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Strategies for Training New Church Leaders

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5 Proven Steps to a Predictable Church Budget

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Seek New Ministry Leaders, and You’ll Find Them in Your Pews

Church leaders often ask, “How can I give ministry responsibility away when I can’t afford to hire?” Great news: you can be strategic about church leadership training with people already in your church—without busting your budget or your schedule.

In this free webinar, you'll learn:

  • What qualities you should look for in lay leaders
  • Which five simple principles can revolutionize your lay leadership
  • How your self-sabotage could make your volunteers miserable
  • And more

Watch the webinar now to learn strategic ways to recruit and train new church leaders.

Dale Sellers

Dale Sellers

Executive Director of 95Network

Dale has over 35 years of ministry experience and is dedicated to helping small and mid-size churches get healthy. In 2014, he launched Dale Sellers Leadership to assist organizations in the areas of leadership, inspiration, and evangelism.

Matthew Boffrey

Matthew Boffrey

Content Marketing Strategist at Faithlife

Matthew Boffey (MDiv) writes for Faithlife and is a licensed minister. He is an alumnus of the Chicago Plan, a biblical exposition and pastoral training program, and teaches and preaches regularly to students.