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  • Does anyone know why the newly added F260 Bible Reading plan that is set for five days a week with two off days or catchup days, is not setup that way in Logos? When I add this plan, it sets a reading for every day of the week, thus throwing off each week's reading schedule.
    1. I am reading through the 2024 Kingdom Bible Reading Plan, but is seems to skip from the 24th of each month to the last day. There are only 300 days of reading in the year. Is this on purpose? Thanks.
      1. My daily devotions routine includes reading one 8 verse section of Psalm 119 each day. When I have finished Psalm 119 I start over. I set up a custom reading plan for this, to keep track of where to read each day. Yesterday I completed the plan. I then opened the reading plan document and edited it, to show today as the new day to begin the plan. The plan now shows the new dates correctly, but each day's reading is already checked off as completed. Is there a way I can get those boxes unchecked? I have dealt with this in the past by deleting the completed plan and creating a new one from scratch, but this is an annoying waste of time, which is even worse for longer reading plans that I would like to repeat. Solution please?
        1. Found it. Hover over the "read" check mark, right click, and select "mark unread." You've got to do it for each day individually, but it sure beats re-entering the entire reading plan, especially a long one.
      2. In November I created my latest Chronological Bible reading plan (using EHV, though I doubt that matters in this). Today's reading completed Number 6, but tomorrow's jumps to Numbers 10. Numbers 9 showed up earlier in the listing chronologically, but Numbers 7-8 never appear in the listing. Is this a bug, or did mine just not populate those two chapters?
        1. How can I set up my reading plan?
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            my reading plan is set to the year 1900, I never set a date for it, how do I change the date to the year 2023 so the days of the month match up?
            1. I am trying to set up a reading plan with the Nouvelle Version Segond Révisée (Colombe 1978), but it keeps changing back to the ESV.
              1. I'm a bit confused. I've created a few reading plans, and I've made them public. To help explain, they are all versions of one another (Full plan, Tier 2, Tier 3, and Tier 4) so that a group I administer can read together. I don't want all of these showing up in my daily reading plans though, but it seems if I delete them from my documents, it deletes the public version of the plan to. Can someone help?
                1. It would be really nice if you could create a reading plan from scratch by importing a CSV file. I see how I can edit row by row that way, using cut and paste, but it seems it wouldn't logically require much of a programming change to allow an import of an entire CSV or Excel file.
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                2. Having trouble exporting this to my calendar. I see the iCal option, but does nothing when I click it. Anyone have advice?