• Starting Wednesday February 1, 2023 RCCC Wednesday night bible studies will be starting a 7pm. No dinners for the month of February.
  • Please pray.

    Update on Janet: She is out of surgery and everything went well. They were able to repair the large hernia and apply a mesh to strengthen it so the chances of it coming back are smaller. They also repaired a smaller umbilical hernia at the same time. They were able to do everything laparoscopically. There were no dead parts to her bowels and so they didn’t have to do anything there. She is in recovery right now and I will be able to see her in an hour or so. Thank you for the prayers.
    1. Please pray.

      Please be in prayer for our dear friend Janet from here in San Diego. From Rob: I took Janet to the hospital again last night, still here with her, for what we thought was a pancreatitis flare up once again. Come to find out, yes she is experiencing a flare up with two new pockets of fluid, she is also having complications with her hernia and diverticulitis. The new and major problem is with the hernia. It has not been confirmed yet but they are most likely doing surgery today at some point. Please pray for the best outcome for Janet, for healing, comfort and encouragement. Thank You.  Sent from Julie Butera's iPad
      1. Just now got the latest from Brent regarding his father: Time for an update: just going to start with God is good! Dad’s suffering from hypercalcemia, 10.6, normal range is 8.6 to 10.2. His highest level was 14.3 yesterday, kidney failure at 16. We’re really close to normal now👍🏻. He also is suffering from Hyperuricemia, uric acid is very high. They’re giving him medication now to bring this down. His scan revealed no change in his cancer💪🏻🙏🏻. The doctor is treating him very aggressive , humble, yet thorough and I believe through Gods grace this saved him yesterday. His overall appearance is good but needs improvement, speech continues to improve. They think he can go home in the next day or two. Waiting to see labs balance out. Please continue to pray as we’re still in the battle. ❤️ Brent
        1. Update on Brent Stangland’s father: Here’s the latest: Quick update: the Calcitonin is doing its job, he's speaking more clearly now however, not out of the woods. The second dose is at 9:PM. He's had a couple bouts of nausea with dry heaves. They're also giving him 1000cc fluid bolus and cold fluid equals being cold. Please continue to pray. ❤️Brent
          1. Brent Stangland. Has sent in this prayer request. Please pray! Please pray for my dad, Gary, 82, he’s in the ER and in really bad shape with elevated blood pressure. Calcium levels through the roof and boarder line renal failure. Doctors have just administered a medication that will bring the calcium down but could put him in cardiac arrest. Also please ask God to bring my mom, Donna, peace, strength and wisdom during this time. Love, Brent
            1. Todays proceedure went very well. This place has excellent care. We will be heading home probably sunday and returning in 1-1/2 weeks for the 6 week stay. I am blown away at how blessed I am through your prayers!
              1. We love you!
              2. Keeping you and Gege lifted in prayer. Sending all my love across the miles. ❤️🤗🙏🏻
            2. Please pray.

              Anne Sales passed away yesterday, unexpectedly. Please pray for her family.
              1. My deepest condolences to the family. Sending prayers and hugs.🙏🏻🤗💔
            3. Hello! I heard that the mri was good for the next proceedure which is tomorrow. Keep praying, love you all
              1. All church members, please mark your calendars for Sunday February 26, 2023 and plan on joining in on our Safety Training class. This will be taught by a professional who will give us the tools to be prepared in an emergency.
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                  RCCC 2023 Events are posted on our Face Book page and on the media reel at the beginning of Wednesday and Sundays services. Please check regularly on the above platforms for upcoming events and details!!!