• Any good books being read currently?
    1. There is a new FB group that was formed in an effort to promote communication and sharing of ideas related to Logos and reformed or Calvinistic thinking. I am going to post a link back to here to see if that too could work for those of us that would prefer not to use FaceBook.
      1. John West and reformed circle members. If you are a Logos user, I published some of my Logos documents to the group. Look under the 'Logos Documents' folder and you will see them. If you use Logos, you should be able to add them to your Logos tools.
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          Good day,

          I see we have a third member of this tiny group and wish to say hello and offer encouragement to starting an actual discussion within the group.I am rereading Machen's Christianity and Liberalism.Have you read it and perhaps have any thoughts on the subject.

          The timing of the books release is something I am thinking of looking into as I think it is a great book aimed at the PC (US) at the time albeit perhaps a bit too late.I think we have similar issues today of our own reticence to stir or shake things up in a desire to maintain peace within the church.Any thoughts?

          P.S. I am using McChaynes plan this year and today marks day 100, so much information in Leviticus on Leperosy. :)