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Building a Better Church Website

Your church’s website is likely the hub of information that prospects, visitors, attendees, and members use to learn more about upcoming events and all that you have to offer. It should be a key component of your marketing and outreach strategies and provide users with everything they need to know about who you are as a church.

Therefore, investing in the creation or optimization of a well-designed church website is a smart move for modern congregations looking to better engage their communities.

Here at Faithlife, we have years of experience working with churches of all shapes, sizes, and denominations, and when it comes to effective church website design, we know what works. For your convenience, we’ve put together this list to help guide and inspire church leaders such as yourself to create engaging and high-quality church websites for their congregations.

There are two main sections of this page. Feel free to read it from beginning to end or skip to the section that’s most interesting to you:

Best Practices for Church Website Design

Whether you’re crafting a website for your church for the first time or looking to build upon an existing structure, being familiar with industry best practices for church website design is a must. By following these tips and tricks, you’ll be able to serve your congregants with an engaging and easily navigable church website that will meet their every need:

Provide up-to-date information.

One of the main reasons why a church website is so important is because it’s a key communication tool used to share relevant and timely information with congregants.

For example, many churches’ day-to-day operations were disrupted by the COVID-19 outbreak. Most churches had to cancel their weekly services and turn to online-only engagement. While some churches quickly returned to in-person meetings, many churches continue to offer online ways to stay connected and tune in to services remotely.

Thus, it’s of utmost importance that you use your church website to share up-to-date information. Otherwise, prospective visitors and even dedicated churchgoers might be met with inaccurate, outdated, or otherwise false information concerning your current church operations. Or worse, having no information on your site!

You don’t want to risk visitors showing up to an empty building on a Sunday morning because you forgot to update your website that gatherings have been canceled. However, you also don’t want potential churchgoers to miss out on attending your services because you neglected to update your website with your reopening plans and/or your church’s live-streaming details.

On a similar note, be sure to include detailed and up-to-date information about your various ministries, locations, service times, contact information, children’s programming, and more. That way, anything a potential visitor might need to know can be easily accessed from your church website.

Publish sermon videos and podcasts.

Since so many churches have turned to virtual services (either in replacement of or to supplement traditional in-person offerings), it’s important that you make this digital content readily available to your website users.

Specifically, you’ll want to encourage viewers to take part in your live-streamed services through your church website in real time, while also allowing them to engage with playbacks of previous sermons. Different users have unique preferences when it comes to engaging with your digital content, so it’s a good idea to provide services in both video and audio-only formats.

Integrate with your mobile app.

When you design (or update) your own church website, be sure to do so with your church’s mobile app in mind. Having your own custom-built mobile app is a fantastic way to engage with churchgoers in a deeper way than your church website is able to do on its own.

Your mobile app will likely incorporate a lot of the same information as your church website: basic contact information, a sermon video or podcast player, and online giving tools. However, conflicting information between the two major resources can cause confusion among churchgoers and perhaps lead to decreased engagement overall. To avoid this, make sure your church website and app are always on the same page by using integrated technology. For example, your mobile app might automatically update when your team makes a change to your website!

The benefit here is that when users download your church app onto their mobile device, they’ve taken an additional step to let you know that they care about your church and being involved. You can then engage them better by sending push notifications and other unique communication tactics.

Incorporate engaging visuals.

You’ve heard the saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” When it comes to website design, that’s entirely true—when you use the right visuals.

For example, your church website should incorporate a variety of graphics in a consistent and visually pleasing color scheme. Remember, your own imagery is much more impactful than borrowing existing stock photos, so be sure to leverage pictures and videos of your church body worshiping together.

When potential visitors see the powerful images of your churchgoers attending previous events, they’ll be more likely to picture themselves in your church environment and to take that next step.

Allow for easy online giving.

Whether you’re accepting standard weekly offerings or contributions to a specific capital campaign, it’s crucial that churchgoers can make their gifts online with ease. The more options you include, the better! That way, your church members can give when they’ve left their wallets at home or even when they’re taking part in your service from home.

We suggest incorporating text to give along with giving through your church’s website and mobile app. And for regular contributions like tithing, be sure to promote your automated recurring gift options so your givers can support your church without having to think twice about it.

Drive next steps.

The best websites encourage users to interact with the on-screen elements rather than to sit back and passively view content. So what does that mean for your church website? Make sure to provide ample opportunities for your church website visitors to get involved.

This can mean incorporating social media share buttons to share web content or implementing real-time chat rooms alongside sermons. Or this can even be as simple as including an easily navigable Contact Us page for users to seek out more information. To encourage churchgoers to interact with each other, consider incorporating a comprehensive member directory on your church website, or include custom forms to get in contact with staff or share prayer requests.

