• Note to congregation: there is a watch and chat facility on the left hand side, under "Content" > "Live Stream", with a looping animation running while we don't have a current live service.
    1. Is that an App? My mobile does not look like that, even without logging in. I see as my screenshot.
    2. Mobile app is very different to web app. No link for content or News so even this thread does not show up. I'll play some more and see what else there is to see...
    3. Matt I was in the “group” you added, but then have to go to the “church” group and then it’s there
  • I pray that how caterpillars turn into butterflies we will grow and help transform His church for the glory of God
    1. There is no "Amen" button on Facebook!
    2. You can emoji "praying hands" though... :)
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    Thursday, May 21st, 2020  •  8:00–9:30 pm (BST)
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