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    Enjoying Logos 9, truly. How come after all this improvement, that Logos only wants you to use completed Workflows in other software instead of Logos itself (MS Word, PowerPoint, or anything Microsoft) ?? Wouldn't it also make sense (for the reason I use Logos is it's interoperability within itself from bible to commentary, to etc.) for the completed Logos workflows contain an option to both "Send to" 'Notes' and also 'New Sermon Document'? I wonder why make us want to go back and forth from Microsoft products to use Logos Workflows.
    1. Hi . As you move through a workflow and add your responses and observations in the free text fields, everything you enter is saved as notes in a notebook named after the workflow you're working in. So, if you open the notebooks view in the Notes tool, you'll find notebooks named after each workflow you've entered text in. In the attached image, I've entered text in 2 fields in a Basic Bible Study Workflow on John 1:1-18. So the notebook's name is "Basic Bible Study | John 1:1–18" and the notes I've entered are saved inside that notebook.