• Definitely need dynamic pricing! I only need 4 books, two from Luke and two from Mark to complete this set. It would cost me over $100 or roughly a quarter of the total price to complete if bought individually. This is quite ridiculous for someone who's been a loyal customer for many years now!
    1. Much as I agree, I think their hands are tied by the publisher.  Seems those who bought the mostly-complete sets in the past shouldn't be "punished" for buying early, but supplemental packages for the latest releases could be made available.
  • WOW!! I'm getting ready to begin preaching through Hebrews and just saw this, why so expensive? Can anyone actually afford these courses? This is Seminary pricing without a degree to accompany it!
    1. This guy is a heretic and I can't believe Logos would offer anything associated with his name. I suggest Ben Witherington III or Greg Boyd instead. They have completely dismantled the heresy of the Jesus Seminar.
      1. Naive and simple, yes, that's me! I do not oppose nor am I threatened by views different than my own and I am certainly not advocating a book burning here. My response was toward Logos. I thought of them as a group that promotes Christ and Christianity. I was shocked that they would offer heretical teachings by a bunch of supposed scholars who walk in and decide willy nilly what Christ would have or would not have done 2,000 years ago. My suggestion of Witherington III or Boyd was to point toward those who completely dismantled the Jesus Seminar and their approach. If you want to read him, fine by me.. My surprise is simply that he was offered through this company. I do think it is interesting that you attack me for my "narrow view", all the while espousing I am incorrect for not thinking like you. I guess there's room for us both in the Middle Ages. But rather than attack you for a needless shot at my intelligence, or lack thereof in your view, I will just simply pray for you Mr. Degregorio. (and the prayer has nothing to do with your liking Crossan)
      2. So shame on Logos for deciding to offer its audience books that "you" deemed heretical??? Leaving aside the fact that you think it utterly reasonable, compassionate, and correct to label someone a "heretic", what gives you the right to dictate what Logos decides to sell its consumers? Yes, I understand that it bothers a dyed in the wool fundamentalist/apologost like you that someone would find the work of the Jesus Seminar and scholars like Crossan fascinating; but should your canons of belief, taste and propriety really be the barometer for all humanity? Why not let Logos do its thing and let people decide for themselves what to buy, read, and think about, etc. Why not hear both sides of the debate? I read apologists like Witherington and Boyd and don't agree with them in the least, but never would I wag my finger at Logos for selling these books, and nor should you assault them for selling the works of Crossan. The Jesus Seminar, in fact, will be in town in a few weeks, and I can't wait to go. I will say a prayer for you, my narrow-minded friend, when I'm there!
      3. Jump to conclusions much? Where did I take it upon myself to tell Logos what they could or could not sell? With their mission statement to honor God's Word, I was surprised to find them selling someone who has an eraser ready mark out the parts they do not like. It is complete arrogance to assume that by the use of colored beads, anyone 2,000 years later can determine what did or did not happen. If you want to believe in that format, go ahead I'm not going to stop you. To say I have assaulted Logos is utterly ridiculous though on many levels. The only assault I see is by you toward me. I have not insulted anyone or questioned their intelligence, you have done this toward me twice now. I guess, seeing part of your character through your responses, I can understand how you would be enamored with an arrogant group that assumes they are smarter than those who disagree with them. But it does make me ask this question, which one of us again is narrow-minded? As for you praying for me, please do, I need all the prayers I can get.