• My friend Evelyn,on hospice, has fallen and has multiple fractures
    1. So sorry to hear that Mel. Praying for Evelyn.
    2. Praying for Evelyn.
    3. Evelyn is a faithful Christian. Will share your prayers and concerns. God bless
  • Please pray.

    CPC Family and Friends, please keep one of our dear friends in prayer today. His name is Bro. Rico and he will be having brain surgery today at 12pm. Thank you🙏🏼
    1. I join with you today in prayer.
    2. Thank you all for praying. I received an update from his wife. The 2nd surgery went well! Next steps are additional treatments and therapy after recovery. I truly appreciate you praying with me for a dear friend and family. Thanks CPC!🤎🙏🏼
    3. Thank you for the update. What a privilege it is to join together in praying. I will continue to pray for Bro. Rico .
  • Please pray.

    Please keep my friend Jasmine in your prayers. Her 25 year old sister was recently diagnosed with a cancerous tumor on her brain and mother learned that her cancer recently returned after 1.5 years. She is also going through a rough period at work during this time while juggling helping family get to doctor visits. Also please help me lift up my friend Chanel in prayer. Her Father was recently diagnosed with a terminal illness. Thank you!
    1. Keeping you all in my prayers.
    2. Celeste, I will add them to my prayer list.
    3. Celeste, we’re praying for God’s healing
  • Please pray.

    Please keep my sister in prayers. She is having lots of anxiety over some recent heart issues. Her doctor is having her wear a vest to monitor her heart. It's only been a day since she has had the vest. Her doctor called her today to check if she's felt weird at all today. Something in their reading, they are concerned. Told her go about her day, but if they need to call back, she might have to go to the ER immediately.
    1. Praying for Nich
  • Please pray.

    Here is an update from my cousin Pamela. She has Metastatic Breast Cancer, which I am under the impression can spread quickly. She has already been cancer free for 3 months during the past year and half. Then the cancer came back. She also has had a brain tumor removed and was in the middle of treatment for that. Last night she has posted the following (in photo). Please keep uplifting her in prayers.
    1. So, so sad. We will continue to trust in the Lord with all our hearts. I hope that she can lean on the Lord and not her own understanding. He will make her paths straight and give her peace.
    2. May the Lord Himself wrap Pamela in a living tender embrace… Pamela you are loved with an everlasting love and underneath are the Everlasting Arms 🙏🏾
    3. Oh Heather I am so sorry to hear that about Pamela. So much for such a young woman to endure. I will continue to pray for her. Thank you for the update.
  • Please say a little healing prayer for my Grandson's friend. She has been diagnosed with stage 2 cancer.
    1. Requesting prayer for a neighbor who has just completed chemo for esophageal cancer. She will know in 10 days if it went well.
      1. I am much better today. Thank you for your prayers. I went to the ER yesterday, they gave me an EKG and a brain scan. They concluded I had vertigo. Thank you for your prayers. I think another day or two and I should be my old self again
      2. I am glad to read of better news. I will continue to pray. I am glad you had it checked out. Take care, Dianne.
      3. So glad everything checked out ok. Sorry you are still dealing with the dizziness though. Continued prayers for relief.
    2. My grandpa Duane has an infection on his hand and getting iv Antibiotics right now, please keep him and my grandma in your prayers. It's also been a rough week healthwise for me. Praying we can get some relief soon from all these health issues! I know God will not give me more than I can handle but it would be great if he thought less highly of me hehehe!
      1. This had been a long hard road for you and your family. Praying for all of you
      2. Mary Kathryn, you are in my prayers daily. I'm praying for your Grandpa's hand that it heals quickly. Praying for strength for your grandma as she is caregiving for the entire family .
      3. His hand is doing so much better! Thank you everyone for the prayers! Our family has had so many health issues lately we really appreciate all the extra prayers!
    3. Happy Mother's Day!
      1. Thank you so much! Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there. So sorry we missed service today. I had the opportunity for some wonderful time with my daughter and I left early and didn’t set up Zoom for Larry.
      2. That’s one of the most appropriate reason’s to miss worship service on Mother’s Day... being a loving Mother!!! Blessings to all of our incredible Mother’s!!! It’s a pleasure to serve each of you!!!
    4. Please pray.

      Prayer for my friend Evelyn with cancer on hospice
      1. Yes Mel will pray
      2. Praying.
      3. Praying for Evelyn...and you, Mel.