• I have been an active MP Seminars (Logos Bible Software) member for several years. Because of time constraints, I did not watch the Webinar on Connecting the Testaments until this morning. I noticed the special pricing of $160 per year for renewal. When I attempted to do this, I saw that the special code had expired. Is there any way I can still renew for $160 per year? This would be very helpful for me. Thank you!
    1. I called them and they set me up with a lifetime membership at just $160.00 a year. The people were very helpful. Like you I was a member for years and the new rate is a great value!
    1. Good morning I have never attended Camp Logos. But I can't wait to attend another one this was great I agree with Nita please come closer to Florida I would love to attend in person I'm watching play back over and over thanks to Brother Joshua Rowe and team blessing !!! Pastor Gaskins 🙏🏾 🙏🏾 🙏🏾
    2. Completely agree! What a terrific training opportunity. Even online it was exceptional and well worth the cost. Fabulous job! :)
    3. You're all so very kind. I was humbled and honored to do the training and can't wait for the next one!
  • I'm adding a sermon in Sermon Builder in Logos. Is there any way to add images (a map, for instance) to the body of the sermon in Sermon Builder? Not a background image. Thanks!
    1. John Arnold. A few years ago I got a series of videos on the theology of Philippians. I started to watch one the other day and all I got was audio. Am I doing something wrong?
    2. Check at the bottom of Settings to see if "Enable Hardware Acceleration" is set to "yes".
    3. Thank you Carol. Problem solved!
  • I have been doing a study of Romans. Recently all my note markers in the Biblical text disappeared and any new notes I am making don't show up in the text. I went to see if somehow the visual filter for this particular note file/folder got turned off and discovered NONE of my note files are showing up in the visual filters listing. How could this have happened, and more importantly, how do I get the note markers to show up again when the file isn't showing in the visual filter listing?
    1. It did reappear -- then disappear again as soon as I started adding new notes.
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      Jon A. Covey - I have a study tract on the Godhead (Scriptures'). Be glad to send it to you. My email is bdgayton@gmail.com.
  • I'm reading Chafer's Systematic Theology so I'm trying to do a search that will return all instances where the Trinity is named by various titles, e.g. the Father, the Most High, God, etc., combined with Son, Spirit, and their permutations. Maybe this kind of search is too complex, and I should break it down into instances where Father AND Son are, Father AND Spirit, etc. Has anyone tried something like this?
    1. Perfect, Cristian Chamorro. Thanks. So great. I was trying to set up something like that, but I wasn't doing it right. I had quotes around the whole thing for one thing, and didn't use 'person:' I just tried it and got amazing results, e.g. Heb 9.14; 10:29. The Heb 10:29 is subtle because God isn't in it, but Son of God is, which by implication includes God.
    2. Here's another great one we all know: John 15:26 "When the Helper comes, whom I will send to you from the Father, that is the Spirit of truth who proceeds from the Father, He will testify about Me." Your search plan is excellent.
    3. I'm glad to be of help, brother!
  • Hi everyone, I recently added a folder in the Shortcuts area and I need to delete it. As seen in this screenshot below, I was experimenting to see if you could add a sub-folder to an existing folder. Well, you can't by the way I tried, at least! So does anyone know how to delete that 'Commentaries/Psalms' folder I just created? Right-clicking doesn't give a menu on those folders in the shortcuts bar. Thanks! Phill
    1. I think you just have to remove "Commentaries/Psalms" from the resources in the folder.
    2. Yes, that simple thing did it - thanks! :)
  • no mp seminar online
    1. There was a seminar on Tuesday covering the Bible Sense Lexicon. Is that what you are looking for? If so, you can find it under the Training Library.
  • Has something happened to Logos? I am no longer able to move a tab from one side of the screen to another. I have not changed my settings, but can no longer organize my workspace as I did before.
    1. Hi -- nothing has changed that should prevent you from moving tabs across the workspace as before. You might try a computer and software restart to see if that fixes things and if not, Logos tech support may be your best bet. support.logos.com
    2. I just restarted the computer and now everything is working fine. Thanks.
  • How do I see Translator's footnotes? A teacher called attention to the ESV, 1 Tim 2:1 & 4 saying the ESV has a translator's note. I find the note in my print ESV ("5 men and man render the same Greek word that is translated people in verse 1 & 4"). The Logos ESV, "Information" panel, under the title "SEARCH FIELDS" shows "Translator's Note... The text of the pop-up indicator for a translator's note, and the text of the note itself". But I cannot find how to display the note. (I have footnotes turned on but that is for cross references.)
    1. Where is the "footnotes" located that you have turned on, in the "kabob" dropdown menu on the upper right called "Show footnotes on page" or the "cannonball" dropdown menu located in "Bible text only" and called "Footnote indicators"? Both need to be turned on. I hope this solves your problem.
    2. That solved it. Thank you Rick.
  • Hello, I do not know where to put this at, so, if this should belong in another area - will someone please tell me where to put it. I was studying on the Hebrew word translated "wise counsel" in Proverbs 1:5(KJV). I linked my Strong's, BDB, TWOT together. I clicked on the Strong's number (#H8458) The Strong's jumped to that number. The TWOT jumped to its corresponding #. But the BDB did not. I tried copying and pasting the Hebrew word in the BDB search box. Nothing. I had to get my hard copy of BDB, I found the Strong's number on pg. 1064. It redirected me to page 287. I, then, typed in 287 in the search box and THEN had to scroll down to find it. When I got there - there were no Strong's or TWOT or GK numbers. Can anyone tell me why I had to go through so many hoops? And is there any way to make it easier? Thank you. By the way, when I got to my number on the BDB, the Strong's jumped to a different word.
    1. Thank you for your reply. Appreciate it. I wish I had someone to sit down with and teach me how to use Logos. The videos tell me what you can do, but, I'm having trouble putting all the information together for bible study. Again, thank you for the Information. And, yes, you provided 'wise counsel' this morning. :)
    2. If you have the KJV with reverse interlinear, you can also use right click on the word "counsels" to popup the context menu, then on left side of popup in the list click on lemma, and in right side of popup further down you will see a section on "look up" with your lexicons listed. Hovering over a lexicon will show the entry in that book as perview, click on a lexicon will open that resource in a panel.
    3. Wolfgang Schneider, I want to thank you for your advice. I tried it and it is much easier. God Bless.