• Scripture Memorization Tool Glitch Still Exists! I just tried to start using the Passage List tool for Scripture memorization. However, I seem to have a problem that has been around for a long time. When I finish typing in a verse, nothing happens. I am stuck on that verse, and the only option I seem to have is to exit the practice. I've tried Tab, Enter, etc., but to no avail. I have seen posts from about 8 years ago discussing this issue, but the suggested fixes don't work now. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    1. Hi Basil, thank you for reporting this issue. In testing/reproduction I've found that I encounter the same issue when using The Lexham English Bible. For some reason, this seems to be the source of the memorization practice freezing. I'm going to report this issue today. For a temporary workaround: I changed Bible versions and the practice ran as intended. If this is a feasible solution, I hope it allows you to continue while we work to have this issue addressed. Thank you again for reporting!
    2. Thank you! I changed Bibles and it seems to work fine, now.
  • I would like to be able to delete multiple verses in "one fell stroke."
    1. You can select multiple verses (Ctrl/Cmd click or Click-ShiftClick) and then right-click and delete the selected verses.
  • For Logos support, Proverbs 3:5 in the NASB95 has typo in the passage list memory tool, the words "heart" and "and" are combined into one word.
    1. Just wondering if there is a way to copy and paste just the Scripture references (without the verses) into say a Word document? Thanks
      1. If you select the "Compact" option at the top right of the Passage List, you will just get the Verses. Then the Print/Export command (from the Panel Menu) will do what you are looking for
    2. I am working on memorizing scripture so I was excited to see that the Passage List could be used to practice and quiz myself on my memory of scripture. However, I like to memorize passages of scripture in addition to certain verses. I have found that the quiz function is basically useless for this in that it jumps around randomly among the verses. The practice function at least allows the user to choose between random selection of verses or progressive selection of verses. I would love to see these choices in the Quiz function too so that we can progressively work through the verses in a passage to help ingrain the thought process of the passage and not just the words that are contained in the passage. My goal in memorizing scripture is to get the concept and meaning of the passages ingrained in me and not just simply to memorize the words. Adding the option to work progressively through the verses in the Quiz function would help tremendously in doing this.
      1. I use the Remember Me app (https://www.remem.me/). It is available for IOS and Android and has various different ways to learn the verse or passage. You can get the verse / passage in a multitude of Bible translations.
      2. Yes. I also have Remember Me and have used it for years. It is a great program that has helped me memorize tons of scripture and has a lot of fun memorization features that have been so useful to me. I still use it daily. I was just hoping to utilize one of those features here in Logos with the Quiz function to practice each day as I begin my devotions too. I am hoping that they will allow the same functionality to the Quiz function as is available to the Practice function which would make the Quiz function so much more usable when memorizing whole passages.
    3. It would be nice if it was possible to act inside each single text in a passage list, for instance in ordere to underline some word or increasing the size of some word
      1. HI there. Just have noticed that I'm able to collapse passage list sections from my mobile device only, and able to sort passages from my PC only. Wondering if you would consider bringing both functions to both platforms? Thank you
        1. What is this group about? I expected to find a shared passage list on different topics: Words of Christr, Prayer, Love, Useful for LDS, Useful for Muslims, Useful for J
          1. The About section has: This is a group for Logos Bible Software users to discuss Passage Lists: get help, share tips, make suggestions, share lists, etc. So content is really dependent on what different users choose to share. There are a range of Passage Lists in the "Bible Study" -> "Logos Documents" area of the group
        2. Is this group still active?
          1. Seeing how f.ex. Church of England / The Anglican Communion is using social media and apps to train and teach people systematically in faith. Maybe Logos should try to get tips from the englishmen.
          2. We have to be able to Firstly, rightly interpret scripture before one can have a right Theology - and only then can one have a right Systematic Theology. I certainly don’t trust Roman Catholicism to put out right Theology, and therefore they can’t have a right Systematic Theology, either.
          3. I realize that the Roman Catholic Church is not necessarily Anglican, but that’s also debatable. I’d still be more apt to think that Anglican teaching is more closer to Catholicism teaching than that of Protestant Reformation teaching.
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