• The insight in this book is superb. In my 33 years as a Christian I have read many books and articles but none more informative as this one. Gloag is being used by God to give me greater insight into the greatness of God's grace in making the way through Jesus to save wretched hell-deserving sinners.
    1. This is a book that refutes the truth of Calvinism. The title betrays the contents. If you are of the arminian persuasion and believe that God needs our help in saving us then this is the book for you.
      1. Absolutely one of the finest systematic theologies available today. Everything within speaks of the awesome greatness of our God and leads one to doxology and worship. There is nothing dry here. Every topic is alive with a sense of the wonder and greatness of our God in Creation, Salvation and all things dealing with the attributes of the God who is so far beyond us but has condescended to allow wretched sinners to intimately know Him through the finished work of our Savior Jesus Christ. Buy this. You will not regret it.
        1. It is so. One must be either Calvinist or arminian. The Calvinist says "God is sovereign." The arminian says "man is sovereign." No one calling themself a Christian can straddle the fence on this eternal issue. After reading the above notes I will pass on purchasing this book.
          1. I am neither calvinist nor Arminian. The Bible allow for neither. My God says Whosoever will may come and means it. The calvinist god says it but doesn't mean it. A God of truth doesn't lie. The Bible says Whosoever believeth in him hath everlasting life, and means it. The Arminian thinks everlasting is less than 24 hours. And that is why I am neither.
        2. Arminian theology is no theology at all. I would rather read a secular book then Geisler's man glorifying theology.
          1. A little harsh don't you think. Even if you don't agree, there is nothing heretical written in this book. Be challenged to read others who you don't necessarily agree with. To trash this work looks bad on your part because you automatically discount everything that doesn't fit in your little box of theology. This work is a philosophical/apologetic approach which does not compromise the truth and ESSENTIALS of Christianity.
        3. Why is it that Logos rides the fence? Do they believe in the sovereignty of God or do they believe that dead and depraved men can actually make a choice for God? This is the place where you can find material from strong Bible teachers like John MacArthur and heretical teachers like N.T. Wright. I was on the verge of subscribing to Mobile Ed until I started watching these teachings by Mr. Witherington. I refuse to take in anything from a so-called teacher that believes it would be unloving for God to force His love on us. If God does not make the first move in eternity past then no one will ever come to Him. Has Mr. Witherington ever read Romans 3:10-11 or Romans 9:22-24? What about Romans 8:7 or 1 Corinthians 2:14? It is time for Logos to stop straddling the fence and either stand up for the sovereignty of God or the sovereignty of men. If the sovereignty of God them Mr. Witherington's teachings must go.
          1. I'm selecting this Mobile Ed course as my free one for Logos 9 based on your strong "recommendation" here. Always amusing how Calvinists get all worked up over their own ideology. God is Sovereign is not inconsistent with His CHOICE to let US have a choice.
          2. "...not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance." (2 Pet. 3:9b). This is the single most revealing verse, relative to this discussion. Here is demonstrated both the will of God and the will of man. God's will is that none perish. He provided the means by which man can escape the penalty of the perishing; namely, His Son Jesus. However, man's will is also seen in that he must "come" to that means of salvation. If there is no choice, no human decision, we are mere robots acting out an already decided conclusion. Does God, in His sovereignty, know the beginning from the end and the end from the beginning? Indeed He does. He is omniscient. But this does not negate the fact that man has the free will to select or reject the wooing of a loving God. If I am wrong, then God is schizophrenic and His word cannot be trusted. You cannot, at the same time, declare that you don't want ANY to perish and want ALL to come to repentance, but then pick and choose which ones actually repent or perish. As a father of 6, I would not want any of my children to perish, but neither would I be so cruel as to pick and choose which ones escape.
          3. Allen you are not reading that verse in context. Do you see the word usward before that statement? If you look at the beginning of Peter's letter you will see that it is written to believers. All that you stated is meaningless in light of the fact that God is not willing that any of His elect should perish. That is why this world continues. Not all of those that God has chosen have been saved yet. If it was God's will that none should perish then no one would be in hell today.
        4. What is wrong with logos that they would offer such obviously heretical teachings? I look at the items offered here at logos and I wonder where do they draw the line? Logos will be held accountable for all of these false teachings they endorse. Is this all about money or all about God's glory?