• Please pray for Don's step bother Billie. Billie's brother Kevin took his life. Billie is struggling and doesn't want to live and blames himself. Please pray for Kevin's 3 kids and wife.
    1. Praying for the family and praying for Billie especially hes haunted by images of finding kevin. He needs Gods strength.
  • David Groeschel from T.D. Jakes conference who has over 33 churches throughout 10 states with some having up to nine services at many locations do to creating a good system! 5/19/19 David Groeschel I am wanting to deposit Leadership ideas 💡 into you We have the power of the Holy Spirit and the living word of god that dwells within uss and we started with 40 people and god expanded our church with more people, they raised money and fundraised for new building which god provided and grew until the ceiling hit then we didn’t expand with anymore people. How to break the growth barriers when your ministry or business has hit a ceiling or plateau Like what is known and comfortable it’s challenging when there is something new and it stretches you Change your organization change the way you think 💭before we change what we do, we need The art of not knowing Four things to change in your organization Change what you believe are possible, god says all things are possible (challenged dared to hold your breath under water 💧oh it will be easy oh my gosh at 40 seconds thought I would die, life flashes before me, then one minute came up with victory, oh pretty good for the first time, bet you can do two minutes but do what I tell you to do, don’t come up there is more in you than you realize, your brain 🧠don’t know what your made of, went under water, don’t come up there is more in you, I listened to him, when he told me I was at a minute I was at 1.5 he was lying, I went 2.45 your brain don’t comprehend that your body can endure, god can do abundantly more than what you can think , don’t approve something to be true, otherwise you will be right in that mindset, if you don’t believe something is possible you will prove it to be right. Met a church consultant he was 75 I was 25 this church ⛪️was having three services, the problem with you young guys you think small and he said you need to have four services, don’t think small and then get you to go into about 7 services at your first location, and at your second location and then your third location the gift of not knowing asking questions you didn’t need to know to ask, got to six services, couldn’t get to seven, then another preacher wanted to do eight services, due to the art of not knowing, I called Lyle before he went to heaven we are doing nine services and he said I never thought was possible, that’s the problem with you old guys, lol. He has 33 services in 10 states. Change the way you think what you believe is possible Change the way you empower to grow, those around you. Start business with 40;000 revenue, then the organization outgrows, outgrows the capacity..when this happens to outpace the people and the people becomes the kid to the organization. The potential of the organization of the strength of the people around you, and you need to build great leaders, and pull out of them what is in them. Recognize things in people that other people overlook, next Sunday is bring a friend so I brought 17 non saved people to church ⛪️with two rows of fraternity guys the pastor thought that was unusual, the pastor leaned over to the other pastor and said find him so we can hire him if he can bring in that many people than we can do something with that, he seen potential in him. When he started he had business people and developed good leaders. So then Saturday night pastor called and said that your preaching tomorrow..we develop them in the process, don’t tell people what to do but give them power to create, Jesus gave us the great commission to all the world, the what and the where and he trusted us with the authority to do the How! Don’t give them tasks if you delegate tasks you create followers, if you give them authority you develop good leaders you can have control or you can have growth, if people aren’t growing. Help them to grow or let them go, are they called here or somewhere else, don’t tolerate under performance, if there is a problem on your team and you don’t deal with the problem they aren’t the problem anymore than you are now the problem. What do you do when you aren’t growing Change how you create systems....everyone wants to win, to grow to reach more people but different results goals don’t determine success great systems do... systems matter in every organization, a set of principles or procedures of how something is done ✅........take two chicken places such as a grandma chicken 🐔took his kids there remembering how it was like grandmas love and home cooking, however nothing was like that, everything was bad, went to another one in different town another bad experience then we went to a chick 🐥fillet, and you went into there and it was welcoming inviting helping, it was the system of the organization, the customer service was extraordinary! Systems are so strong down to the response of my pleasure 😇, strong systems make people look great, but bad systems make strong people look bad, the systems create behaviors, then drive habits, then the outcome. Want a better outcome create a better system. A very systemized approach it honors god when you create great systems. We have systems by intent or by default what you tolerated or you created. Most spiritual thing you can do is get organized. Change what you believe is possible, change the way you empower people, change your systems then change what you believe about yourself Change what you believe about yourself, your insecurities, step out of your fear and step into the authority that god called you into, step out of yourself and step into it....after a time I was having issues with the team that I had the spirit spoke to me, quit whining your sharp so fix it from my heavenly dad who believed in his son like a coach did, do what leaders do, went to the leaders I can fire you all or I can leave, I will own my mistakes and my not trusting you, I listed the reasons, I owned my mistakes and they did, and we all came together and in a moment he broke open the ceiling and the Holy Spirit broke open the ceiling if you are not dead then you aren’t over, you have the Holy Spirit that dwells in you you have his living word in you, build systems, don’t let the devil talk you out of anything, step into the anointing of the power of god, step into gods anointing and power that he called you to do!
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    2. The Hughes’s Saturday Fun Night is canceled. Thank you for understanding!
      1. Reminder tomorrow is Men’s Breakfast at the church at 9am. Please text Rod at (541) 948-1522 and tell if you will or won’t be there so he can prepare enough food. Please text yes or no to Rod. Thank you!
        1. Reminder that tonight is Men’s Prayer 6pm at the church.
          1. Thank you to everyone who has been helping Henri and Margie this week, they have completed what they set out to complete this week and will not be there the rest of this week. Thank you for serving!
            1. Thank you All for your prayers. The surgery was a success and I am in recovery. ❤️
              1. Please pray.

                Please pray.. I am heading into surgery tomorrow at 11 am. Thank you prayer warriors! 😘
                1. Thank you Lord for your hands are laid over the physicians hands and over her body Lord that it is a perfect surgery and quick healing and recovery in Jesus Name. As you said it is already done!! Amen and praise you Jesus
                2. Praying for you Melissa!! Love you!
                3. Love you all!
              2. Ms Henri and Ms Margie will be st the church all week from 11-3pm and they could really use some help as we are trying to get everything ready for our garage sale and moving. Please pop in whenever you can to help out. Thank you for serving!