• Here's a general question for you pastors. We all appreciate Logos Software and MP Seminars, and we all know that you have to invest time in learning the software to master it well. I know a pastor who is an excellent teacher, and he incorporates a lot of research into his sermons. But, I also heard one of his older church members complain, "The pastor spends too much time in his office on the blame computer instead of getting out and being with people when they're hurting..." So, pastors, how do you use Logos and master how to use it well... without it mastering you? Suggestions?
    1. My best suggestion is to 1. Discuss with his Board/Deacons/Presbyter what percentage of his time should be designated to Administration, Pastoral Care, Sermon Prep, Personal Development, to create a Calendar Budget. A wise pastor will navigate time expectations armed with the blessing/support of those who hold him accountable! 2. Create a sermon workflow that will permit breadth of research without chasing too many rabbit trails. It is SO EASY to become frivolous in one's study with the amount of information available. 3. Admit that the time demands of a pastor will ALWAYS be a tension and that each parishioner will have an opinion. 4. Remember, A good sermon will not make up for poor pastoral care, but a poor sermon can be forgiven if the people know that they are loved!
    2. Reading Eugene Peterson's , Contemplative Pastor, would be a good start; According to Him the preachers role is to show members how grace works in their lives and not to "wait on tables". I've had Logos for a long time but have sidelined it just as long because of its demand, only now I'm trying to Catch up. If you don't make a timetable, surely I'll agree, your congregation will suffer and so will your family and community. Remember there is also 2 Tim 2:2; even though you may have a staff you still only have one body and can be only be in one place at a time. I found that this is the shortcoming of most pastors, they don't "raise faithful men" (who will in turn, raise their own faithful men). Even if people are suffering and one of your faithful men comes to them, they will recognize that their problem is getting attention and probably would not need your personal presence or input.
    3. Find a way to show Logos to members of the church, and get members of the church interested in using Logos for their Bible study. Then the member that is complaining may be “spending too much time in his office on the computer” when he realizes he’s going deeper into Bible study than he ever imagined.
  • I am recent member to the MP Seminar group. I completed viewing the Camp Logos Inductive video training from Murfreesboro. In the last session you sent out an invitation link to the members of the training to download guides. Can I have access to the group link so that I can download the information?
  • I'm trying to learn the ins-outs of the Sentence Diagramming Tool in Logos 8. Have you done any videos or know of any guides that will help?
    1. There should be some on the new MP Seminars website as well.
    2. Thanks, Myke. Nathan — I looked on MP Seminars, but didn’t see anything. Maybe I missed it. Thanks!
    3. There are links to a guide and another video here: https://www.logos.com/features/sentence-diagramming
  • A Logos user emailed asking if it's possible to create a Reading Plan based just on the words of Christ in red. I created 2 plans, one based on just the Gospels and the other the entire NT. You can download them from the Bible Study section in the sidebar and then edit them as you desire.
    1. Find new relationships between Old Testament and New Testament passages:
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        1. Do You have seminars on campus training. If so, when?
      2. When I highlight text in my Logos desktop app and select "Add Highlight" from the popup menu, it appears as highlighted text in the desktop version but does not show up in my mobile app as a highlight. Instead it only shows up in the Notes as an annotation like a Note file. But if I highlight the text in my mobile app, it shows up as a highlight in both the mobile and desktop version. How can I highlight in the desktop version to have it show up as a highlight in both desktop and mobile without having to open the Highlighter panel and select a highlighter? Am I missing something? Thanks!
        1. Follow these steps to easily send a search to an inline search: