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    Is there a way to create a Layout that does not reset your position in your bible? In other words... When I created my main Layout, I happened to be in Matthew 1. Now every time I open that Layout it goes to Matthew 1. So the Layout acts as a Bookmark in addition to a Layout. That is not what I want 99% of the time. Typically I want to switch from one Layout to another or I'm coming from the Home screen and I want to continue my study at my last position. In fact, I can't think of a scenario where I would want to go to the Layout creation position in the bible. It has been a source of frustration for quite a while. Is there any way around this behavior? I know that on startup I can have Logos open to where I left off but the problem is still there when switching Layouts or coming from the Home screen. If there is no way around it, can we please come up with an update that fixes this? Divorce Bookmarks from Layouts, please. Maybe I'm missing the intention here but to me, they should be two completely separate functions.