The more users feel comfortable interacting with your online content, the more likely they are to take the next step and engage with your church family for real.

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Best Church Websites to Be Inspired By

Sometimes the best way to improve your own church website is by viewing, analyzing, and being inspired by existing sites that are doing it right. That said, let’s take a look at the above best practices in action through these standout church websites:

Grace Church Seattle

Grace Church Seattle is a midsize Presbyterian congregation located on Capitol Hill in Seattle. This church believes that the historic Christian gospel is true, compelling, and transformative—and welcomes those from all walks of life to come and explore their own personal faiths.

Let’s take a quick look at the Grace Church Seattle website:

Grace Church Seattle has one of our favorite church websites.

Here’s what this church website does well:

  • Easily displays recent and upcoming events so that it’s easy for visitors to get involved
  • Employs a minimalistic style and web design so that users can find the information they need without being overloaded
  • Uses clear calls to action to drive next steps

Grace Church Seattle has a fantastic church website with an overall appealing and inviting look and feel. When users land on their site, they’ll likely be able to find what they’re looking for with just a few clicks of a button. And hopefully, they’ll take the step toward increased engagement with the church.

Like this site? You can build one like it using the Tribe theme in Faithlife Sites.

Passion City Church

Passion City Church is a multi-campus megachurch based out of Atlanta, Georgia, and Washington DC. Passion City services typically bring in around 6,500 weekly guests, with countless more viewing the sermons online.

Let’s take a quick look at the Passion City Church website:

Passion City Church has one of our favorite church websites.

Here’s what this church website does well:

  • Leverages multimedia elements to grab and hook the user visually
  • Encourages users to view their online service from the get-go
  • Points to suggested next steps for engagement, including following them on social media and getting involved with groups

Passion City Church is a high-energy environment created for worshiping the Lord, and they make sure to reflect that in their website. It also includes an ode to the affiliated Passion Conferences, for which they are most well-known in the Christian space. Their church website appeals greatly to the teen and young adults who are largely contained in their target audience.

Celebration Church

Celebration Church is a multi-campus congregation serving the Austin, Texas, Georgetown, and surrounding areas.

Let’s take a quick look at the Celebration Church website:

Celebration Church has one of our favorite church websites.

Here’s what this church website does well:

  • Incorporates powerful belief statements on the homepage concerning the Bible, the Trinity, Jesus, and salvation
  • Regularly updates an informational blog aligning with weekly messages
  • Encourages users to interact with the church on social media, including prominent links to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube

Plus, they include a dedicated section on the homepage asking users whether they’ve made a decision to follow Christ—and encouraging next steps regardless of their answer. This is a fantastic way to keep the mission of the church, and its website, at the center of everything.

Like this site? You can build one like it using the Imago theme in Faithlife Sites.

Elevation Church

Elevation Church is a Southern Baptist megachurch with more than 20 campuses across North and South Carolina, Florida, and Virginia. This congregation averages a weekly attendance of over 35,000.

Let’s take a quick look at the Elevation Church website:

Elevation church has one of our favorite church websites.

Here’s what this church website does well:
  • Tailors the user’s experience depending on whether they’re a visitor or a dedicated attendee
  • Offers various opportunities for getting involved, including giving, outreach, and volunteering
  • Provides easy access to both the most recent service and an archive of historic sermons

This church website’s unique design takes user intent into consideration when providing an adjustable user experience to each website visitor. This strategic approach ensures that users are able to find the most relevant resources without having to sift through an overload of information.

Like this site? You can build one like it using the Acts theme in Faithlife Sites.

Hillsong Church

Hillsong is a global megachurch with campuses across Asia Pacific, Europe, North America, Latin America, Africa, and the Middle East. Their New York City campus alone boasts an average weekly attendance of more than 5,000.

Let’s take a quick look at the Hillsong Church website:

Hillsong Church has one of our favorite church websites.

Here’s what this church website does well:

  • Incorporates easy-to-use floating menus so that users can navigate their website
  • Provides an interactive global map to display church locations worldwide
  • Maintains an up-to-date blog discussing relevant and timely topics

Regardless of what landed a user on the Hillsong website, they’re sure to locate the information they need with ease. They also prove that they’re not afraid to take a stand on pertinent social issues, with a blog being readily available on the menu and a snippet provided on the homepage.

This church website invites users to dive in and learn more from their very first experience.

Redemption Gilbert Church

Redemption Gilbert Church is a single campus of a multi-congregational church based in Gilbert, Arizona. Between the nine congregations that make up Redemption Church Arizona, thousands of visitors are touched by this church each week.

