• if I search GLORY in the factbook, on logos web it shows Ex 24:15–18 in the key passages list, BUT in the logos desktop free it doesn't show this reference. in fact in the macos version it shows Ex 40:34-35 in the key passages (but not the Ex 24:15-18 reference) and in the logos web version this Ex 40:34-35 reference is missing. this should not happen and feels like it should be fixed
    1. I don't have my MacBook with me at the moment but, on Windows, I get the same results as on web. Please post screenshots showing the differences you are describing
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    The adding multiple passages to the list is broken again on Mac, Desktop, 1 Leviticus 241-25:46; Mark 10:13-31; Psalm 44:9-26; Proverbs 10:20-21 I feel like its just looking at me with blank stare after working the day before lol. Was getting really polished before now, back to scratch?
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      maybe it's just that there is no 1 Leviticus, and no chapter 241 anywhere in the bible? Adding the three others into a new PL - i.e copy here, paste there in one go - just worked for me (Windows, Desktop)
    2. LOL, that was it. Gosh I am a dummy. Figured that out and was coming back to say, dummy! I was zooming in my usual way and it copied not the way it looked on the screen. Thanks Mick!
    3. Good to hear it's working for you!
  • Hi there. Is this the wrong forum for feature requests? I have a couple Headings are COLLAPSIBLE on MOBILE but not on PC. That's a great feature that I would really appreciate on both platforms. Inversely, Entries are manually SORTABLE on PC but not on MOBILE. Again - it would be really helpful if this functionality was available on both. Thank you!
    1. So.... I've been looking at the Reading Aloud feature. Like many others, I'm very glad that it is there and like the direction that it's going. Cannot wait to see natural voices added to some other translations. Some of us are believing God for a breakthrough on some of these cognitive roadblocks we are dealing with when reading and/or focusing, so this is ultra helpful for those dealing with various related disabilities and impediments. Now... I was going into the Passage List (and Reading Plans), and was hoping that the Logos development team would consider expanding the Read Aloud feature to have the ability to straightly follow Passage Lists and Reading Plans, without having to manually stop and restart it because it wants to keep reading down and out of scope. Basically, I'd like the ability to allow my Passage List and Reading Plans to be an audio Playlist that I don't have to touch. Not to push it, but the ability to loop that list would really add frosting to the cake. Thank you for all your hard work! Logos has been great to work with. Have a blessed morning, day and evening!
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        What I am trying to do is to expand a list of verses like this: Haggai 2:1–23 Joshua 1:6–9, 18 and expand them by putting the Bible text between the verses in my document. I have been trying to use the PassageList for this, but when I show the Full view, it shows me the text + but the references become abbreviated, such as "Dt 10:12" for Deuteronomy. Thus when I Select-All/copy from the passage list, the references are shortened. There must be a way to get a list of verses with the full text quoted without shortening the references, right? Can someone please clue me in, this seems like it should be simple and it's incredibly frustrating. Thanks!
        1. When I say "My document", I mean a document I am constructing in another editor by copy/paste from Logos...
        2. Try looking at the Copy Bible Verses Tool - https://support.logos.com/hc/en-us/articles/360015518272-Copy-Bible-Verses (I've shortened your first reference to demonstrate how the different passages are separated). If the formatting isn't exactly as you want you can customise that in the Tool You would need to insert a ";" between the first and second passage references to indicate a break between them
        3. When I do Control P, the verses are no longer abbreviated. However, if I paste into a Word document, they are in a table.
      2. I am missing the little X in the Passage List that enabled a quick deletion.
        1. It seems like it is not possible to manually add more than one verse at a time. If I want to past in the list for the "God's Purpose" these references: Prov 19:21; Isa 14:24, 26-27; Isa 55:11; Isa 44:28; Isa 46:10-11; Jer 49:30; Zech 1:6; Zech 8:14-15; Rom 8:28 it makes me choose one of them. The references are listed at the bottom, but only one can be added. I would like it to populate the passage list in the same way that Copy Bible Verses works.
          1. or copy to the clipboard and select Add at the top left of your passage list
          2. Thank you!
          3. This all just stopped working again for me on Mac after latest update. I might have to stop these auto-updates
        2. I can't appreciate this tool until it won't be possible to act inside each single text, for instance in order to underline some word or increasing the size of some word (unless I'm dummy)
          1. Passage lists are great, but I always have notes and highlights (as Marco mentioned) that I would want to attach to the verses in the list. Would you consider allowing a new notebook to be attached to a passage list, holding notes and highlights on the verses? And possibly, a way to view the notes alongside the passages (another column in the view)?
          2. I would love to be able to attach notes to the list and individual notes on each passage.
        3. This is a suggestion. Would it be possible to have "Passage List labels" (cf. "Speaker labels") as an option in the text? A "passage list label" would indicate that a verse is in a passage list. Clicking the label would load the passage list (preferable in a separate window).
          1. Now that is a great suggestion!!!!! That would really help!!!
          2. Also to make it available in the Android mobile application as well!
        4. When memorizing, is there a way to quiz on several verses of a passage *in order*? For example, if I wanted to memorize, say, Romans 1.1-7, is it possible to quiz on verse 1, then 2, then 3, etc., rather than quizzing on the verses in a random order? Thanks in advance!
          1. I think that only applies to the hidden words in practice mode. When I switch from 'Practice' to 'Quiz,' I lose the option to switch from random to progressive order. I see that you are memorizing 2 Timothy. When you quiz, are the verses in order? If so, how many are you quizzing at a time?
          2. I cannot use the quiz mode on my Apple. It displays only part of the verse so that I cannot see what I am typing. But it seems to be random.
          3. Thanks for your help! :)