• Is there a way to link a workflow to a reading plan which I have already started? :)
    1. I've been following along with some Logos tutorials and now have a long list of "started workflows" that I don't plan to finish. Is there a way to remove or "reset" these workflows so they don't appear in my "started workflows" list?
    2. If I create a Workflow and "share" it publicly, what is the process for someone to make a copy of that Workflow template and then edit it? (That is, I'm not talking about using the Workflow as it is - working through the steps - but rather changing some of the questions, resources, etc. Here is the process that I thought would work: 1. Find the shared Workflow, and then click on "Add to your docs" 2. Open the Workflow through "Guides" 3. Click the 3-vertical-dot menu button, and choose "Edit this workflow". Apparently this is not working. Is it only the original author of the Workflow who is able to edit it? I would expect that once a user uses "Add to your docs", that makes a copy of the original, and the user would be able to edit their copy. (For what it's worth, I've created a tutorial for creating a new workflow (with a focus on beginning with an existing one and editing it) here:
      1. Doug, I found your public workflow, and editing works for me (see screenshot). Does the user having trouble own the Workflow Editor feature in the Tools menu? Creating and editing custom workflows is available in Silver and up.
      2. Thanks, Adam - that's probably the issue. I'll check with him, but I suspect that he may have Bronze. I appreciate your prompt response!
      3. I have a real problem opening by Logos Bible Software. Since yesterday. May I have help so that I can prepare my work. I have written custom service and no one is coming to my aid.
    3. There's a workflow Preset called Devotion is it possible to edit the whole workflow as in , take out some questions and add my own customizations? Or better still how can i create a similar workflow on my own within Logos?
      1. Topic on Suffering of the believers
        1. I would like to learn how to more effectively set up and use the workflows feature in my logos software. What videos do you all recommend that I watch to get better at setting this up?
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            Enjoying Logos 9, truly. How come after all this improvement, that Logos only wants you to use completed Workflows in other software instead of Logos itself (MS Word, PowerPoint, or anything Microsoft) ?? Wouldn't it also make sense (for the reason I use Logos is it's interoperability within itself from bible to commentary, to etc.) for the completed Logos workflows contain an option to both "Send to" 'Notes' and also 'New Sermon Document'? I wonder why make us want to go back and forth from Microsoft products to use Logos Workflows.
            1. Hi . As you move through a workflow and add your responses and observations in the free text fields, everything you enter is saved as notes in a notebook named after the workflow you're working in. So, if you open the notebooks view in the Notes tool, you'll find notebooks named after each workflow you've entered text in. In the attached image, I've entered text in 2 fields in a Basic Bible Study Workflow on John 1:1-18. So the notebook's name is "Basic Bible Study | John 1:1–18" and the notes I've entered are saved inside that notebook.
            2. Is it not possible to enter information into or Workflow and/or Sermon Builders without connecting it to a note?
            3. Hi , you can create your sermon in Sermon Builder without connecting that sermon to any particular notebook. With your workflows, on the other hand, any text you enter in a free text field is saved to a notebook. This is the mechanism for saving your content so that you can access it again whenever you need it.