• This was one of the the very first Mobile Ed courses I owned, even before there was a certificate program. Officially, even though I have completed numerous times already, I have started this course for the certificate program.
    1. Good afternoon, I see this is the first post in about two years … I have the same question Mr. Clabaugh previously asked: how can I access the "... Notes document that highlights the readings for this course" (presuming that notes document is still available)? Any guidance is greatly appreciated, Tom Davis
      1. In all the courses the website was updated recently and the documents can now be found under the Bible Study tab on the left hand menu. Click it and click on Logos Documents. Problem solved.
      2. Thank You.
    2. Good Morning Everybody, I just purchased the Mobile Ed Program, I am now kinda thumbing my way through the table of context.  I am doing the foundation certificate program. If you have any advice before getting started please feel free to mention anything that you may feel that  maybe helpful
      1. Good morning.  I just purchased this study and am looking forward to my growth.  I'm hopeful to add some value but fear I may be asking more questions being a novice to Logos and Scripture.  My first question has to do with the note in the lesson document saying "a Notes document that highlights the readings for this course" is available for download from this Faithlife group.  How do I access and use this Note Document? TIA, jim
        1. In the Logos Documents tab find the "NT101—Readings" file. Under Actions there should be an option to Copy. Selecting that will make it show up in your Logos documents.
        2. Miles, I have Logos 8 how do I add the notes for this course?
        3. , on the menu at the left of this page, Bible Study ---> Logos Documents, then you will find the notes document. Just make a copy, sync Logos, and it will show up on your system.
      2. This link in segment 10 doesn't seem to go to the right place, can someone direct me to the right reading: Reading 2 Restoration and Healing: Jesus’ Miracles Faithlife Study Bible
        1. It looks like that article was swapped out for a different article in the Faithlife Study Bible. The new article is just titled "The Miracles of Jesus" and can be found here: https://ref.ly/logosres/fsb;ref=biblio.at$3DThe$2520Miracles$2520of$2520Jesus$7Cau$3DHegg,$2520David$2520W.
        2. Danny just so you know the LBD and FSB both have links in Mobile Ed not working. Let Miles or the Mobile Ed forum and it will get fixed very quickly.
      3. This was the first course I worked through when it first released. Now I am working through the certificate programs and working through this course again.
        1. Hi everyone,  Has a new member of NT101 I'm so glad to start that new journey and looking forward to know our Lord and Savior better! May God all Bless you.
          1. Just checking in and saying hello as new member to Professor Cohick's NT101 class.  Looking forward to it !
            1. has joined the group.
            2. has joined the group.