• I do NOT want any new resources!! I have bought all I need and want. Why can't I just upgrade to version 8 and it's features without buying additional resources? I've about had it with Logos as a company! Greed seems to have become your middle name. Shame!
    1. The resources included in the Feature Sets are needed for the features to operate. A Basic version of Logos 8 will be available in the future as well.
    2. I can understand the sentiment, but as a software developer, I don't work for free for a living. New software development (like new features) is very expensive to produce, and at the end of the day, I think the complaint is valid if you yourself are also open and willing to working for free for a living.
    3. Rich, the free basic version will likely be out in early 2019. Hang tight. I've never paid for an upgrade of the software itself, only book addition upgrades.
  • Why weren't all these placed within one book. Instead they're all separate in my resources. Makes it very difficult to find the one I'll looking for. Just don't understand. :(
    1. Do they show as parallels of each other?
    2. they do, but there also split, you can read by manuscript, or you can read the book, the text of the earliest new testament manuscripts. I love this myself, I feel they did an excellent job. splitting them up like this allows me to hone on in on a manuscript specifically or if I want to treat them all as one bible I can bring them together by going to the book, the text of the earliest new testament manuscripts. hope this helps.
  • Excellent book. Will definitely open a lot of peoples eyes. Can't wait to get this in my library! If you don't want to wait it's already available for free in PDF on the internet. Just do a google search for it.