Let’s take a quick look at the Redemption Gilbert Church website:

Redemption Gilbert Church has one of our favorite church websites.

Here’s what this church website does well:

  • Includes a prominently placed search button for users to locate specific pages and information
  • Encourages users to get further involved via social media, a podcast, or their mobile app
  • Incorporates a detailed navigation menu with more than 15 different topics

One of the most powerful pages on Redemption Gilbert’s website is one labeled “Redemption Stories.” The church uses this web page to house several personal impact stories from both churchgoers and external community members who describe the positive effect that the church has had on their lives. Real, compelling stories like these are a great way to help potential church visitors imagine themselves as a part of your church and encourage them take that next step.

Like this site? You can build one like it using the Deo theme in Faithlife Sites.

North Point Community Church

North Point Community Church is a multi-campus church with seven locations sprinkled throughout the Metro Atlanta area (along with more than 200 affiliated churches nationwide). Pastored by Andy Stanley, this congregation brings in an average of more than 38,000 weekly churchgoers.

Let’s take a quick look at the North Point Community Church website:

North Point Community Church has one of our favorite church websites.

Here’s what this church website does well:

  • Incorporates a countdown timer to the next service that is updated in real time
  • Provides an easily accessible overview of the church and its beliefs on the homepage
  • Encourages users to connect with other churchgoers from various categories, including just graduated, single, married, and parents

North Point Community knows that fellowship is a critical aspect of any healthy church body, and they make sure to emphasize this with their church website. Plus, they make it easy for first-time visitors to get involved with their “I’m New” tab.

Mosaic Church

Mosaic Church regards themselves as “a church in Lynchburg, Virginia, trying to live by faith, be known by love, and be a voice of hope.” This interdenominational congregation prides itself on its authentic community that welcomes new attendees with open arms.

Let’s take a quick look at the Mosaic Church website:

Mosaic Church has one of our favorite church websites.

Here’s what this church website does well:

  • Includes a detailed “frequently asked questions” section that addresses some of the more pressing concerns a visitor might have before attending a service
  • Takes a casual and welcoming tone of voice to encourage churchgoers to attend from all walks of life
  • Incorporates eye-catching buttons within the navigation, driving users toward next steps

Mosaic Church addresses in multiple instances that they are located in the so-called city of churches, with potential churchgoers having more than 300 congregations to choose from within just a few miles. As such, they position themselves as a “different” choice that seeks to complement the surrounding congregations rather than compete.

Like this site? You can build one like it using the Kingdom theme in Faithlife Sites.

The Rock Church

The Rock Church is a San Diego–based church serving the California area and beyond. This church was founded more than two decades ago on the San Diego State University campus and has since grown to be one of the largest megachurches in the San Diego area.

Let’s take a quick look at the Rock Church website:

The Rock Church has one of our favorite church websites.

Here’s what this church website does well:

  • Includes a clearly labeled menu to assist users in navigating their site
  • Leverages a bright, eye-catching call-to-action button on the homepage
  • Enthusiastically encourages users to tune in for an online service at any of the stated times

The Rock Church uses their website to encourage visitors to take the next step—whether that’s attending a service, exploring a small group, or contacting the team. Their homepage alone is also extremely informative, complete with information on the pastor, core ministries, and available locations. Guests and repeat visitors alike can easily find anything they’d need to know!

Like this site? You can build one like it using the Fellowship theme in Faithlife Sites.

Church on the Move

Church on the Move is a multisite congregation that refers to itself as “a church for Tulsa,” although they offer four campuses throughout Tulsa, Glenpool, Broken Arrow, and Midtown, Oklahoma. This church houses several ministries, including for women, youth, parents, inmates, couples, and more.

Let’s take a quick look at the Church on the Move website:

Church on the Move has one of our favorite church websites.

Here’s what this church website does well:

  • Encourages existing churchgoers to invite others to attend services
  • Offers easily accessible playbacks of previous messages
  • Incorporates their Instagram feed on the homepage and encourages users to further engage

Church on the Move has a beautifully designed and aesthetically pleasing church website that simultaneously prioritizes user experience. It also leverages powerful imagery to communicate the diverse experiences a potential churchgoer might take part in and provides ample information in an easily accessible way.

Like this site? You can build one like it using the Ascension theme in Faithlife Sites.

Menlo Church

Menlo Church is a California-based congregation with six campuses up and down the coast throughout the Bay Area. With about 6,000 weekly attendees divided between the services, this multi-campus megachurch does its best to maintain a friendly and welcoming feel, regardless of its size.

Let’s take a quick look at the Menlo Church website:

Menlo Church has one of our favorite church websites.

