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    Hi! While using Pronunciation Tool on Greek Lemmas, I've noticed that I need to click at least twice a word to hear the complete pronunciation, otherwise the initial part of the audio is cut off. Has someone else ever faced this issue?
    1. I am not getting the English and Hebrew Pronunciation to work in the Factbook or the Pronunciation tool. The Greek works fine. This is on my desktop, They all work on my laptop and on the website. Both are running windows 11. I tried uninstall Logos on the desktop and reinstall it, but still only Greek works.
      1. Thanks for the report, Kurt. I think this warrants a closer look. Would you be able to give our customer support team a call? 800-875-6467
      2. I have a call scheduled for tomorrow.
      3. I was able to track down the problem, that for some reason some of the pronunciations were going to audio output A and others were going to audio output B. So i reinstalled the audio drivers and now it is working properly.