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    Welcome to the Logos Search group. This is a place for users of Logos Bible Software to talk about searching in the Logos desktop, web, and mobile apps. Share and learn tips, trade search examples, ask and answer questions, and show some of the cool insights you've gleaned from Logos's powerful searching and unique data sets—and let us know how we can make Logos searching even better.
  • Missing menu in my search section. My search feature suddenly lost the options "all bible text" in "entire bible" in "New King James" etc. Does anyone know how to get them back?
    1. I would like to search or find a word in one of my notes or notebooks. Does anyone know how to do this with the desktop version of Logos 9?
      1. A couple ways I know of:
    2. I wanted to search Ezekiel for all the times the phrase: "you will know that I am the Lord," occurs but when the results come up there is no scroll bar on the right of the search box so I cannot see all the results. How can I remedy that?
      1. , can you paste a screenshot of what you're seeing? Are you on Windows or Mac?
      2. Shorten your search to: "know that I am the LORD"
    3. I am trying to perform a morphology search where I find adjetives that describe a person. For example, Luke 2:25 says that Simeon was righteous and devout. Would this search work to find those instances? @NNSM NEAR @JNSM
      1. Are we still man and woman in heaven?
        1. Does anyone know how to search the Bible for "LORD" ? I am using Logos Search. I clicked on Match case. I then capitalized all the letters and got ~8 results, depending on which English translation I chose. I think Logos 9 is unable to do this. I am going to search for the Lemma and see if that works. I used Blue Letter Bible online and got ~8,000 verses which makes more sense.
          1. My guess: Looks like Blue Letter Bible actually uses capital 'L' capital 'O' capital 'R' capital 'D'. In Logos, it's probably not actually 4 capital letters in a row, but instead is "small caps" formatting. Small caps formatting leaves the capital letter the same and makes lower case letters *look like* small capital letters. You can see this if you apply the formatting in a word processor.
          2. You might also try right-clicking on that word in one of the results and search on it directly from there. That will also bring up several options you can try in the popup menu.
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            I just did a search for the word Lord with no specific parameters and then again with various translations including KJV. It brought up many hits each time. I went to the first verse it showed from Genesis and right clicked on it. I selected search. It opened a search for this: <Lemma = lbs/he/יהוה> That should bring up all the results you're looking for. I also note that I did not have "Match case" selected but did have "Match all word forms" selected. Just searching for Lord with that produced 8,013 results in 6,783 verses in the KJV before even opening the Bible resource.
        2. Merry Christmas everyone! Wondering if someone could save me a bunch of time and remind me how to search for all the imperatives in a NT book. I thought I knew how...but I guess I don't! Putting this in a Morph search doesn't do it for me: *@V??M - Thanks!!
          1. Thanks a ton! I was one tiny asterisk off. Lol. Blessings!
        3. I can't use <Person> in my app, this function does not work when searching. I use, for example, <Person Jesus> and the search finds nothing. Searching by location, for example, works. It's only for people. Sincerely.
          1. Can you share a screenshot?
          2. I can't use person search... No person appears when typing any name. Tks
          3. open your favorite Bible/ Search/ enter the following /"Lord"
        4. Since highlighted this group and others like it to discuss Logos 9 functionality, I want to point to an improvement suggestion (I personally think more of a design bug) that relates to it: https://feedback.faithlife.com/boards/logos-desktop-app/posts/make-all-search-parameters-and-argument-visible-at-once - please upvote if you think this would be helpful for search in Logos/Verbum!
          1. This should definitely be changed. Voted!