number (as with Strong ESL) and type it in, all to go where a single click used to take me. What happened to the "Definitions" section. I can't find any way to bring it back in. Very cumbersome now when it used to be quick and easy.
          1. I have been looking for the solution to the problems outlined in the previous comment for weeks and weeks. And within five minutes of posting my problem I found the answer. The section is called "Lemma" and somehow got moved from the top to near the bottom of the Bible Word Study window. Thanks. Problem solved!! Happy!!
        2. Passage Guide - Concordance - Settings... I am no longer able to scroll for all the data sets available? All others sets are scrollable except the concordance.
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            Adam, a few months ago someone had a feature but could no longer find it, then you said that he needed to check his "Library for that book, and make sure you have it downloaded." My question for you, is it preferred to work on-line through Logos or to use you desktop software? I always use my desktop software, but I am concerned that some features may not be fully functional or available if I work that way. Thanks in advance.
            1. Hi thank you saints at Faithlife for your ministry and the awesome products. I am doing a word study on "kindness" and it also included "kind, type" side of things. What are my options to differentiate "kindness" (benevolent) from "kind" (grouped by similar characteristic )? Thank you and warm blessings.
              1. Look at the context in which the word is used.
              2. You will probably be better off looking up the Hebrew and Greek words, rather than English. If you need help determining which words to study, refer to the Senses section of the Bible Word Study Guide (just below the cutoff in your screenshot). https://www.logos.com/features/word-senses
            2. When you copy the image of the word wheel from the Bible Word Study guide and you have the dark theme, the image has a white background and nearly white text making it very difficult to read. Does anyone know of a way to edit the background within logos, the simple editing tools don't seem to have it available. Moving it in and out of logos would be a real pain, and being able to directly add it to a sermon is useful, but not so much if I am required to use the white theme.
              1. It would be very helpful if the "Commentaries" list could show the Print Copies in our Library, since Logos 10 now allows for entering Print material.
                1. Thanks for the suggestion, . We'd definitely like to integrate your print library results in into Guides, Factbook, and other places throughout the app.
              2. In the Word by Word section of the Exegetical Guide, Logos no longer shows me the pop-up definition box when hovering over the components of the morphology (see the screen snip). It only shows the hand symbol (and clicking an item just tells me I don't have the proper resources). Any one else experiencing this?
                1. Hi, Steve. It's working for me. Those definitions come from the resource "Glossary of Morpho-Syntactic Database Terminology." Please check your Library for that book, and make sure you have it downloaded.
                2. I have it but it wasn't downloaded. Problem solved! Thank you!!