• After creating a commentary series that has many different commentaries, I would like to improve its functionality regarding link sets. Some of the commentaries in the series cover multiple books of the bible, especially the minor prophets. Some of them overlap and when linked to my preferred bible Logos doesn't reference the resource of my choosing. Does anybody have any suggestions?
    1. Hey Steve - clarify a bit more. Are you saying that within your personalized "Series" you have selected an individual commentary (call it AAA) that includes e.g. (Jonah, Miciah, & Nahum) specifically for the book of Miciah, but there is another individual commentary (call it BBB) that includes e.g.(Obadiah & Jonah) specifically for the book of Jonah. However, when link sets are created between your? preferred bible and your personalized commentary series, and you focus on a verse in Jonah, the corresponding link set commentary goes to (AAA - Jonah) versus (BBB - Jonah)?
    2. May want to try a combination of Series & Collections. If you take one or two that are "very" versified, i.e. each verse has a comment or a lot of verses have individual comments, these will link well to the Bible. Then build a Collection including all the ones you like, including the ones in the Series, and tag that Collection "Show in All Parallel Resources" (upper right corner of Collection panel) Now when the linked recourse moves with the verses, you can easily move through all the Collection resources with the left/right arrows and stay in the same panel. The only downside is when you arrow into a Parallel Collection resource that has a verse range, or that verse is missing, the link will move to that verse in the Bible and take you off the desired Bible verse. The corrective action before moving to the next parallel resource, is just select the desired Bible verse again and proceed through all the paralleled resources in your collection.
    3. you might also want to try this -- open your library, then open the prioritization sidebar. Right click on any given commentary (or set) and right click - check out the Set Prioritization Limits (Advanced) options and see if those might be helpful based on your goals.
  • How do I receive free monthly webinars from Mo seminars?
    1. You can sign up for our newsletter here: https://mpseminars.com/sign-up/ ...you'll receive notifications of monthly webinars via email. Blessings!
  • In one of the webinars or trainings that I viewed there was a suggestion to link two resources like BDAG & HALOT and by doing so have both Greek and Hebrew support available. I cannot remember the steps to do that and I can't find the video clip that covered it. Anyone have success doing that?
    1. What you are looking for is the Series Your Books in Camp 2 for Logos 10. I did it. It works well. However, I don't remember the process.
    2. Thank you so much for the encouragement! is correct. Here's the video (you need to be logged in): https://mpseminars.com/course/camp-logos-2-for-logos-10/section/organize-your-books-3/lesson/series-your-books-2/
    3. Got it. Thank you very much. Great refresher on a little used skill.
  • Really enjoying the Weekly Workouts. A great new feature of membership.
    1. Love, love, love the Weekly Workouts! Thank you, Joshua!
      1. I think I missed something - what are weekly workouts?
      2. Weekly Workouts are short coaching videos by Joshua. He gives instructions then issues a challenge. To find them, log in to mpseminars and look under Training Library.
      3. Thank you
    2. Hi, I am following the Day 2 Camp Logos 2 for Logos 10, in Session 1, in the Reverse Interlinears starting section at 1.55, when the preferred bible is opened, at the bottom of the screen there is a window where in column it is written : Surface MSS MSS Trl Lemma ... ... On my screen, I only see Surface with the English text on the right. I use the New King James Version. How can I make the full window appear ? Many thanks for your help.
      1. Thanks a lot Rick.
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        You’re welcome. I am glad it worked. 😊
      3. If you want to change the lines in the interlinear texts (rather than the interlinear pane under the text), click on the small down-arrow to the right of the Alephe/Omega icon at the top of the page.
    3. Hi, I seemed to have turned off the feature where the parsing apprears at the bottom of the page when you hover over a word in the original language or English Bibles. Can anyone help me?
      1. Aha - I reread the OP - is probably describing the correct thing. Afaik, that “morphology bubble” is present for interlinears always. I don’t know how to turn it off - maybe somewhere in the setting menu. I consider it to be pretty handy, if I don’t have the full bottom window turned on.
      2. Jim Dean, as Kevin pointed out in an earlier reply above, in Program Settings --> General, there is a "Show Information Tool Tip" toggle that controls this. Setting it to "NO" will then turn this feature off ...
      3. Bruce, like you, I am not conversant in the original languages. The training path to commissioned lay pastoring is far different than the study undergone by the ministers. However, during an earlier MP seminar that dealt with this topic, I did turn it on and left it. There is that occasionaly time when it helps me figure something out so I leave it there. Then again, I run a four-quandrant screen, each quadrant for a particular research purpose with multiple tabs tied back to the preferred Bible. TBH, I learned that technique for legal research purposes, in my other career, and drove the IT people nuts because I was always pushing the software to its limits (oftentimes not know what just might happen) Much good luck!
    4. Hi, In the Camp Logos 2 for Logos 10, in the "My Book Search" part, when Joshua select collections, he has several authors such D.A. Carson, he can select. I don't have any author. Can you tell me why ? Best, Eric
      1. You have to set up the Author collections yourself (which will be dependent on which authors you would like to have quick access to in your library). Once you do this, then you can use it in the search field.
      2. Thank you Donna. I just noticed for some reason I missed the earlier part of the video.
      3. - is correct (Thanks Donna!). Sounds like you got it sorted--let us know if you need additional help. You can also always create a support ticket at mpseminars.com by clicking the HELP icon, then Contact Us
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      I requested admission to the MP Seminars Online group as instructed in Camp Logos 10 over a week ago, and received an email from MPSeminars that confirmed that I had been admitted. However, I do not have it showing up on my Faithlife Group list or in my Logos app. I was hoping to access the CAMP LOGOS 10 NOTES document for the Camp Logos training. Is there another way that I can access that document.
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        Thank you, Joshua Rowe, for solving my issue.
      2. Roger Long I'm following up on the Camp 2 seminar and trying to figure out how to add illustrations category as a visual filter icons. How do I go about this?
      3. - are you referring to the most recent Camp 2 for Logos 10, or something from Logos 9? I don't think we went over an illustrations category in Camp 2 for Logos 10. If it's easier, you can also submit a support ticket to mpseminars.com using the HELP > Contact Us option. It can be easier for us to share screenshots, etc. in that format.
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      Are there any built-in tags (datasets or whatever) which would facilitate six general Visual Filters to be built that highlight words/phrases which answer the standard observation-questions: Who, What, When, Where, Why, How. If so, please provide the search string for use in the Visual Filter. Thanks!
      1. please post the modified string.
      2. (louwNida:92 EQUALS (I OR we OR he OR she OR you OR we OR they OR them OR him OR her OR us OR it OR my OR our)) OR louwNida:93.1–93.388 OR louwNida:9.1–9.48 OR louwNida:10.1–10.61 OR louwNida:11.1–11.97 OR louwNida:12.1–12.42 OR louwNida:44.4 OR louwNida:44.5 OR louwNida:44.10 I added louwNida 44.4.and 44.5 to include shepherds and while I was at it tacked on 44.10 in anticipation of use where there there are fishermen.
      3. Thanks!