• I created a couple of PBs of sermons that I want to use in a study. It seemed like it would a great thing. Then I found out they aren't supported on mobile or web. Perhaps a stupid question but what is the purpose of a PB if you can't access it on mobile or web? If I can't access it when away from my desk then it's of very little use to me.
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      Is there a way to create a Table of content heading that won't show up in the book. For example if we look at ESV Bible we can see in the Table of contents, chapter 1, chapter 2 etc... But that won't show up inside the Bible window. I'm trying to create a bible for my language. So i can use it like that
      1. Actually I liked the way they put only number inside for chapter. When i put chapter number and headings, it takes more spaces. That's why i asked. Here's what mine looks like.
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        Its not the version we normally use. Also this version shows that i don't have licenses to view this. When i clicked on 'lean more ' it said This product is not currently available to purchase. I have searched earlier for Malayalam version before. Thank you for taking time to check brother.
    2. Please Make this feature add the built book, permanently to my collection. I find that after switching to a new laptop non of them are built, and my links to the build material is broken, so all my books are gone. Please make books a permanent part of my online documents, or at least make it an option.
      1. Hi Ken, if you still have access to your old laptop, you can use the Upload button on your PBs which will do exactly what you asked for. You also can copy your PBs over from the resources folder and make them available on the new machine by copying them into that same place, or using the Scan command.
    3. I built a personal book with Dr. Heiser's Podcast. Works wonderfully...but - the instructions say to UPLOAD the book so it is accessible remotely - and the "Upload" button is dimmed out. What didn't I do to activated that button?
      1. Well, that's disappointing. the PDF for the podcast is 231,583 KB... I spoz that's bigger than 20 MB... Thank you. Would be interesting to find out if that's going to change...
      2. Unlikely. Moreover, your instructions seem to be a bit unclear. I'm not sure what would be meant with "remotely" in the context of PBs. The Upload will make the PB work on any current or future desktop computer, thus taking away the need to recompile or otherwise move over to another desktop, especially helpful in cases where you lose access unexpectedly and need to set up a new computer, discovering there's no backup available. Moving a newly created PB to another desktop is an easy task however at create time (the source is available and you can recompile or scan or copy over the compiled PB). However, even if upload works, PBs will not work on the web app or on mobile apps, if that's what you were hoping to accomplish in the sense of "access remotely".
      3. Hi, Is it possible to compress the podcast audio file? If so, this might get around the size limitation. I have come across references to compressing files to reduce size without reducing the quality of the sound. Just a thought.
    4. When searching in PB tool, Add book not available, wonder why? Sometimes I want to check how I formed titles, and would like to start a new book with the same template, but it's not possible to start a new PB until you clear the search results. Anyone knows why this limitation?
      1. Trying to import a docx file with a Table of Contents, and the TOC seems to be ignored. Also, Tables are put on left, and do not see a way to import them (again in docx) with a small offset from left margin. Any way these issues can be handled so appear in Logos as in docx?
        1. If I upload a Greek text, is there a way to grammatically tag the Greek text and/or apply a filter to it like I have for the NA28 or UBS5 Greek texts?
          1. Not really. There is a way to have footnotes with each word, which was used to build a Strongs-tagged German Language bible some time ago - but this is way less powerful than the full tagging that NA28 has. Personal Books are not designed to allow that deep level of tagging. On the other hand, most users seem to be fine with the tagging they see in the existing resources - what is your specific idea of building one completely from scratch?
        2. is there any explanation on how to make my own LECTIONARY? I need one according to the Coptic Orthodox tradition, which is not there, so I need to do it as a personal book. Thanks
          1. https://wiki.logos.com/Lectionary_and_Harmony_Support might help you - or looking into the Files forum for examples and modifying those according to your needs. Building a lectionary is very advanced PB building, only a few users have gone there. I have personally built some - early on I copied from an example by MJ. Smith to get the fields where they belong. You may get help in the files forum https://community.logos.com/forums/66.aspx
        3. Any update on when / if personal books will be available for the mobile app? This would be an incredibly helpful feature.
          1. Thanks, Phil. I just did that. Larry
          2. This possibility will be an incredible feature. I have so many personal books from completed series and making them available for my congregation would be so excellent.
          3. , if you'd like to see how we're using personal books in the pulpit you can check out the Austin Bible Church Through the Bible series. We're within 5 hours of this series completion. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLeoeRgghzOV4SUB_JRnZZ-qm_YqF9opkG
        4. Personal Books seems like a great tool for sharing a written devotional with a group. Is this a good option or is there another feature that would be better? I'm thinking a reading plan that has questions and allows for my group members to respond in their own notes or in the community postings