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    RCN Worship 9 26 21
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    ReadRCN Update Sept. 17

    Ladies One Day Get-Away! Oct. 2

    This will be a special day of inspiration, enjoyment, and renewal.

    Rev. Tara Beth Leach has pastored two historic Nazarene Churches. Her speaking is clear, strong, and hope filled.


    You can sign up online or by seeing Dawn Ngonda.

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      RCN WORSHIP Sept 19 2021
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      ReadRCN Update Sept. 17
      Pastor, Alex, and Loren have been to Cuba, with the help of Rev. Bob Prescott. He is a former RCNer!

      Rev. Bob Prescott Speaking Sunday

      All his life, Bob has helped spend other people’s money!

      • As an MK (missionary’s kid) for 11 years in Cuba, he helped spend the modest salary his parents Lyle and Grace Prescott received from your General Budget giving.
      • During his 30-year career with the Department of Housing and Urban Development (DHUD), Bob spent many millions of your tax dollars housing seniors and low-income families, and providing them with social services.
      • For 14 years, Bob helped give away your donations to Nazarene Compassionate Ministries, as well as your banana boxes of clothing, Crisis Care Kits and School Pal Paks. During this time he visited 67 countries and helped organize NCM on all six regions.

      • While attending RCN He spent our money, as our treasurer. He worked tirelessly to bless our church.


      Bob currently coordinates ministry partnerships: linking individuals and churches to Latin America, the Caribbean, Mexico/Central America, and South America regions.

      • From 2012-2015, over 1000 people invested new buildings and reconstructing old properties in Cuba.
      • Bob planted 4 new churches in Puerto Rico, California and New York…2 in English and 2 in Spanish.
      • Since the COVID-19 pandemic began moving across Latin America, he has been raising money to help pastors of churches closed by quarantine to feed their families, and provide masks and gel to safely reopen. Over 118 donor partners have responded to this urgent need.

      Bob and his wife Bernice live on the Mid-Atlantic district where he served for 13 years as district NMI President. He is a retired licensed minister, but is currently involved in growing a Hispanic ministry at his home church in Severn, Maryland. 

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        Sept. 12 2021 Worship
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        ReadRCN Update Sept. 9
        Invite Children You Know

        Bible Stories, Songs, Crafts, Scripture

        Contact Heidi to get a flyer and registration forms for our virtual Good News Club

        Thursday evenings 6:30-7:30 starting Oct. 7.

        Elementary age children from anywhere are welcome, no boundaries. Ages 5 through fifth grade.

        Email Heidi at heidihchaney@gmail.com