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  • My favorite place to use the comparison tool is in the FaithlifeStudyBible app on iOS. How can I change the list of versions that are used? Thank you.
    1. What is "Link Set" for?
      1. , link sets allow you to set multiple panels to work together more seamlessly. A primary application of link sets is to have a Bible and commentary stay at the same location. As you scroll one, the other follows. Some panels also allow for other kinds of integrations. Linking a Bible with a lexicon will allow you to click on a word in a verse and have it open the lexicon to the correct entry. You can also link a Bible to a search panel, where clicking a word will run a search for all other instances of the underlying original language word. Link sets are powerful tools for having a more integrated experience with various Logos resources and tools.
    2. In horizontal mode (i.e. columns), the Bible versions ("KJV") no longer appears at the tops of the columns. So I see 10 different versions, but I have no idea which is which. In vertical mode, the Bible versions still appear at the start of each line.
      1. It's fixed. Thank you.
      2. Thanks, Logos team!
      3. Thank you Phil Gons and the team who fixed this. It is greatly appreciated.
    3. When screen mirroring Logos from Macbook to Apple TV, the "tools" features, like Text Comparison do not populate the screen, instead I get a blank screen.
      1. How do I set the comparison texts? It defaults to ESV (which is already my preferred text) & LEB. I always have to figure a way to reset it. I'd like to reset the default.
        1. I have done that, but still the "default" list is used. I have to click the list and re-select my "saved" list. Is there a way to make a saved list the default?
        2. Never mind. I was re-opening from the Basic Bible Study Workflow. Evidently it has a "default" set. I opened the text comparison tool from the Tools menu and it kept my saved selection.
        3. This is good to know. I'll have to check that out.
      2. While studying a NT passage, I do not have the dropdown menu to switch between 'verse' and 'interlinear'. Is there something I have to do to add this feature?
        1. Zechariah 2 has incorrect verse numbering. The first 4 verse numbers are missing with the result that verse 1 is labeled as verse 5 and the verses are numbered 5 through 17 in a chapter with 13 verses.
          1. , which Bible version?
        2. Since Logos 9.6, Bible text in Text Comparison now appears in black, even in Dark Mode - very hard to read!
          1. Really encouraged by your quick response to my comment Phil. Thanks for all the work you do to make Logos such a great app.
          2. My pleasure!
          3.  — Edited

            I have the same issue with Text Comparison since upgrading yesterday. Does not seem to happen in any other tool or window and I don't see any fixes. I'm running a Mac M1, latest OS, using a Preferences/System setting for the Applications Theme. I found that when I change that setting to Light, exit, restart the Text Comparison is normal. Switching back to System and restarting goes back to the "too dark" mode.
        3. I have found that it is impossible to scroll using touch input in the Text Comparison tool! I have a Surface Book and sadly cannot use this tool in tablet mode because of this. Is there any way around this?