Here’s what this church website does well:

  • Positions the church as a welcoming environment for all potential attendees
  • Encourages users to further engage through prayer, services, or volunteering
  • Includes a plainly worded vision statement on the homepage

The Menlo Church website leverages engaging visuals and other multimedia elements to draw in the user, while the enriching content hooks their attention and encourages them to take the next step. Their strategic web design also ensures that all the right information is portrayed without overwhelming the user with unnecessary and distracting content.

Bay Area Christian Church

Bay Area Christian Church is a non-denominational church that meets at six different locations scattered throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. This congregation places an emphasis on “inspiring people to do good,” believing that doing good in one’s community is a critical component of a spiritually rich Christian lifestyle.

Let’s take a quick look at the Bay Area Christian Church website:

Bay Area Christian Church has one of our favorite church websites.

Here’s what this church website does well:

  • Showcases favorite Bible verses that communicate key pillars of their beliefs
  • Easily accessible navigation menu with search functionality
  • Promotes easy ways to get involved, including services, small groups, volunteerism, and Bible study tools

Bay Area Christian Church promotes personal and spiritual growth through the use of online Bible study tools, including devotionals, podcasts, YouTube videos, and blog posts. By leveraging their church website as a central powerhouse for these educational resources, they encourage churchgoers to learn more and grow in their relationships with Christ.

Like this site? You can build one like it using the Eternal theme in Faithlife Sites.

The Grove Church

The Grove is a Chandler, Arizona-based missional church that caters to individuals in the Maricopa County area. Their church-wide vision statement describes the need to love God, grow together, and serve the world.

Let’s take a quick look at the Grove Church website:

The Grove has one of our favorite church websites.

Here’s what this church website does well:

  • Uses a minimalistic design to showcase important information without overloading the user
  • Plainly displays service times and online viewing availability
  • Incorporates relevant and up-to-date information on the homepage

The Grove’s church website is simple yet powerful. They make sure to highlight important points without deterring from the overall look and feel of the foundational site. Plus, their scrolling slideshow incorporated on the homepage allows users to check out the most pertinent information—including how to get started with online giving and other upcoming events.

First Baptist Dallas

First Baptist Church Dallas is a megachurch of more than 14,000 members based in Dallas, Texas, and a part of the Southern Baptist Convention. Led by Dr. Robert Jeffress, this church prioritizes dynamic worship experiences and powerful, engaging ministry opportunities.

Let’s take a quick look at the First Baptist Church Dallas website:

First Baptist Church Dallas has one of our favorite church websites.

Here’s what this church website does well:

  • Leverages a countdown clock leading up to the next worship service
  • Incorporates a continuous reel of video clips to engage the user and grab their attention
  • Encourages generous donations through a lofty, multiyear giving campaign

This church website also hosts a scrolling menu of four key areas of importance to the church: including worshiping, equipping, serving, and influencing. Each section includes several links calling the user to action in that particular area. This way, potential churchgoers can explore the various ways to get involved in their community.

Like this site? You can build one like it using the Unity theme in Faithlife Sites.

Stonebriar Community Church

Stonebriar Community Church is a Frisco, Texas-based church pastored by world-renowned speaker Chuck Swindoll. This nondenominational evangelical church has an average of more than 5,200 churchgoers each week.

Let’s take a quick look at the Stonebriar Community Church website:

Stonebriar Community Church has one of our favorite church websites.

Here’s what this church website does well:

  • Incorporates easy online giving options to a variety of different funds
  • Shares multiple ways a potential churchgoer can worship with the congregation
  • Engages users with a homey, accepting feel

Stonebriar Community Church uses their website (and specifically their homepage) to showcase diversity among their attendees—including various ages, genders, and races—hoping that prospective visitors feel welcome. And it works!

Citizens Church

Citizens Church is a Phoenix, Arizona-based congregation that values authentic relationships with both God and one another. Their tagline, “Reaching Neighbors. Revealing Christ.” communicates the importance they stress on community outreach and building relationships.

Let’s take a quick look at the Citizens Church website:

Citizens Church has one of our favorite church websites.

Here’s what this church website does well:

  • Promotes a generous matching gift campaign supporting families in need
  • Incorporates review-style quotes from churchgoers sharing their positive experiences
  • Leverages a pop-up chat box to collect contact information and register users for a daily mobile devotional

This church website also encourages churchgoers and visitors alike to get involved in several ways. By promoting their social media pages, small group sign-ups, online and in-person services, and more, they further inspire people toward authentic relationships by taking the first step.

Like this site? You can build one like it using the Cornerstone theme in Faithlife Sites.

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