• Please pray.

    Update on Laurie: She has talked to the doctor and definitely has a meniscus tear and also a cyst. She will need surgery to trim the tear so it won’t be caught and will hopefully allow the cyst to drain. He is scheduled out to September but said he would try and get her in sooner due to the severity of my symptoms. Please pray for timing. She have some camping trips planned and really need wisdom in what she should do. Right now she will just wait for the surgery center to call me. Thank you so much for your prayers. She said she couldn’t do this without them!
    1. Please pray.

      Update on Gussie: Lisa Gussie’s daughter called and I was able to FaceTime with Gussie. She looks so much better. One of the infections is gone, and she only taking 1 antibiotic. Lisa goes there everyday to make sure she’s doing okay. Anyway her vitals are better and she’s in good spirits. Please pray for this last infections, not sure what that one is, but pray it is taken care of by the antibiotics. Her legs are doing okay with physical therapy right now. So good to see her. Thanks for your prayers. She misses all of you.
      1. Please pray.

        Prayer for Laurie: Laurie has been in excruciating pain right now. Since about 5:45. Please be in prayer for her.  Please pray that she gets through to the doctor and that she gets help quickly.
        1. Praying for you dear sister. I do know what you’re going through. I pray for relief from the pain.
      2. Please pray.

        Please pray for Laurie: her knee took a turn for the worse tonight and she is not able to walk. Pray for her to be encouraged and of course for healing, and relief from pain.
        1. Wednesday, June 29th It All Depends on Jesus Luke 10:1-11, 16-20 Memory Verse Luke 10:2 Craft, Paper Bag suitcase. Snack, Ice Cream!
          1. Please pray.

            Prayer request from George Vilahu: Prayer request for Shane & Quinn, 2 little children (ages 9 & 10) that have a very abusive mentally ill mother. Please pray that the Lord intervenes mightily in this case so that the courts grant the father sole custody. Please also pray for the safety of these children. We fear for their safety. Thank you.
            1. I gave what we collected so far to David and Brittney. Her are her words of thanks: We have no words. David and I can’t even begin to express how thankful we are and how much you all have blessed us 😭 we are sitting here literally in awe and don’t feel deserving of any of it. Please pass out thanks and love to everyone. Thank you, Lord, for these beautiful helpers you have sent! May each one be blessed tenfold.
              1. Please pray.

                Prayer for Kip and Connie Macie’s In-laws. Can you put Kip and Connie on the prayer list. Their house is being sold and they have 60 days to move out. They found a house that’s ideal for them so Connie asked that we pray that they get it.