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  • Any chances to get "Top Bibles" to show 10 bibles vs. just 5? Whereas, it also gives the 10 options [sorted by priority of the bibles] in the web app, android tablet, android mobile, and of course PC. The current limitation of 5 only allows me to do the following, but it's just not 'enough'. 10, would get me to where I would want to be for text comparison. Net 2nd KJV 1900 NKJV CEB NASB 2020 Ideally I would include - at a min. : ESV NIV [Note - this currently isn't available via the web app. Please fix this.] NLT RSV BSB or CSB [Note - neither are currently available via the web app. Please fix this.] Top Bibles also needs to maintain sorting for text comparison, like it currently does, based upon priority of the bibles listed. For example, I don't want NKJV 6 down from KJV. I would like a grouping like the following. NETv2 [preferred bible set first] CEB [ideal in comparing against NETv2] KJV [extensive footnotes vs other kjv options] NKJV [to see diffs against kjv] RSV NASB 2020 ESV NIV NLT BSB or CSB
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      Did some more testing with the Webapp. It has two 'canned' options, "Top Bibles" and "All Bibles". The webapp will list up to 24 bibles to individual pick from. Which is probably less than all the bibles you own if you do own more than 25. If I picked "All Bibles", I then saw a much larger listing of bibles and ones that weren't shown in the individual selection window. And I also discovered, the "All Bibles" does respect the priority ranking that you have for bibles and sorts it as such. Any bible that is not in a priority ranking will then be included after your priority listing -- doesn't really seem to have a pattern for that though, meaning - it's not alphabetical. [edit: removed the wildcard resource ref, behavior is odd and not predictable..still investigating it.]
    2. More testing, more frustration with 'text comparison'. 'Text comparison' will 'fail' if you have any reference listed "first" that doesn't have the verse you're looking up. So, if you using a 'resource collection' - the first item in that collection [alphabetically] has to have a reference to the verse - otherwise it will fail. The same also might be true for your priority ranking. Stack your top 10 bibles as the first priority ranking. There might be a case to have your first one listed to cover apocrypha books [if you need/want them]. So, avoid using a Bible that is 'partial' as your primary bible, highest ranked, or included at the alphabetically listed top of a resource group. Make some exclusions until the first one listed will cover any bible verse you throw at it for 'text comparison'. After some adjustments - android tablet and android phone now list out 10 bibles for the option "Top Bibles" [ordered per priority ranking]. Option is under the 3 dot > Resource Collection > Top Bibles. The webapp and desktop still only lists the top 5 [ordered per priority ranking]. The webapp has an option for "All Bibles", this will list all your Bibles and respects the priority ranking first and then adds non-priority ranked bibles after them.
  • It would be nice if the Bibles were lined up in prioritized book order rather than alphabetically. Better yet, if the user could select alphabetical or prioritized book order.
    1. They are with the "Top Bibles" options that is available on all platforms, but it currently is limited to your top 5 bibles. It does sort them in the text comparison tool based upon your priority. I would like them to increase that to 10.
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      Added this to my own parent comment about this issue, but I thought you might be interested in it also. -- [edit: removed the wildcard resource ref, behavior is odd and not predictable..still investigating it.]
    3. Yeah, what happened here? We used to have that ability to put them in the order we want by listing them as comma separated values.
  • Using 27.1.20 on Mac, with Text Comparison of RSVCE and RSV2CE, most passages are identical and state "0% difference." I'd appreciate a way to set a threshold where only those verses with greater than X% difference are displayed... in this case, completely hide all of the identical ones. Would this be feasible?
    1. Hi, buddy. I often have problems connecting the mouse to my Mac. But recently I came across this useful guide at https://setapp.com/how-to/fix-apple-mouse-problems which provides some reliable solutions. It's worth checking to see if you're experiencing any glitches or connection issues. The troubleshooting steps were amazing for me and I hope they help you too!
  • Logos Help says that Interlinear mode within Text Comparison will only work with Bible translations that have a reverse interlinear. NASB2020, ASV and LSB bibles have a reverse interlinear but will not appear in the "interlinear" text comparison. If I choose "verse" the comparison for these Bibles appears. Is this a bug?
    1. - we've looked into this today, and I'm afraid the help manual is incorrect. We'll get it fixed. The manual should say that although this interlinear display doesn't work for Bibles without a reverse-interlinear, not all Bibles with a reverse-interlinear are currently supported. We're looking into what it would take to get support for the Bibles you mentioned.
    2. Thank you Mark. I look forward to seeing potentially all bibles with a reverse interlinear.
  • Ipad will not sync to new text comparison on MacBookpro?
    1. When using the Text Comparison Tool and having the Show differences option ON, how is the percentage of differences between texts computed?
      1. , from our team: It is total differences divided by total words (in both sentences). The differences here are: . removed from first sentence In removed from first sentence in added to second sentence , added to second sentence 4 / 52 = 0.0769 or 8%
    2. My favorite place to use the comparison tool is in the FaithlifeStudyBible app on iOS. How can I change the list of versions that are used? Thank you.
      1. What is "Link Set" for?
        1. , link sets allow you to set multiple panels to work together more seamlessly. A primary application of link sets is to have a Bible and commentary stay at the same location. As you scroll one, the other follows. Some panels also allow for other kinds of integrations. Linking a Bible with a lexicon will allow you to click on a word in a verse and have it open the lexicon to the correct entry. You can also link a Bible to a search panel, where clicking a word will run a search for all other instances of the underlying original language word. Link sets are powerful tools for having a more integrated experience with various Logos resources and tools.
      2. In horizontal mode (i.e. columns), the Bible versions ("KJV") no longer appears at the tops of the columns. So I see 10 different versions, but I have no idea which is which. In vertical mode, the Bible versions still appear at the start of each line.
        1. It's fixed. Thank you.
        2. Thanks, Logos team!
        3. Thank you Phil Gons and the team who fixed this. It is greatly appreciated.
      3. When screen mirroring Logos from Macbook to Apple TV, the "tools" features, like Text Comparison do not populate the screen, instead I get a blank screen.