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  • It would be really nice if you could create a reading plan from scratch by importing a CSV file. I see how I can edit row by row that way, using cut and paste, but it seems it wouldn't logically require much of a programming change to allow an import of an entire CSV or Excel file.
    1. Having trouble exporting this to my calendar. I see the iCal option, but does nothing when I click it. Anyone have advice?
      1. I am trying to use the Reading Plan feature to schedule my reading for classes I take at Talbot. By using the Custom Reading plan feature I can specify each reading assignment correctly (although it is a cumbersome process since professors rarely ask you to read in order or the entire book), but not the reading due dates. There does not seem to be any way to specify due dates for each scheduled reading assignment. You have to select a start date and then read daily. And then there seems to be no way to edit those dates, other than the catch-up feature. Am I missing something? Is anyone else having this problem?
        1. With a Custom Reading Plan, it's possible to specify different dates for each session you wish to read. Change the "Add reading session to" drop-down to the date you want to start, enter the things you want to read, then click "Add Session". Do that as many times as you need to. Then, when you've entered all the sessions, Choose "Read starting today" and click "Done".
      2. Is there a way to link a workflow to a reading plan which I have already started? :)
        1. I have a reading plan set up for a daily devotional. But, it had Feb. 29 as a date. I can't get Logos to catch up, and now the dates are all wrong. Anything I can do?
          1. When I select the option: Start reading plan for the book Empowered-Experience Living in the Power of the Spirit, I get what you see in the first attached picture: 4 sessions. Session 4 combines everything from Acknowledgements to GC2 Experience, which is the end of the book. The book has many more chapters as can be seen in the second attached picture. So, how do I get a reading plan that has a session for each section/chapter of the book?
            1. I want to create a reading plan in Logos for my family but in the reading plan in logos I can’t link it up to Faithlife for some reason. Please help? Thank you.
              1. I have created a group in faith life the two accounts don’t seem to have a way to communicate and link.
            2. I have started a reading plan through the Gospels in the LEB. For some reason, the reading plan also opens up 'The Christian Counselor's New Testament and Proverbs: Notes' without any option to unselect or choose other options. Can this feature not be enhanced so as to include a commentary, or reference system etc. when it opens up? In this way I don't have to go and redesign the thing every morning.
              1. When you click a Reading Plan from the home page, it uses the Bible Reading Plan "Home Page Layout", which you can find in the Layouts menu on top right of the app. This layout includes a study notes or study Bible resource by default, since users often want only a light reference to support their daily reading. If you'd like to use a different resource, you can - close your Notes resource - open a commentary from Library, and put it in its place - click the ⋮ app menu, and set the commentary to "Link Set: A" - open Layouts menu, and right click "Bible Reading Plan," and "Replace current layout." See this page for about layouts: https://support.logos.com/hc/en-us/articles/360016599631-What-are-Layouts-and-How-Do-I-Use-Them