• I just today, Jan 3, found the flyer from Murfreesboro campboro 19 event and noticed that it expired on Dec 31. I would like to subscribe to annual subscription for $160.00. Would it be possible to get this discount? I have been a LOGOS user for 10 years and gained more from the Murfreesboro webinar than I thought possible. Moe did an outstanding job of explanation! I finally can use the full range of tools that are available. I was registered as Charles Honaker
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  • I was wondering if I missed something. When I go to Docs in Logos 8 and click on the "Word in Text" doc MP created, it's blank. Is is supposed to be merely a template and remain empty until we utilize it?
    1. I don't know who "Seth" is but I am supposed to send him my account ID: gerry.sigworth@gmail.com. Please add me to the "Camp Murfreesboro 19" group. I am not able to access this group! Thanks Seth!
      1. I am unable to find the "handout". It does not appear in my "contents" section
        1. Handouts are no longer a feature of Logos 8. (They were never available on macOS and were removed from the Windows version in Logos 8.5: https://wiki.logos.com/Logos_8.5 .)
        2. Hi Bradley, I was referring to the FaithLife Camp Murfreesboro group. I do not have access to this group, in a way that gives me access to the files MP has been talking about
      2. Is it possible to organize or search by a "subject" and "date"? Meaning, I want to search Theology books with in the past 10 years
        1. Yes, create a collection where the rule is (pubdate:>2010 AND (tag=theology OR subject=theology)). Then go to the search pane and choose the new collection as your search range. Im not at my desk, but think this will work. If not, let me know. I may have my collection rule set up wrong. Maybe someone else will come along and advise.
        2. thank you
      3. Excited for todays training session. ….was almost about to post then remembered I hadn't prayed for the event yet. . . . first things first.
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          1. Good Morning Mo! I just completed the Camp Logos Inductive from your website. I'm looking for the best way to get access to the documents/filters/visual filters that you shared with the class. Can you help me?
            1. Thanks Myke. They where the specific shared items that Mo created during his inductive Camp Logos training. Appreciate the help!
            2. 10-4. There are some here, but they are older, it looks like, so probably not the ones you need: https://faithlife.com/mpseminars/documents
            3. if you open Documents and type the name of the documents you would probably find what you want. I typed visual and some MP documents showed up
          2. Mo, I went to look at the timeline from the tools menu and it was overwhelming. Not that I was scared or anything; so I went to the Logos help and it started to explain the timeline. So I happen to scroll up and I got instructions to type timeline in the library search. I can tell you I was completely blown away as I opened or started to open each resource. So I stopped to tell you before the year end we need a Timeline webinar. The timeline seems to be treasure or pearl logos Hid and I found it its absolutely amazing. Guys, open the library and type "timeline". Stupid me I thought one or two of the resources applied to what I was looking for. so for those who have not found this treasure, do it , open them all. I'm gone